too many decisions for this girl

Thursday, September 30, 2010

oooooo look, over here!

no, over here!

buy this!

no, buy that!

30% off with purchase of $200.

FREE shipping on all orders!

it's all enough to make a future homeowner go bananas.

as a once notorious impulse shopper i'm finding myself being more selective about my purchases, which instead of helping me make smart decisions is ending up only confusing me more... making it nearly impossible to make a decision.

i think i have shopping ADD.

it's like any bright and shiny object, any perfectly distressed piece of furniture, any coordinated set of silk pillows, or a simple window dressing distracts my attention.

i feel like i'm in search overload - just like those damn commercials.

shabby chic.


art deco.

modern traditional.

french inspired.

mediterranean style.

shaker style.

doggie style?

i mean, do i have to pick just one?


if you need me i'll be drowning in design magazines.

wish me luck.


  1. When I bought my first condo, I purchased one anchor piece (my sofa) and built the room around it. Your anchor piece could be anything, though ... a piece of furniture, a rug, a painting ... something that will give you inspiration for the rest of room. That always seemed to help me focus a bit more ... because, you're right, the choices are endless!

  2. It's a fun stress, but it is so stressful. I feel your pain girl!

    Don't forget i can help you with granite if you still need it!

  3. Oh dear....why are you sooo stressed about this?! Enjoy it, we can do it, no big deal. Eclectic...the way to go. XOXO

  4. I find that when I'm in home goods stores, and I see a certain layout, I immediately want ALL of those pieces because I want my apartment to look that nice. But then, I see another display, and want all of *those* pieces. So there's naturally a fear of commitment.

    Good luck! Have fun with it!

    (And when in doubt, take photos and poll the blog.)

  5. See, this is why I'm glad I have no eye for design whatsoever. This is when I call Mom and have her do it all. You just sit back and veto occasionally. It's great!

  6. You're "doggie style" reference made me LOL.

    P.S. We have house keys for you. On your arrival to your new home, I will be giving you these keys and I expect the same.


  7. having too many options about how to furnish your awesome new townhouse sounds like a good problem to have :) just make sure you show us pictures once you decide!

  8. Easiest way to select the look and style for your new place:

    1. Walk into the closest furniture store wearing an oversized Dayton University T-shirt with a tub of delicious chicken mayo dip, a box of wheat thins, and a bottle of Andre champagne.

    2. Announce to the store associates that you DON'T need ANY help, you are "just looking".

    3. Mosey from couch to couch, lying on each and take note of which helps you to doze off the fastest. That will be your couch, for you and that couch now have nothing to hide from one another and have excepted each other at your most intimate. Your relationship will only flourish from that point on.

    4. Build the rest of your home's design theme on that couch. Repeat as necessary every five years, or as your leisure-time habits change.

    (by the way, congratulations on best Cleveland blog 2 years running!)

  9. Good luck! Now I'm going to go catch up on the rest of your life since I've been away...

  10. i still have decorating to do and we've been in here for 6 months. we have painting, the whole nine yards still...a little a time I tell myself.

  11. I'm a social media strategist. I have a lot of "decorating" and "DIY" clients... I'm required, on a daily basis, to look at decorating and DIY blogs... It gets insane. I feel your pain. But there ARE ways you can copycat the "designer" looks into a look all your own with half the price. This is one of my FAV decorating blogs of all time:
    She gives great tips. Hope it helps.I wish you the best of luck! And I agree with your mom... it's a time to be HAPPY! Try not to stress! It will turn out beautifully!

  12. God, I can't even imagine how I'll decorate when the time comes. Good luck!

  13. i dont think i have a style. but i like old stuff, and new asian inspired type things. i think you like what you like and who cares if it fits into a category! its your place!

    you can always change it!

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