did ya miss me?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

for the first time in over a week i'm officially relaxing...

i'm sitting in my signature red chair with my legs up, watching tuesday night's glee, laptop on my lap, have a slight wine buzz, and i'm blogging... sweet, sweet blogging.

i feel almost silly recapping my past week(end) on a thursday but this hasn't exactly been a traditional couple of weeks here on the plum so why the hell not.

thursday (like, last thursday)

- i moved, this isn't new information to you guys.

- two men and a truck took care of me and 6 hours later i was moved from bridgeview apartments to my new home on franklin blvd
- i arrived at my new home to find
the following plus lots of other additional hysterical items from my new neighbors seanski and nugget
- i wouldn't expect anything less.

- some friends stopped by my first night in my new place with champagne and fun which is exactly what i needed post move

- my mom helped me SO MUCH through all of it and i can't thank her enough.

some friends stopped over to check out the new place - AJP, seanski (holding my sweet house warming present), hartzell, nugget, moe and CK

- lots more packing/unpacking, deliveries and quality time with my momma who was an organizing machine
- headed out to lakewood for a much deserved break and to celebrate jmeg's birthday
- started out at kenilworth tavern for some grub, danced like a crazy woman to the websters at put-in-bay bar and rounded out the night with a cheese pop music sing-a-long at the riverwood cafe.

birthday boy jmeg rocking MY scarf and hartzell rocking his own scarf, natch.

- slept all day,
literally, i slept ALL day.
- MOB and i headed to metro bar + kitchen in the warehouse district for our good friend holler's surprise engagement party to the fabulously handsome doyle - it was also his 30th!
- post engagement party headed out to westpark for a good old fashioned public house night, it was just what i needed. lots of friends were out and in standard public house fashion the bombs were flowing.

doyle and holler - congrats to the happy couple!!!

holler, yours truly and MOB at metro kitchen + bar

lzone at public house who was crafty as all hell with a couple "dolla dolla bills y'all"

- shopped like a mad woman picking up odds and ends that i needed for my new home but realized that transferring $1,000 from my savings to my checking every shopping trip needs to stop, ASAP.
- met up with AJP, hartzell, timmybennett, KJ and colleen at the lakewood winking lizard for the gloriousness that was the browns vs saints game - i think about how it went down and i still have no words, go browns!

- organizing day at the house with stepho, 'nuff said.
- introduction to frank's falafel, i.e. my new favorite restaurant that delivers!

- some post work shopping with CK
- dinner at prosperity social club, also with CK, where i had the chicken marsala with portobello mushroom ravioli, um, YUM.
- enjoyed my first christmas ale of the season at great lakes brewery
- nice little tuesday :)

- had some of my ladies (muffin, holler, babs, lverdova, martha and beaver) over to my new place for vino and pizza, and based on their reactions i think i have a winning place on my hands.
- caught up on all things life with my friends and even had a late night visit from my neighbor seanski.
- cavs win!
- nights like this make me happy

martha, holler, beaver, little aubrey, lverdova, muffin and babs in my kitchen/dining room - see, now you guys have a little taste for what my place is starting to look like

i love this picture so much i can't even handle it. here we have aubrey who spent the majority of her visit in front of this giant mirror in my living room singing and dancing. in this shot she's striking a pose like no other... please also note the DOUBLE pacifier she's rocking - hysterical.

and now i think i've officially caught you guys up.

better late than never, right?

here's to being a better blogger next week... too bad i'll be in vegas sunday through thursday at the SEMA conference for work and i may be distracted by the slot machines - whoops.

have a good weekend all and happy halloween!!!!

i see the light at the end of the tunnel

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i'm alive, but barely...

i'm currently going through one hell of an internet withdrawal because the wireless at my new home is
finally getting hooked up this afternoon.

no internet at home = no blogging

i somehow had to suffered through thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday with no internet.

i'm surprised i didn't start twitching....

