cleaning and a browns win make for a fabulous weekend

Monday, October 4, 2010

normally my weekend recap posts are full of dining out, bars, fun events, etc.

but this past weekend was a little different as i'm in full i'm moving in 3 weeks cleaning/packing/organizing mode.

i spent all saturday cleaning out my closet/dresser/under my bed by placing clothes and shoes in my "staging room".

yes, staging room.

baby steps... and i'm happy to report that i have 76 pair of shoes.

organizing turned into me having to do EIGHT loads on laundry saturday night

cleaning aside i did manage to do some socializing like see the social network (SO GOOD) with beaver on friday and then lots of tailgating fun and a browns win (YAY!) on sunday.

and a special thank you to my friend kayla for allowing me and AJP to enjoy club seats at the browns game so we could witness the win in style.

the jerk and timmybennett with their new tailgating toy... A BROWNS HEARSE!

AJP and i rocking the bunny ears on kayla and lara at maproom post browns win

now while this may not have been my typical weekend i'm happy because i feel like i got a lot accomplished and still got to play on sunday.

but don't get me started on the $5 pedestrian fee that network parking started charging to get into the pit to tailgate... more on that later.

have a great week, kids.


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  1. Um, can you stop reminding people to enter your giveaway? The more people who enter, the less good my chances. So quit it.

    Also... BROWNS HEARSE. That is all.

  2. Isn't that kind of "cleaning" also supposed to result in "purging"???? I can't imagine having to move that many pairs of shoes ... not a chance ... Goodwill would win if that were me!

  3. wow! so many pairs of shoes!!


  4. Been there done that! I have moved 13 times since going off to college - and I keep adding more and more shoes! I have been living in this home for the longest and I have the urge to move so I can organize my shoes again! As much work as it is, it is also fun to re-organize and take stock! ;)

  5. When I read on twitter that you had 76 pairs of shoes, I went and counted mine, which amounts to 4 pairs. A small fortune if you ask me, but 76? Holy crap!

  6. How many of those pairs of shoes do you wear regularly?

  7. haha and i thought i had a lot of shoes!!

    now i just need you to sell some of those marc bags to me!!

  8. i really am not a fan of packing and moving.

  9. I'm pretty sure I would just leave it all and buy new stuff. I dont pack well. And 76 pairs of shoes? Wow.

  10. I held a "Major Cleanout" the year before I bought my house in order to start preparing for the move. Plus, the fact that I was running out of room for everything. I ended up counting 101 pairs of shoes! I think we need rehab! Although, I did scale down my collection quite a bit. You are going to feel so good when you move and know that you got organized to start off with!


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