halloween cleveland style at the harbor inn

Monday, November 1, 2010

greetings from vegas!!!

i'm here for the next four days for the SEMA Show - vroom, vroom.

it was another fun weekend in the CLE between birthday celebrations and halloween at harbor inn my camera is full of fun pictures to share.

i need to upload them all onto the book but for now i'm going to share a select few memorable moments from the weekend...

friday night CK and i had a ridiculously delicious dinner at light bistro in ohio city. we ordered a tapas, salad and a pizza and it was SO GOOD. light has a new fall/winter menu and i highly recommend checking it out.

after dinner CK and i headed to the old angle tavern to meet up with lots of friends to celebrate colleen's birthday - yay.

me and the birthday girl colleen at old angle

saturday i woke up early to get my hairs did at GSV Salon Group in canton and lunch with my mom and cathy at my old stomping grounds, don pablo's mexican kitchen - yum.

saturday evening anyone who's anyone was at the harbor inn for timmybennett's 10th annual halloween party. between the great group of friends, amazing costumes (everyone BROUGHT IT), and the DJ the party was epic - i already am looking forward to next year.

some ICP jugga somethings... black, baucco and biondi being scary as all hell, fyi.

the johnson sisters taking GTLing to the extreme - brilliant.

t-jones being, if you couldn't tell, the old spice guy - PERFECTION.

BLUNTS! homemade costume by keith who was not angry in this picture, fyi.

our host with the most, timmybennett, er, mrs butterworths.

seanski and nugget = beiber's #1 fan and beiber himself!

AJP, is that you? as a bald eagle it is!

CK as jesus h. christ, please note the loaf of bread and red wine.

when madonna's like a prayer came on jesus needed to take care of business, please note lzone praying.

i could probably post about 50 more pics if i wanted to....

great weekend yet again but i'm in vegas baby, time to cause some trouble.


  1. GTL = brilliant. Old Spice guy = sexy.

    But wait. WHAT WERE YOU?

  2. no Kenny Powers???? he was the best!

  3. omg jesus was at your party? im glad he was all the way up there, that left the rest of the world to the witchery!!!

  4. Haha - love the Old Spice guy! Clever. :)

  5. Wow..I thought me & my gang had good costumes but you're friends brought it strong! Holy Wow! Old Spice dude is hilarious! And GTL is brilliant! Looks like awesome times. Now go find some Vegas Debauchery!

  6. Those guys as Justin Bieber and his fan are amazeballs indeed. Can't stop laughing. Pure brilliance.

  7. ive been to this party a few times, but not for a few years. i need to start going again!! it's always a great time

  8. i want to meet the old spice guy

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