but the good news is that internet is on its way and i'll be back in the blogging business again tomorrow recapping the big move and my weekend festivites.

thanks for sticking with me :)

brewzilla winner announcement and goodbye downtown cleveland

Thursday, October 21, 2010

thanks to everyone who entered to win a pair of tickets to the cleveland beer week BREWzilla event this upcoming saturday night.

i chose the winner via random.org and out of 62 entries comment #5 was chosen.

congrats to bridget!

bridget, if you could email me at clevelandsaplum @ gmail i'll get you all set up with your tickets to BREWzilla.

if you didn't win, better luck next time, but you can still buy tickets to the monster of beer tasting event: BREWzilla online here - see you there....

because by the time saturday rolls around i'll be in need of a beer,or 9, because i'm moving this weekend. i'm off work today and tomorrow and both days will be spent packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking.


so goodbye downtown cleveland, i'll miss you (and constantino's market) desperately :(

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, hello detroit-shoreway neighborhood!!!

best of cleveland party and birthday clambakes, and flip cup, yo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i should be doing approximately 384 other things instead of blogging right now... i.e. PACKING.

but i can't NOT recap last weekend so here's the down and dirty version of it all, kids.

friday night headed to the rock and roll hall of fame with AJP to attend the cleveland magazine best of cleveland party because, in case you forgot, i was voted
best blog in cleveland by the magazine's readers - woo.

so it was time for a celebration, not only on my win, but on the fact that friday after work i got the keys to my townhouse - happy homeowner dance immediately ensued.

the party was a blast, and i really dug how they added more bars in the VIP section (duh), how the winners were mulling about and all the tons of delicious food options to sample.

i also loved how i could take a picture of the three winners of my best of cleveland magazine party ticket giveaway - smile ladies.

ticket winners, lzone, heisschic and cleshopaholic!

at the end of the night lzone, myself and allison had some fun with a green screen and random signs - all of which read 100% true.

post party the posse and i headed to ABC tavern and bier markt before i headed home to adhere to my self imposed curfew of midnight.... too bad i got home at 1am - semantics.

saturday woke up early and did some shopping/cleaning/etc - all in prep for the big move this thursday. picked up a couple of affordable floor mirrors and kitchen stools from
value city furniture and two beautiful flat screens from hhgregg including a 55" samsung LED - just gorgeous.

saturday evening brought babs's 30th birthday party clambake, my first ever, at their house in tremont.
it was a good old fashioned house party with a fire pit, OSU football, flip cup and tons of food and drink.

i ordered a lobster with my clambake but i freaked out because i didn't have a clue how to eat it. i'm used to a nice beautiful tail laying next to a filet mignon not this eyes and legs crap! thankfully my friend fitchko came to the rescue and broke the lobster down for my eating pleasure.

mmmmm. crustaceans. eat me.

the klutz became the fire pit master of ceremonies for the evening, not appreciating my haphazard log placements.

it eventually became that time to play some flip cup in the backyard and initially we played girls (plus fitchko) vs boys and the girls (plus fitchko) swept the boys 7 games in a row - booya.

the winning team! kirby, the klutz, fitchko, me and muffin - ignore the jerk who decided to photo bomb.

the next game we drafted players to be more fair but it just ended up coming down to whomever had DBLB on their team automatically lost because he was just that bad - thankfully for my team kirby subbed in for him before it was too late.

once the beer was gone we walked to hotz's where it all got a little fuzzy...

sunday brought lots of errands with CK and a yummy lunch at melt bar and grilled on the eastside. it was my first time at this location and we shockingly walked right in and got a table around 2:30ish - score.

and as sunday night came to a close all i could think about was what a perfectly fall weekend i had just had.

good times.

now, back to packing...


don't forget to enter to win a pair of tickets to the cleveland beer week BREWzilla event this saturday night by commenting on this post. i'll be announcing the winner on thursday - good luck!

this is it, don't get scared now.

