visit with georgia peach and addison montgomery and mike get married!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i just got home from the Cleveland Foodbank fundraiser The Taste of the Browns at Browns stadium with muffin, and man oh man was it awesome. i go to A LOT of foodie events and this just might be my new favorite - and that may or may not have to do with my meeting mo williams.

as many of you know i took a long weekend last week and traveled to salt lake city, utah to visit my long lost friends georgia peach, nameless and their new baby henry and to boulder, colorado to witness addison montgomery marry the man of her dreams mike in a lavish outdoor wedding on an organic farm,
the pastures of plenty.

too many wonderful things occurred this past weekend to write them all here but as i was flying back to ohio sunday night all i could think about was how blessed i am to have such wonderful friends in my life - and have the ability to hang out with said friends all over the country.

instead of typing out a play by play of the weekend i'm going to picture route but i must admit that the pictures don't even begin to capture the beauty, happiness, love and fun that was had.

georgia peach and nameless's 9 week old baby henry - how could you not love him?

addison montgomery (her new "real" married name is kate walsh, get it? addison montgomery?) and her wonderful/beautiful mother pat. it was right about now that i couldn't stop crying.

the happy couple, seriously could they be any more attractive?

during cocktail hour we sipped on margaritas, ate delicious cheese/fruit/apps and enjoyed the music stylings of hunker down bluegrass - never have i enjoyed music so much at a wedding.

this picture pretty much sums up why i love my friends so much - MOB, muffin, beaver, poo poo me and holler being weird

beaver having fun with a TP tent at the reception

one of the coolest things about the reception was that once night fell the bonfire was lit and one could drink/dance/laugh under the stars - seriously, i've never seen so many stars.

poo poo, muffin, me, tigger, mistiburr and MOB on the dance floor

the premier motivational rock band in the country, the best, made a special appearance to a sold out crowd

tigger and her new man - nik i'd be worried if i were you.

quite possibly my favorite picture of the evening: addison montgomery and a shirtless head dancing in the bus on the way to the post reception bar - LOVE IT, best bus ride ever.

and that my friends is how you enjoy a wedding - congratulations mike and kate on you wedding, i'm so happy for you both!!


  1. That wedding looks so incredibly fun! An outdoor wedding on an organic farm? A bonfire? Dancing under the stars? Sounds like a perfect evening to me. You are incredibly blessed to have such fantastic friends.

  2. No.frisking.way! Nick and I went to college with Andy Straus from hunker down!!!! We spent many evenings listening to him play!! What a small world!!

  3. Love weddings! This one looks like so much fun; I dig the khaki groomsmen suits! And, um, adorable baby much? Those eyes!

  4. Love the pics! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Too bad we couldn't meet up. Maybe next time!

    P.S. If you want my hair, it's all yours! I'm sick of fighting the curls!

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