cedar point halloweekends, crate&barrel and the browns (oh my)

Monday, October 11, 2010

it's sunday night and i'm coming down from another browns loss... one would think i would be used to this by now but, alas, i am not.

good thing the rest of my weekend was fulfilling enough to negate the browns.

friday right after work seanski, nugget and i hopped in the yuppie mobile and headed to cedar point for halloweekends where we, as well as AJP, JV, hartzell, timmybennett, colleen, katie, and julie had a blast running around sandusky, ohio.

we couldn't have picked a better night to go. the weather was perfection, the ride lines were minimal, the funnel cakes were delicious, but the fright zone was horrible, horrible!

full disclosure: the fright zone was only horrible because it scared the crap out of me. between the fog so thick you couldn't see in front of you and the scary people in masks that upon hearing my "oh my god!" yelps told me that "jesus can't help you here, sweetheart", i was freaked out. but if you like haunted houses, you'll love it though, fact.

i actually went on a couple of new rides this trip my favorite being the maverick where hartzell and i rode in the first car thelma and louise style - go big or go home. but my least favorite being the power tower, because waiting on the top of the tower before the drop was pure torture for me - felt like years.

all in all it was a great experience going through cedar point at night and personally i think the coasters were cooler in the dark. the cherry on top was that by going on halloweekends on a friday night it meant that it was only a 1/2 hour wait for
millennium force.... awesome.

i can't wait to go to halloweekends again next year!

the slightly blurry halloweekends gang - top row: nugget, me, seanski, JV, julie, katie, timmybennett. bottom row: hartzell, AJP and colleen.

saturday was a whirlwind of shopping with my mom - from arhaus clearance center to crate&barrel, to arhaus, to restoration hardware, to world market, back to crate&barrel, to pier 1 and finally to tj maxx and more.

after all that shopping i came home with a lot more decorating ideas plus the items below:

4 malia woven chairs from world market (to go with my new valeta dining room table from arhaus) and with the 25% friends and family coupon it was buy 3 get 1 free!
the faulkner 62" media console from crate&barrel

a vintage dowry chest to be used as my coffee table, also from crate&barrel

by the time shopping saturday with stepho was complete it had been almost 10 hours and i was exhausted - straight to bed for me.

sunday brought tailgating in the pit, with no $5 cover charge mind you, but lots of gorgeous weather and fun with friends. i ended up not going to the game this time but headed to barley house with addison montgomery, mike, muffin, MOB, liz, megan, john, erin and brandon to watch the game and eat some grub.

even though we were watching the game we still had time to make fun of addison montgomery and her sweet sak purse and pumas.

addison montgomery rocking her sak crossbody bag and pumas - liz is just jealous of addison's sweet style, fyi.

as a new week begins i can't help but start to freak out over the fact that i desperately need to start parking for my move.

i should probably be doing that now instead of blogging....

have a good week, kids!



  1. Love that dowry chest!!

    Good luck with the packing...!

  2. i'm a fan of having coffee tables that aren't in fact coffee tables!

  3. Love your new purchases - I bet you're so excited about this move. Maybe it'll distract you enough from the Browns not-so-proud record.

  4. Dude - great taste. That dowry chest is total win.

  5. What a fun weekend! And I saw your tweet about not having a $5 pedestrian charge... so was your publicity last week the reason?

  6. ill never ride the power tower again. i made my friend hold my hand at the top.. and she kept saying open your eyes open your eyes you can see everything, and i said hellll nooooooooooo. i screamed so hard, i had to stop and take a breath to keep screaming!

    nope, that was not my favie!!

  7. That dowry chest is incredible. Good choice. I was at thunder::tech today (I emailed you...) and was totally impressed! Thank you again for alerting me to the company via Cleveland's a Plum!


  8. Too funny, my blog title included OH My in it today - guess great minds think alike? I swear I didn't steal it like Susan from Desperate Housewives said last night... Halloweekends - it IS amazing! I am also looking forward to next year, but we are doing Friday - you are the second person who said the lines were minimal.

  9. The pieces for the new house are great. You're going to give us a tour once you're all move in and settled right? I've always wanted to go to cedar point for halloween, but never make the time to go. I should really do that.

  10. Yep, I was at that Browns game with my husband. Just HEARTBREAKING, wasn't it? Sigh. Looks like both our starting quarterbacks are injured and we'll have to put poor Colt in charge against the Squeelers next Sunday. Yikes!!

    Glad you were able to make the weekend a good one despite the soul crushing that happened at the stadium!! Cheers!


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