Friday, October 15, 2010

yesterday evening i walked into the starbucks on chagrin boulevard, signed my name approximately 326 times and walked out with a (town)house.

a home.

that i own.

all by myself...

which was reiterated all so kindly on numerous forms as, "alexa marinos, unmarried woman"... way to remind me.

but i don't care, i'm alexa effing marinos, i'm 30 years old, i have a great job, awesome and supportive friends/family and i just bought a house that i'm in love with in the city that i love.

i'm a catch, damnit.

that being said, i'm a catch that's moving on thursday and is only about 30% packed - which translates to don't expect any life changing posts here on the plum next week as mamma needs to pack.


good thing it's friday, have a sexy weekend, kids.


p.s. you still have time to enter to win a pair of tickets to cleveland beer week's BREWzilla event by commenting on this post.

p.p.s. my friends seanski and nugget are in the running to become metromix's most interesting couple in cleveland, do me a favor and vote for them HERE.

p.p.p.s. holy shiza this is my last weekend living in downtown cleveland. sadness.


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cleveland beer week - brewzilla ticket giveaway

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

if you know me well enough in real life you know i'm not a huge beer drinker.

i'm not opposed to beer, i just have always preferred everything else above beer... i can't help that i love bubbles and bourbon.

that being said i'm fully aware of beer's popularity, i mean, is that even a question?

i am intrigued by the art that is beer and beer making and you guys know my feelings on cleveland, so of course i'm supporting cleveland beer week.

the second annual
cleveland beer week begins this friday october 15th, and runs through saturday october 23rd culminating with a grand affair called BREWzilla.

as a celebration of craft and import beer cleveland beer week features
tastings, dinners and activities at over 100 venues throughout northeast ohio - check out the CBW website for a full list of events or to purchase tickets online.

arguably the most popular cleveland beer week event, BREWzilla is being held saturday october 23 at the galleria at erieview from 6 to 11pm. BREWzilla acts as the closing event where one can sample beer from over 80 breweries and enjoy tons of food and cheese from heinen's and winking lizard.

to read more about BREWzilla and to purchase either brewer's circle or general admission tickets online click here.

but if you have been reading my blog for any significant amount of time you KNOW what's coming next....

i'm giving away a pair of general admission tickets to the BREWzilla event on 10/23!!

simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite beer is and why and you'll be entered to win two tickets.

i'll announce the winner a week from today - good luck!

i don't wanna

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it's monday night and for the last two and half hours i've been starring at the following image...


taunting me.

needing to be filled.

i don't know how the eff i'm going to do this all by myself.


motivation needed.

cedar point halloweekends, crate&barrel and the browns (oh my)

Monday, October 11, 2010

it's sunday night and i'm coming down from another browns loss... one would think i would be used to this by now but, alas, i am not.

good thing the rest of my weekend was fulfilling enough to negate the browns.

friday right after work seanski, nugget and i hopped in the yuppie mobile and headed to cedar point for halloweekends where we, as well as AJP, JV, hartzell, timmybennett, colleen, katie, and julie had a blast running around sandusky, ohio.

we couldn't have picked a better night to go. the weather was perfection, the ride lines were minimal, the funnel cakes were delicious, but the fright zone was horrible, horrible!

full disclosure: the fright zone was only horrible because it scared the crap out of me. between the fog so thick you couldn't see in front of you and the scary people in masks that upon hearing my "oh my god!" yelps told me that "jesus can't help you here, sweetheart", i was freaked out. but if you like haunted houses, you'll love it though, fact.

i actually went on a couple of new rides this trip my favorite being the maverick where hartzell and i rode in the first car thelma and louise style - go big or go home. but my least favorite being the power tower, because waiting on the top of the tower before the drop was pure torture for me - felt like years.

all in all it was a great experience going through cedar point at night and personally i think the coasters were cooler in the dark. the cherry on top was that by going on halloweekends on a friday night it meant that it was only a 1/2 hour wait for
millennium force.... awesome.

