video: black friday, thursday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

i'm a bad blogger and was too busy stuffing my face to take any pictures to document the day, but trust me i'm not sure you needed to see me with gravy running down my chin.

no shame.

anyways, since today is black friday i though i'd share the newest video from my friend jason (of the blog sure thing chief), because we all should save a little green before it all goes black!


don't forget to enter to win one of two pairs of tickets for next friday's scrooge's nite out by commenting with your favorite holiday movie on this post!!


  1. Don't worry I didn't take a picture either....We deserve a day off here and there too! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

    ps...great video!

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Alexa, enjoy your weekend!


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