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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's tuesday night and i'm home alone kevin mccallister style.

glee is on my tv.

i'm not wearing pants.

i look to my left and there are christmas lights on my fireplace mantle similar to ones that my mother would hang.

i look to my right and there's a trio of holiday gold cone thingys staring me in the face.

i have a shiatsu massage pillow on my neck/back because i'm stressed out from work.

on the ottoman that my feet are currently resting on there's a hammer because i was just running around banging nails into my walls trying to hang things - probably crooked knowing my luck.

what's become of me?

i'm pretty sure i used to be cool.


  1. I think I stopped being cool upon purchasing my first place. You sink enough money into a place, you actually want to enjoy it by sitting at home every so often.

  2. Welcome to being a homeowner!

  3. hahahaha, I love this post. Tia said it right on - welcome to home ownership!

  4. Home ownership IS fun! Just start having keg parties.

  5. I dunno that still sounds pretty cool to me. Whats wrong with christmas lights, gold cone thingies, and relaxing?

    Decorating is an artform, especially for the holly days!

  6. if shiatsu message pillows are uncool, consider me steve urkel.

  7. hooray to not wearing pants

    this is what I was supposed to take away from it right?

  8. Put on some pants and throw a party! =)

  9. That is way cooler than any night I've had in a week! No joke. Mostly because I do those things with pants. If I did them without pants it would be cooler. But I don't think picking things up from Lowe's without pants is legal.

  10. Aww this made me laugh because I have the same nights sometimes. Pantless for sure.

  11. I've found turning 30 (and in my case, finally moving into my own home) had made me totally uncool. At least my friends aren't judgey!


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