i can't wait to go to halloweekends again next year!

the slightly blurry halloweekends gang - top row: nugget, me, seanski, JV, julie, katie, timmybennett. bottom row: hartzell, AJP and colleen.

saturday was a whirlwind of shopping with my mom - from arhaus clearance center to crate&barrel, to arhaus, to restoration hardware, to world market, back to crate&barrel, to pier 1 and finally to tj maxx and more.

after all that shopping i came home with a lot more decorating ideas plus the items below:

4 malia woven chairs from world market (to go with my new valeta dining room table from arhaus) and with the 25% friends and family coupon it was buy 3 get 1 free!
the faulkner 62" media console from crate&barrel

a vintage dowry chest to be used as my coffee table, also from crate&barrel

by the time shopping saturday with stepho was complete it had been almost 10 hours and i was exhausted - straight to bed for me.

sunday brought tailgating in the pit, with no $5 cover charge mind you, but lots of gorgeous weather and fun with friends. i ended up not going to the game this time but headed to barley house with addison montgomery, mike, muffin, MOB, liz, megan, john, erin and brandon to watch the game and eat some grub.

even though we were watching the game we still had time to make fun of addison montgomery and her sweet sak purse and pumas.

addison montgomery rocking her sak crossbody bag and pumas - liz is just jealous of addison's sweet style, fyi.

as a new week begins i can't help but start to freak out over the fact that i desperately need to start parking for my move.

i should probably be doing that now instead of blogging....

have a good week, kids!


cleveland magazine best of cleveland party ticket winner announcement

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'd like to talk about something other than the $5 pedestrian fee for tailgaters in the pit, but since woio, the consumerist, deadspin, waiting for next year and cleveland.com think it's news worthy it must be right?

at least for a little bit...

but on a different note, ladies and gentlemen it's video blog time, or "vlog time" as the kids are calling it these days...

check out the video to watch how adorable i am me choose the winners of the 3 pairs of tickets to the cleveland magazine best of cleveland party next friday at the rock hall.

congrats to the winners and thanks so much to cleveland magazine for letting me host a giveaway. being named best blog in cleveland by the magazine sure does have its perks.

but don't be sad if you didn't win, you can still buy tickets online to attend the party.

see you there, yo.


a $5 pedestrian fee to tailgate for a browns game? gimmie a break.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

network parking... where should i begin?

i've publicly slammed network parking and their practices on this blog on more than one occasion, culminating with a 7 item list of incidents that occurred during my tenure of parking in their crittenden court lot.

but what happened this past sunday officially tops the cake.

my friends and i have been tailgating for browns home games in "the pit", a lot owned and managed by network parking, for years.

so as i headed to the pit to tailgate for the browns/bengals this past sunday morning i was beyond surprised to see that there was a network parking attendant collecting a "$5 pedestrian fee" from tailgaters to hangout in their parking lot.

essentially a $5 cover charge to walk through a parking lot - a slab of concrete.

when i was asked to pay the fee, i laughed, said no way, and walked away. but i didn't get far... the attendant called a couple of cops over because there was a group of about 15 people (including my friend and i) refusing to pay.

it's not the $5, it's the principle.
you simply can't start charging a "pedestrian fee" the second home game of the browns season - isn't the $30 a spot enough to make a profit, network parking?

people weren't prepared to pay the fee to cross through the popular tailgating lot. i personally didn't have any cash on me, and upon telling the attendant that he simply shrugged, refusing my entry. i ended up having to have my friend kayla pay.

when you go to a club to see a band, you expect to pay a cover. when you park your car in a parking lot, you expect to pay to do so. but when you want to go tailgate before a football game with your friends (who did pay for a spot) you don't expect to have to pay $5 to walk.

it's ridiculous and a racket.

so when i tweeted and facebook updated the new situation in the pit i wasn't surprised with the reaction i got.

