it's almost thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

for the past two weekends in a row i've set my alarm to go off at 9:30am.

for the past two weekends in a row i've woken up at 7:30am fresh and ready to roll.

i suppose that's what happens when you don't go out like a maniac the night before.

this weekend, much like last weekend was comprised of working on my townhouse and shopping for said townhouse.

shopping for items to decorate my place, which is all i feel like i've been doing lately, pretty much goes like this:

1. wander around aimlessly in a store like TJ's, pier one or world market

2. find things i like that are way to expensive - pout.

3. stare at two bowls that are essentially the same thing trying to figure out which one to buy, knowing full well i already have something similar at home.

4. take a picture of said bowls and send to my mom for her opinion.
5. wander around aimlessly - repeat at next store.

i prefer to shop alone, which is problematic when you need an opinion which is why i tend to become friends with the sales clerks.

it's weird though because i never thought i had a problem with making decorating decisions, but this time it's a whole different story - perhaps because it's all a bit more permanent, my owning the place and all.

there is one major decision i finalized this past week thanks to my mom and the wonderful folks at litt's plumbing kitchen and bath gallery, my new counter tops!

what do you guys think?

i'm kinda in love with them and i simply can't wait till they are installed - woo!

as for the rest of the weekend, i spent saturday in lakewood celebrating my friend cara's birthday at the west end and the screaming rooster.

biondi, AJP, hartzell, birthday girl cara, keith and KJ

sunday brough browns watching at the BW3's in westgate with AJP, timmybennet, hartzell and biondi - one person that wasn't in attendance was laura marie manning... no comment.

the delicious strongbow's i drank didn't help with the browns loss - we should have won this one.


but on a positive note it's a three day weekend for me and with thanksgiving being my favorite holiday meal of the year let's hope these three work days go by fast because i can't wait to hangout with my family!!

happy monday, kids!


  1. Those countertops are really pretty. I've been searching for something for my kitchen.

  2. the browns played. of course they lost.

    im sorry. I really dont know what im talking about. i just hear this talk among others.

    i love the tile and counters! beyoootiful! its very jeff lewis!

  3. I do love those counter tops, and I also completely understand both needing an opinion and wanting to shop by yourself. I send photos to my mom, too. But then I get antsy waiting for her reply, so I usually just call.

    Patience is not my strong suit.

  4. omg LOOOOOVVE that countertop/splash tile combo!

    haha, i prefer shopping by myself too.... BUT can't make big decisions without additional input. it's a silly arrangement i keep putting myself in.

  5. I'm totally living vicariously through your new home decorating.

  6. LOVE the countertops and backsplash. Great color combo. I can actually shop for the house on my own but I cannot clothes shop alone. It's a weird mix

  7. well if it makes you feel any better we had to pull of the highway so that pat could throw up :)

    wish we could have hung out!!!!

  8. I'm cracking up over here... that is the exact same backsplash tile I have (the mosaic, that is). I love it because the glass sparkles! It's blingy just the way I like it! I can't wait to see the finished result!

  9. P.S. I love the granite for the countertops! When I have the money I'd love to do something like that in my kitchen!


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