best of cleveland party and birthday clambakes, and flip cup, yo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i should be doing approximately 384 other things instead of blogging right now... i.e. PACKING.

but i can't NOT recap last weekend so here's the down and dirty version of it all, kids.

friday night headed to the rock and roll hall of fame with AJP to attend the cleveland magazine best of cleveland party because, in case you forgot, i was voted
best blog in cleveland by the magazine's readers - woo.

so it was time for a celebration, not only on my win, but on the fact that friday after work i got the keys to my townhouse - happy homeowner dance immediately ensued.

the party was a blast, and i really dug how they added more bars in the VIP section (duh), how the winners were mulling about and all the tons of delicious food options to sample.

i also loved how i could take a picture of the three winners of my best of cleveland magazine party ticket giveaway - smile ladies.

ticket winners, lzone, heisschic and cleshopaholic!

at the end of the night lzone, myself and allison had some fun with a green screen and random signs - all of which read 100% true.

post party the posse and i headed to ABC tavern and bier markt before i headed home to adhere to my self imposed curfew of midnight.... too bad i got home at 1am - semantics.

saturday woke up early and did some shopping/cleaning/etc - all in prep for the big move this thursday. picked up a couple of affordable floor mirrors and kitchen stools from
value city furniture and two beautiful flat screens from hhgregg including a 55" samsung LED - just gorgeous.

saturday evening brought babs's 30th birthday party clambake, my first ever, at their house in tremont.
it was a good old fashioned house party with a fire pit, OSU football, flip cup and tons of food and drink.

i ordered a lobster with my clambake but i freaked out because i didn't have a clue how to eat it. i'm used to a nice beautiful tail laying next to a filet mignon not this eyes and legs crap! thankfully my friend fitchko came to the rescue and broke the lobster down for my eating pleasure.

mmmmm. crustaceans. eat me.

the klutz became the fire pit master of ceremonies for the evening, not appreciating my haphazard log placements.

it eventually became that time to play some flip cup in the backyard and initially we played girls (plus fitchko) vs boys and the girls (plus fitchko) swept the boys 7 games in a row - booya.

the winning team! kirby, the klutz, fitchko, me and muffin - ignore the jerk who decided to photo bomb.

the next game we drafted players to be more fair but it just ended up coming down to whomever had DBLB on their team automatically lost because he was just that bad - thankfully for my team kirby subbed in for him before it was too late.

once the beer was gone we walked to hotz's where it all got a little fuzzy...

sunday brought lots of errands with CK and a yummy lunch at melt bar and grilled on the eastside. it was my first time at this location and we shockingly walked right in and got a table around 2:30ish - score.

and as sunday night came to a close all i could think about was what a perfectly fall weekend i had just had.

good times.

now, back to packing...


don't forget to enter to win a pair of tickets to the cleveland beer week BREWzilla event this saturday night by commenting on this post. i'll be announcing the winner on thursday - good luck!


  1. Good luck with the move and congrats on winning the award!

  2. i seriously need a tan.

    and yes- the east side Melt wait times are worth dancing about. good luck w/ packing!

  3. I am officially a midget.

    Thanks for the tix! :)

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! And a very busy one at that!

  5. Ewww. You're not supposed to cook lobsters with the bands on.

  6. Good luck with the rest of your packing! See you at BREWzilla?

  7. I seriously love that pic of the three of you with those signs. Awesome.

    Good luck packing and moving!

  8. i can NEVER get a table at Melt on the east side and I even call when they aren't busy.

  9. sounds like another fabulous weekend. and um if i was on your team for flip cup we would have instantly lost as well, i am so horrible at that game and always refuse to play, haha.

  10. If you can drag yourself away from moving, stop by the Keller Williams offices after work on Friday for my art show... You might find that "must have" piece for your new home....

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