so far today i did an interview with 19 action news, went on air on Q104 with tim richards and got mentioned during WMMS's alan cox show.

it's nice to know that i'm not the only person out there who thinks the $5 cover charge is a joke.

here's my spot on 19 action news.... gratuitous shot of me walking/strutting included, fyi.

watch the video here.

love it.

when approached by 19 action news network parking supplied the following statement:

"The Pit is one of the premier Browns' tailgating parking lots in the City. Network Parking welcomes all tailgaters and all pedestrian visitors attending tailgate parties. In an effort to continue serving our pedestrian visitors attending tailgate parties, we wish to address some of the additional expenses and current liability issues related to tailgating cleanup and crowd control, such as off duty Cleveland Police officers, porta-johns, large dumpsters, clean up equipment and clean up personnel. By implementing these required additional services and addressing the added costs associated with them will only make for a better environment and allow us to continue serving our valued tailgating patrons through the Brown' remaining football season."

blah, blah, blah.

take note they don't mention the actual "
pedestrian fee" once - crooks i tell ya.

honestly, i don't know what i'm going to do this sunday to tailgate. i love the pit, it's where i go, it's where my friends go, but i just don't think it's right what network parking is doing and from their statement it looks like they aren't planning on stopping the fee.

so who knows.

i'm not about to start a pit boycott, but i just wanted to make sure i shared with you all what they are doing.

so what do you think? are they right? are they wrong?
would you pay $5 to walk through a parking lot?


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cleaning and a browns win make for a fabulous weekend

Monday, October 4, 2010

normally my weekend recap posts are full of dining out, bars, fun events, etc.

but this past weekend was a little different as i'm in full i'm moving in 3 weeks cleaning/packing/organizing mode.

i spent all saturday cleaning out my closet/dresser/under my bed by placing clothes and shoes in my "staging room".

yes, staging room.

baby steps... and i'm happy to report that i have 76 pair of shoes.

organizing turned into me having to do EIGHT loads on laundry saturday night

cleaning aside i did manage to do some socializing like see the social network (SO GOOD) with beaver on friday and then lots of tailgating fun and a browns win (YAY!) on sunday.

and a special thank you to my friend kayla for allowing me and AJP to enjoy club seats at the browns game so we could witness the win in style.

the jerk and timmybennett with their new tailgating toy... A BROWNS HEARSE!

AJP and i rocking the bunny ears on kayla and lara at maproom post browns win

now while this may not have been my typical weekend i'm happy because i feel like i got a lot accomplished and still got to play on sunday.

but don't get me started on the $5 pedestrian fee that network parking started charging to get into the pit to tailgate... more on that later.

have a great week, kids.


attn clevelanders: did you enter to win two tickets to the cleveland magazine best of cleveland party at the rock and roll hall of fame yet? comment on this post for your chance to win one of 3 pairs of tickets!

obsessions: 10.1.10

Friday, October 1, 2010

things i'm currently obsessing over, on this first day of october in 2010.

tastee candy apples - i may eat one everyday in october and because it's fruit that's TOTALLY ok.

george harrison - specifically the song my sweet lord. on repeat.

framing vinyls - for my new home i'm thinking, thriller, the stranger, the white album, physical graffiti, the black album, big whiskey and the groogrux king, tea for the tillerman and so far.

the wino and gold lebron jersey drive for the homeless - this is for real people, giving lebron james jersey's to the homeless in miami = brilliant.

the frenemy - i'm so stoked i came upon this site, it's laugh out loud funny and i would like to become frenemies with the author. the post 25 things every women's magazine will tell you (and should probably stop telling you) is a must read.

a history of rap - jimmy fallon, justin timberlake and the roots did such an amazing job with this, they. are. awesome. i've been in love with jimmy fallon for years now and i know he got a lot of slack at times in his SNL days but he's so so so so good with his own show. i'd like to see leno do something like this....

what are you currently obsessing over? share!

have a great weekend, kids.