did ya miss me?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

for the first time in over a week i'm officially relaxing...

i'm sitting in my signature red chair with my legs up, watching tuesday night's glee, laptop on my lap, have a slight wine buzz, and i'm blogging... sweet, sweet blogging.

i feel almost silly recapping my past week(end) on a thursday but this hasn't exactly been a traditional couple of weeks here on the plum so why the hell not.

thursday (like, last thursday)

- i moved, this isn't new information to you guys.

- two men and a truck took care of me and 6 hours later i was moved from bridgeview apartments to my new home on franklin blvd
- i arrived at my new home to find
the following plus lots of other additional hysterical items from my new neighbors seanski and nugget
- i wouldn't expect anything less.

- some friends stopped by my first night in my new place with champagne and fun which is exactly what i needed post move

- my mom helped me SO MUCH through all of it and i can't thank her enough.

some friends stopped over to check out the new place - AJP, seanski (holding my sweet house warming present), hartzell, nugget, moe and CK

- lots more packing/unpacking, deliveries and quality time with my momma who was an organizing machine
- headed out to lakewood for a much deserved break and to celebrate jmeg's birthday
- started out at kenilworth tavern for some grub, danced like a crazy woman to the websters at put-in-bay bar and rounded out the night with a cheese pop music sing-a-long at the riverwood cafe.

birthday boy jmeg rocking MY scarf and hartzell rocking his own scarf, natch.

- slept all day,
literally, i slept ALL day.
- MOB and i headed to metro bar + kitchen in the warehouse district for our good friend holler's surprise engagement party to the fabulously handsome doyle - it was also his 30th!
- post engagement party headed out to westpark for a good old fashioned public house night, it was just what i needed. lots of friends were out and in standard public house fashion the bombs were flowing.

doyle and holler - congrats to the happy couple!!!

holler, yours truly and MOB at metro kitchen + bar

lzone at public house who was crafty as all hell with a couple "dolla dolla bills y'all"

- shopped like a mad woman picking up odds and ends that i needed for my new home but realized that transferring $1,000 from my savings to my checking every shopping trip needs to stop, ASAP.
- met up with AJP, hartzell, timmybennett, KJ and colleen at the lakewood winking lizard for the gloriousness that was the browns vs saints game - i think about how it went down and i still have no words, go browns!

- organizing day at the house with stepho, 'nuff said.
- introduction to frank's falafel, i.e. my new favorite restaurant that delivers!

- some post work shopping with CK
- dinner at prosperity social club, also with CK, where i had the chicken marsala with portobello mushroom ravioli, um, YUM.
- enjoyed my first christmas ale of the season at great lakes brewery
- nice little tuesday :)

- had some of my ladies (muffin, holler, babs, lverdova, martha and beaver) over to my new place for vino and pizza, and based on their reactions i think i have a winning place on my hands.
- caught up on all things life with my friends and even had a late night visit from my neighbor seanski.
- cavs win!
- nights like this make me happy

martha, holler, beaver, little aubrey, lverdova, muffin and babs in my kitchen/dining room - see, now you guys have a little taste for what my place is starting to look like

i love this picture so much i can't even handle it. here we have aubrey who spent the majority of her visit in front of this giant mirror in my living room singing and dancing. in this shot she's striking a pose like no other... please also note the DOUBLE pacifier she's rocking - hysterical.

and now i think i've officially caught you guys up.

better late than never, right?

here's to being a better blogger next week... too bad i'll be in vegas sunday through thursday at the SEMA conference for work and i may be distracted by the slot machines - whoops.

have a good weekend all and happy halloween!!!!


  1. You are amazing. Even when you move to a new location, you still manage to party like a rock star. Glad that you survived the move and are settling into home ownership!

  2. Your place looks amazing! Congrats again and welcome back.

  3. um when i moved i didnt do anything for two weeks. i also moved w/a buncha girls and renting two men sounds really awesome.

    delivery falafel? shut up!

  4. SEMA? What company do you work for?

  5. erica, i just emailed you through your site :)

  6. I cannot believe you had time to settle in while being so busy! Wonder woman. :)

  7. wooo Christmas ale! Though I am thoroughly enjoying thirsty dog's 12 dogs of Christmas.

    Odds and ends FTW!

    I'm not sure that that even means.

  8. What a busy week! I'm surprised you had any energy left after the move! Good for you, girl!

  9. dancing baby picture = ALL KINDS OF WIN. your place is looking lovely already... when did you have time to unpack?!

  10. I love your recaps, no matter when you do them! The house is looking adorable. I want to see more pics! And this pic of your kitchen makes me want to get new flooring ASAP!

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