a movie filled long weekend

Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving was fabulous and my weekend was spent in canton with the family which meant not a lot of drinking and going out but lots of movie watching and calorie consumption.

truthfully the whole weekend is a blur of food and i simply can't wait to hit the gym.

watched FIVE movies over the long weekend:

1. unstoppable - i went in not expecting a whole lot but was surprisingly entertained. for essentially knowing the whole plot i was constantly on the edge of my seat and was just the fast paced movie i was looking for on black friday. i say see it!

2. love & other drugs - i'm not sure what to say about this movie. i adore both of the lead actors, and in theory the plot should have been good but for one reason or another i couldn't get behind this actor/actress pairing - it wasn't believable to me. but it you like seeing anne hathaway's boobs and jake gyllenhaal's bum this is the movie for you. i say rent it!

3. burlesque - i was very much looking forward to seeing this movie until i started reading the reviews which were less than complimentary - but i still saw the movie and i'm glad i did. i really liked it, this of course is coming from a girl who is addicted to musicals and anything involving showy singing, so take it with a grain of salt. christina aguilera did such a good job , and cher, i mean she's flippin' CHER - sing it ladies. i say see it!

4. scott pilgrim vs the world - this movie we rented after seeing movies #2 and #3 in the theater, i had been intrigued by this movie and really got into the quirky shooting style, fun cast, and video game/music tones, but then i fell asleep halfway through... so i say i need to see the whole thing!

5. everybody's fine - this movie i watched last night at home after i nailed a delicious beef stroganoff recipe. i wanted to see this movie in the theaters because i love all things deniro/barrymore/beckinsale but never got around to it. it was a really well produced sentimental drama that had me bawling in my bed upon the ending from both sadness and joy from closure. i say rent it!

all in all it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend - a much needed break - and even though i was only 50 minutes down 77S it made all the difference in the world.

and now it's on to the next one.... christmas!


today's the last day to enter to win one of two pairs of tickets to this friday's scrooge's night out event - comment on this post to enter!


  1. the fact that you didnt say you love love and other drugs makes me sad.

    i so wanted to love this movie! maybe i still will.

    so there!


  2. love love love Scott Pilgrim v the world.

    of course I loved the graphic novel.

  3. i saw HP #6 *and* HP #7 part 1 over the weekend; 6 was UNBEARABLY AWFUL and 7 was excellent, in my opinion. ends very The Empire Strikes Back-y, what with the stopping right when everything is terrible and evil is winning, but very much wanting to see part 2!

    also saw: predators (ugh), the expendables (awesome).

  4. i want to see all of those movies, i am so behind in my viewing it's ridiculous.

  5. Wow you are the movie queen! I am pretty behind. I'll have to add Scott Pilgrim to my Netflix list. I thought Love and Other Drugs was okay but not amazing. I saw 127 Hours. Damn.

  6. I've never known you to sit still for that long. You sure everything is OK? =)

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