was a good girl friday and saturday... sunday, not so much

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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before i get into the whole weekend recap i want to announce the winner of a pair of tickets to the Compassion From Fashion event this saturday and a $50 gift card to Beachwood Place.

congrats to kaye spector who was comment #12, picked via random.org out of 44 entries.

kaye, your tickets and $50 gift card will be waiting for you at guest services.

this weekend recap is going to be a bit shorter than normal because i didn't go out friday or saturday night.

you read that right ladies and gentleman, no going out for me!

instead i went to the grocery store, did laundry, cleaned, unpacked and shopped with my mom who came up to help me with my new townhouse on saturday.

it was an alcohol free friday and saturday but i'm pretty posititive i made up for it with my sunday tailgating actions.

you guys all know by now that
i tailgate in the pit for browns game, well this past sunday for the browns vs jets game i changed it up a bit.

my friend colleen, whose family owns a few buffalo wild wings in the area, sponsors a tailgate in the muni lot for a group formerly called "the braylon bunch" but now more appropriately called "the browns bunch".

well these guys have been asking colleen to come to their tailgate for awhile now and when colleen asked me to go with her i said, why not, i'm always up for a different scene.

and different it was.

i'm not sure how to describe the scene in the muni lot but i'm going to try.

it was fun, A LOT of fun, a different fun than the pit.

the people were louder, drunker, crazier and had more tattoos - the people watching was ridiculously awesome.

i feel like in the pit there's just a whole lot of people like me and my friends, but in the muni lots it's like a whole different breed of browns fans. it's beyond entertaining.

for years and years i was all go pit or go home - but now i'm having second thoughts!

the browns bunch pimped out bus

the 8 person beer bong that i may or may not have placed 2nd in the girls competition

'nuff said

giant hand warmer cup holders that i was kinda sorta obsessed with

KEG BOWLING! highlight of the day by far.

that would be browns trouper nick under that mask

oh yeah, colleen and i went to the game too!

around the 3rd quarter colleen and i left though because from what i recall we were pretty antsy. i headed to w 6th to get food and randomly ended up at sushi rock for the remainder of the game.

the food was delicious but i will tell you this, we did NOT need 2 martini's each after tailgating since 8:30am.

post overtime loss we poured ourselves into a cab and headed home.

it was a proper ending to a fabulously fun day of browns tailgating, despite the loss of the game that we should have won.

but that just comes with the territory of being a browns fan.


don't forget to stop by tomorrow night from 6 to 9pm at banyan tree in tremont for your opportunity to shop and save up to 40% off your entire purchase - see you there!


  1. We LOVE keg bowling - favorite tailgating activity!
    See you tomorrow..... :)

  2. i love you but that post had entirely too much orange and brown for my liking.

  3. teen - i'm surprised you still read my blog you steelers fan you ;)

  4. I have been to the Muni Lot a handful of times and I agree with you about the pit, seems like I know half the people there! Muni lot = craaazy.

  5. It's always good to get a change of scenery. Even better when it turns out to be awesome!

    Glad you had a chill Friday and Saturday... does this mean we get to see pics of your cute place yet?

  6. um whoever made that bus has too much time on their hands lol! that is hilarious!

  7. The pictures of the Connect 4 and keg bowling rocked my socks off.

  8. That looks absolutely fantastic. I've never actually been to an Eagles tailgate, but I imagine a similar scenario. And I'm not quite sure I could keep up.

  9. browns "fans" wouldn't leave one of the bigger games in new browns history to go get sushi, fyi.

  10. i've always been 100% pit. i went last week though and it was terrible. $5 to get in, dictator police, and an empty parking lot. i barely ran into anyone i knew. so i went back to muni. i was actually right next to the browns bunch. we may have seen eachother, GO BROWNS!

  11. that is one awesome way to tailgate, haha. love it! so fun. i wish i loved a team as much as you loved the browns :)

  12. Wow all pictures are looking so good, and i am glad to see that.
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  13. only thing that would make boba fett cool is if he was a browns boba fett

    wow I am such a nerd.

  14. Hi Alexa,

    This is probably a really odd request but my fiance and I are getting married on August 6, 2011 and having a really hard time finding affordable transportation. I just found your blog and saw that you got a chance to tailgate with the Browns Bunch, which we have seen at the muni lot many-a-times. I think it would be a really cool idea and suprise to be able to show up to the ceremony in the bus. Do you have any contact information for them so I can get in touch and see what they say? Thanks!


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