cleveland magazine best of cleveland party ticket winner announcement

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'd like to talk about something other than the $5 pedestrian fee for tailgaters in the pit, but since woio, the consumerist, deadspin, waiting for next year and think it's news worthy it must be right?

at least for a little bit...

but on a different note, ladies and gentlemen it's video blog time, or "vlog time" as the kids are calling it these days...

check out the video to watch how adorable i am me choose the winners of the 3 pairs of tickets to the cleveland magazine best of cleveland party next friday at the rock hall.

congrats to the winners and thanks so much to cleveland magazine for letting me host a giveaway. being named best blog in cleveland by the magazine sure does have its perks.

but don't be sad if you didn't win, you can still buy tickets online to attend the party.

see you there, yo.



  1. my question is do you fix your hair and make up first or are you always well put together?

  2. FUN!!! This definitely calls for a ticket winner pre-event cocktail, if you ask me. To celebrate you, natch. :)

  3. Don't sell yourself short, you were also on GUYISM!!

  4. Cleshopaholic wins EVERY SINGLE contest. How can one person be so lucky? :)

  5. AJP: good karma. Now if only it would extend to the lottery...

  6. fizzgig - if you think i'm fixed up in this video i love you even more than i already did. this was post long day at work, hair in a pony that i put together when it was wet at 8am. mascara and lip gloss baby, mascara and lip gloss.

    alana - they call me a man! haha. what man has a purple website? :)

  7. I am devastateddddd. But you are adorable.

  8. You look so pretty in the video! You need to wear your hair that way more often lady!

  9. hahahaha love this!

    i cant see the video at work, so i had to check on my phone.

    and dude- you said it right! i get "he is chic?" a lot. the nerve. i suppose "jess" wouldve been easier to read. live and learn. cant wait to see you there!

  10. you look great and I'm wondering if I can be lzone's date?


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