security what?

Friday, November 19, 2010

you know how linus from the peanuts has his security blanket?

well i've come to realize that i have my own version of a security blanket.

and no, it's not my cellphone, that my friends is WAY more than a security blanket.... that's like my second heart.

yes, it's that serious, we (my cellphone and i) have been dating exclusively for approximately 12 years now.

but let's talk about my real security blanket.

the scarf.

which lzone likes to lovingly call my "boob scarf".

i don't know what it is, but the moment the weather turns a little cold i whip out one of my approximately 51 scarves and wear it not for warmth but as an accessory.

and i don't take it off either.

i put it on as i leave the house and it stays on throughout the day and night, even once i'm indoors.

me and my scarf are like two peas in a pod, the roger to my ebert, the harry to my marv, the tiger to my any random female.

we stick together.

except for that one time in the bathroom of hotz's - when i accidentally let my scarf for the day fall into the toilet, and unlike a wounded soldier, i had to leave it behind.

poor little guy, sigh.

thank god for replacements, and thank god for the weekend.

have a good one, kids!


yes, i'm going to keep bugging you about it.... have you joined the cleveland's a plum group on facebook yet?


  1. Long live the boob scarf!

  2. Well before your cell phone and scarves remember you actually did have a security blanket. Which I still have and just happen to come across not long ago.....hmm what does this mean. XO

  3. im not a fan of an indoor scarf. but then i also have on a plaid button up shirt and striped shoes and im sure thats against some fashion rule.

    though not a fan, as long as boys done wear them, its ok. I dont find indoor boy scarves to be manly whatsoever.

  4. I have some scarves that are all the time scarves, and some that are just outdoor. It usually depends on the material. But I see nothing wrong with keeping it on all day.

  5. I do the same thing - I'm super into scarves and don't take them off inside unless they get caught on something. Love them!

  6. While this is devastating, I'm... so glad you left it there.

  7. scarves rock...I love em being a footy fan....scarves are the best way to support the team.

    Boob scarf FTW!

    I mostly wanted to say boob there.

  8. There's nothing wrong with wearing a scarf outside but inside come one; they didn't tell you this but linus grew up to be a sociopath!


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