SEMA, fremont street, baby shower and an old fashioned GNO

Monday, November 8, 2010

happy monday, kids.

how 'bout them browns?!?!

moving on.

there are lots of stories worth sharing from my trip this past week to vegas for the SEMA Show but hands down my favorite was when we went to
fremont street, i.e. downtown vegas.

upon arriving we (my coworker/friend misty and clients/friends jill, dave and scott) ran into a celebrity...

'lil T, nuff said - misty, jill, scott, 'lil T and dave. i pity the fool.

post photo op we heard something above our heads, we looked up, and saw people on zip lines fly by, to which i yelled, "let's do it!", but then glanced down at the dress i was wearing...

"if only i had pants!"

i looked to my left and saw a cheesy vegas souvenir store to which i knew i'd be able to buy a pair of shorts to wear under my dress so that i wouldn't flash all of vegas my undies.

enter a pair of short black booty shorts with the words, "LAS VEGAS", bedazzled on the bum.

i put those bad boys on under my dress and to the zip line we went. the fremont street frightline is something fairly new to fremont street but for only $20 a ride it is a great addition to the fremont street experience - so damn fun.

yes, this is a picture of a picture but you get the point - too bad you can't see my booty shorts from this angle...

the majority of my time in vegas was spent at the convention center doing a lot of the following...

SEMA at it's finest, from the Prestolite Performance elevated meeting room

documenting a MMX video shoot for the SPEED channel

my new buddy courtney hansen, hostess of Powerblock TV on Spike, signing autographs from the Prestolite Performance booth. i stood next to her the whole time take photos and whatnot, and man do people love her - it's adorable.

a professional football hall of fame themed F150 created by A.R.E. - gotta represent my hometown of canton, yo!

all i want for christmas...

when i wasn't working i gambled away too much of my money at the MGM Grand but redeemed myself my last night in town at the blackjack tables at the New York New York.

all in all in was a great work trip where i gained a ton of new knowledge about an industry i work very closely with on behalf of my client
Prestolite Performance and their suite of brands.

is it bad that i'm already thinking about next years SEMA?

upon arriving back in cleveland i had a small hiccup with my storm door, which i wrote about here but once everything settled down i was oh so happy to be home.

going back to work on friday was t-o-u-g-h but the excitement i had over spending my friday evening on the couch got me through it.

saturday had lunch with CK at the buckeye beer engine in lakewood because my craving for a burger needed to be fulfilled. i had the cyclops (eggs on burgers are always top notch) and he had the southwestern (spiiiiiiiiicy).

saturday early evening brought a baby shower for my friend kim who's due in january, and couldn't be any cuter of a pregnant lady, at her house on the lake in bay.

kim during present time - this little baby made out, yo.

i will say this off topic though, i know i just bought a house and all buy when i grow up i want to live on the lake, that is all.

post baby shower i headed over to KJ's townhouse in rocky river for a "girls' night out" with
our wonderful hostess KJ, AJP, cara, colleen, JV, jen and meredith.

KJ showing off that fact that i brought over a 22oz of stella - is that weird?!?

there's isn't a much better evening than lots of wine, food, and girl talk.

yes, i said girl talk, and
no, i'm not done yet...

sunday instead of tailgating for the browns game i headed out to the eastside to moe and mark's house for a champagne brunch and the browns.

my little homemaker of a friend moe totally outdid herself with the spread - very gourmet - not that i would expect anything less.

lzone, me, moe and melinda actually set our champagne bubbles down to take this picture - torture.

sunday night brought dinner with CK at a yet to be determined place, because well, i'm writing this before we actually go.

i'm busted blogging on sunday night and scheduling this post to post on monday morning - whoops.

hope you all had a great week/weekend and like i mentioned in my last post i have lots of fun stuff coming up this week here on the plum so stay tuned.


  1. I loved Freemont Street when I was in Vegas last May. It was cool to see some of old Vegas. They didn't have the zip line when I went. I might have to check that out next time. It looks so much fun.

  2. That doesn't sound like you did much resting this weekend, lady! lol

  3. Ziplinling in a dress while wearing bedazzled Las Vegas shorts? Thats the Alexa we all know and love. I pretty much adore that about you. Such fun adventures!

  4. When I grow up I want to live on the lake, too. Preferably Bay or River...just need to win the lotto :)

  5. What you meant to say was: "How about them Browns! Moving up!"

    The zip line looked like it was a blast. And I'm pretty sure that was the first time anything "Las Vegas" related was used to preserve someone's dignity and self-respect. Kudos.

  6. sounds like one hell of a weekend!

  7. sounds like my kind of weekend, and um a zipline in vegas! i need to make this happen next time i go.

    also i need someone to make me a gourmet brunch, i love brunch.

  8. Super fun week/weekend girlie! Glad to hear Vegas was a success. The zipine sounds fun so I'm glad you found some pantaloons!

  9. Oh man, movember and all the staches...eek.

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