sure thing chief

Friday, November 12, 2010

in the vast world of blogs i'm pretty sure that in the "lifestyle blogger" category there are approximately 50 females bloggers to 1 male blogger.

now that's not to say that there aren't male bloggers, cause there are, TONS, the majority of them just happen to all write about sports and or technology.

so when i find a good male blogger that doesn't write about sports or technology, but is actually funny as hell comes around - i.e. creative original videos, comics, fo fun news, etc - i want to share it with my readers.

full disclosure: jason is my friend and i've known him for years. but that being said, i have a lot of friends that blog, and i'm not giving them a whole post... he's just that good.

his blog, sure thing chief, is worth following/subscribing to and you might as well follow him on twitter while you're at it.

so what are you waiting for?

i mean, he made a video about charles bronson killing hipsters!

go waste some of your friday reading/watching a way smarter than me or you blog.

happy weekend, kids, and don't forget to stay classy cleveland.


  1. Just added to my favorites. Fo Fun News = Comedy Gold.Cool blog. have a great weekend Plum-Dog Millionaires

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  3. Hey some guys have fan blogs!

  4. my category is grosses us out/ vague humor.

    I dig his stuff tho.

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