that was one hell of a labor day weekend

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

holy crap i'm exhausted, which means i'm warning y'all in advance for this blog post today as i have a feeling it's going to be choppy at best - i mean, i have to recap thursday thru monday? oy.

here goes nothing...

thursday: since i didn't have to work the next day it was time to go out. headed to old angle with too many friends to mention, then abc tavern with CK where we ended up meeting up with moe and mark's entire wedding party post their rehearsal dinner. good times were had by all and abc tavern is still my favorite bar in cleveland - best bartenders ever.

sidenote: starting this sunday abc tavern is going to be open for brunch - can't wait to try it out!

friday: CK and i were detroit bound for the jay z and eminem concert, the home to home tour, with muffin and jesse at comerica park but first a trip to grosse pointe was a must to visit one of my oldest friends d-ray and her family.

d-ray is one of my most favorite people out there and visiting with her two wonderful children, her mother, sister lindsay and husband made my day.

d-rays's beautiful babies ella and tommy

post grosse pointe pit stop we checked into the book cadillac westin hotel and headed to cheli's right across from comerica park to have cocktails
before the concert.

the concert was beyond impressive - you guys know how much i love jay z, and while i've never seen eminem live, his performance was as spot on as jay z and exactly what expected.

the experience itself was surreal, just being in attendance amongst 45,000 people as i was looking around the stadium in awe was sick. hell, if i was seeing
the wiggles with 45,000 other people it would still be impressive...

jay z on stage in detroit

a zoomed out shot of eminem on stage in detroit - the crowd was deafeningly loud when he got on stage, fyi.

post concert we headed to the MGM Grand Casino where i lost too much money playing wheel of fortune slots than i care to admit. post casino, i may or may not have ordered a hot brownie ice cream sundae from room service...

maureen kyle and mark mcdougall became mr and mrs mark mcdougall - YAY! with a ceremony at the st paul shrine church on euclid and the reception in the state theater at PlayhouseSquare this wedding was just GORGEOUS, but not as gorgeous as the bride. i'm so happy for the both of them!!! congrats guys :)

moe and mark are officially married!!!

the mcdougall wedding was obviously a headliner on the state theater's marquee

selvaggio and his hot two dates - myself and lzone of course

a nice group shot with the bride, too bad it's fuzzy though! adam, janet, selvaggio, moe, me, lzone, seanski (humping) and nugget

a nice group shot with the groom - mark, selvaggio, lzone, seanski (still humping) and nugget

going through my pictures from the night i can't figure out which of these two posed pictures of my friends i like better....

lzone pretending she's a greek statue...

or selvaggio pretending he's the phantom of the opera... CHRISTINE!!!!

we danced our butts off and i'm not sure i even want to see the flats episode featuring our sweet dance moves.

sunday: i was exhausted (shocker) and laid around all day doing laundry, cleaning, working out, etc... eventually though it was time to go out. CK, muffin, jesse and i had a little tremont bar crawl hanging out at lincoln park pub, the st john cantius polish festival, treehouse and flying monkey all before calling it a night.

monday: nothing is better than lunch and a movie to come down from a fun long weekend so CK and i lunched at aladdin's in lakewood and saw the drew barrymore and justin long flick going the distance at tower city cinemas - we were the only people in the theater, fyi.

i really enjoyed the movie, it was funny as hell and the supporting cast made all the difference in the world. it became laugh out loud funny thanks to charlie day, jason sudeikis, christina applegate and jim gaffigan - i totally recommend the movie.


and that ladies is gentlemen is how you do a long weekend.



  1. i love matt as the phantom of the opera.

  2. OOH! Just saw their wedding on their photog's blog! LOVE Genevieve & James Nisly!!!

  3. I missed out on so much fun being the bride! What are the chances Selvagg will do Phantom again?? Ummm white party.

  4. Fact: Fun follows Alexa wherever she goes. Love the Greek Goddess photo over the musical one any day. =)

  5. I really should have put my leg down in those pictures. So not classy.

    However, the second one is pretty funny, no? Hahahahaha!

  6. So glad you had a great time in the D. The Book Caddy is fab.

    Next time you're in town, you must let me know! As a downtowner, I can give you some great locals rec's on bars and such.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! I love those concert pictures, you know how to pick the awesome concerts to go to :)

  8. You are amazing and I love how you weekend. I would be beyond exhausted and you just keep going and going. Hope this weekend was just as great!

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