i don't wanna

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it's monday night and for the last two and half hours i've been starring at the following image...


taunting me.

needing to be filled.

i don't know how the eff i'm going to do this all by myself.


motivation needed.


  1. Packing sucks...unpack is even worse. So just think that right now you are doing the better part!!

  2. Think about the end result and how fantastic your new place will look once you are moved in...but before you can do that you must first pack! or reward yourself when you are done with some great boots or a new Marc Jacobs/Tory Burch bag.

  3. Packing sucks and I'm pretty sure I would have the same attitude as yourself. Just try to focus on the end result -- decorating your new place, all the fabulous get togethers you will have, etc.

  4. I hate packing as do I'm guessing most people (if I find someone who enjoys it, I'll send them right to you). When I moved from Boston to where I currently am, I packed some things but also hired movers (because they had to store my stuff for like two months) and they helped me pack the rest of my stuff. IT WAS SO HELPFUL.

    Best of luck and I'd come and help if I was close by!

  5. i packed an entire two bedroom town home 3 floors w/a garage which was also packed full of crap, and a yard full of things all by myself in two weeks, and had 4 people help me move.

    Then i unpacked in 2 weeks by organizing a housewarming party, that i had to be ready for.

    you can do it! you'll suprise yourself! the motivation is the end result! a new, clean slate!

  6. packing is definitely the worst. just focus on how awesome everything you're packing will look in your NEW place though :)

  7. I'm the anti-packrat. So, even though I don't necessarily like stopping my fun life in order to pack, I kind of love the opportunity to purge my belongings down to what I really need and use. Think about it this way ... for every item you don't bring with you (and either donate or throw away), that means one less thing you'll have to unpack on the other side!!

  8. You should have an "I'm moving" party... everyone helps you pack! LOL

  9. The journey of a thousand laughs in your new place begins with one box of champagne glasses.

  10. Heck, if it's motivation you need, I am soooo not your girl. I just finished unpacking from a holiday I got back from on Friday. And when I say I unpacked . . . I basically just tipped the contents of the suitcase onto my carpet so I could put the suitcase away at least.

    Good luck!

  11. I've discovered three simple steps to make moving a breeze:

    1. Hire movers
    2. Hire movers
    3. Hire movers

  12. Invite your family and close friends over to help you!!! Packing, moving, unpacking SUCKS.....but once you are settled in it will all be worth it! Sending you some "motivation vibes" - Good Luck!

  13. you guys are the best!

    the good thing is i did hire movers, so there's that.... but it's the packing foooooooooor the movers that's difficult for me.

    maybe i'm in denial that i'm actually moving.

    or i'm just a procrastinator, either or.

  14. you can do it, you can do it! make it a packing party. adding the word "party" to something instantly makes it better right? :)

  15. Personally, I can pack better than I can unpack. Staring at those needing to be unpacked, I would be a mess. Good luck lady!

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