the flats cleveland: episode four

Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy new years eve eve - are you coming to the new years eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness II tonight? you should.

also, i hope you have all caught up on the first three episodes of the flats because today i have what all (or at least like 15 of you) have been waiting for - the flats episode four!

god, my life is ridiculous, and i love it.

don't forget to follow the flats crew on twitter, and subscribe to our youtube page.

happy new year everyone, bring on 2011!

come to the new years eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness party this thursday!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i'm not sure if i remember exactly how myself and lzone came up with the idea for our new year's eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness party...

but i'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that we thought new year's eve tended to be overrated (which i'm sure had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we were single), and we needed to throw a PRE-new year's eve party the night before.

a new year's eve eve party, ya know, to break the ice.

last year the new year's eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness party was held in the upstairs room at johnny's little bar and you can check out my recap of the party here.

this year, for the second annual party we decided to kick it up a notch - with a logo. thanks to lara we were able to combine two of our favorite things: plums and cardigans, naturally.

the deets:

who: YOU! literally, if you are reading this you are invited
when: new year's eve eve - a.k.a thursday, 12/30 at 6:30pm
where: social media friendly
reddstone (upstairs) in the detroit shoreway neighborhood

you can check out the facebook invite for any additional information, or to stalk some of the people that are going in advance.

lzone and i have rented out the private room upstairs at reddstone but everything is cash bar/food - pay as you go, kids.

hugs are free though.

look forward to seeing you there and ringing in some holiday cheer!

can't make it to the party? well reddstone is also throwing quite the NYE "house party" with no cover, complimentary champagne toast and hors d'ouevres, beer pong, DJ and general debauchery.

so if you have yet to make formal plans for friday yet, think about reddstone!

so that was christmas

Monday, December 27, 2010

i don't believe christmas is over!

i also don't believe i have to work monday thru thursday this week...

note to self: save some vacation days for the holidays next year so you don't have to sit in cleveland alone while your whole family is off having fun in canton.

the holidays as a whole were wonderful, with christmas eve morning being spent at my yiayia's for brunch, and the evening being spent at my mom's with the whole family in tow.

while i may have been a little distracted christmas eve, some QT time with the family always helps balance it out.

christmas day was spent at my tiajo and uncle david's house gorging ourselves on roast beast and falling asleep while watching family friendly movies.

sunday brought a trip to the movie theater for true grit (i'll give it a B+) and black swan (i'll give it a C) and dinner at longhorn steakhouse (don't ask).

i wish i had something more entertaining/scandalous/fun to tell you kids about but christmas is christmas and quite honestly i think of it as a break.

hope everyone had a great christmas holiday!

and just think, for better or worse, 2011 is just around the corner...

the flats: episode four TEASER, plus let's catch up on the first three episodes shall we?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

in preparation for episode 4 of my web tv series the flats premiering next week let's catch up on what we've been up to shall we?

episode 1:

episode 2:

episode 3:

episode 4 TEASER:

stay tuned for the full episode early next week, and i promise you, it's going to be worth the wait.

for the flats cleveland updates don't forget to follow us on twitter and subscribe to our channel on youtube.

have a good day, kids!

holiday cards galore

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

thanks to all who entered to win a year's supply of lean pockets.

it's my pleasure to announce that the winner, out of nearly 100 entries from comments, twitter and facebook is: robyn casper.

congrats girl, enjoy!

one of my favorite things during the holidays is getting christmas cards.

while i personally have never once sent out a single christmas card my entire life, i sure as heck enjoy receiving them.

specifically the ones involving pictures of my friends and their adorable families...

i love all of them, fyi.

but as much as i love the sweet and lovely holiday greetings you also can't go wrong with a completely hysterical one here and there.

you guys all remember my friend beaver's christmas card from last year right??

oh beaver, how you make my life better by being in it.

well this year i have a new favorite card to share with you guys.

so my little sister recently up and moved from NYC, after living there for over 6 years, to boston to take a full time position at a marketing firm.

i give her serious props for moving to a new city knowing literally no one, and let's be honest here, NYC and boston are vastly different.

but she's embracing the move and the city which is clearly proven by her christmas card this year.

yes, that's a picture of the cast of the boston based sitcom cheers, and yes, that beautiful lady in the bottom right corner isn't a new cast member, it's my little sister feeling comfortable in boston of course!

bravo sissy, bra-vo.

perhaps next year i'll attempt to send out a witty christmas card... like a picture of me eating a plum in new york city or something.

yeah, who am i kidding, probably will never happen.

regardless, merry christmas!!

my wonderful weekend recap, but more importantly, enter to win a year's supply of lean pockets!

Monday, December 20, 2010

ho ho ho ladies and gentleman.

ho ho ho.

much like last year, i'm in the spirit of celebrating the holidays over and over and over and over again.

it's a wonderful season to spend time with your loved ones by eating and drinking your way through the city you call home.

granted the aforementioned eating and drinking causes extra time to be put in at the gym in january but it's all worth it.

this past thursday night, i headed to house of blues with CK, salami rose and various other new friends for the better than ezra concert. which warranted pre-concert dinner/drinks at abc tavern and post concert drinks at wonder bar and battery park wine bar.

friday brought a birthday celebration for KJ at old angle tavern with lots of friends and the best late night taco bell run in the history of all taco bell runs - one could have even called it a tweet-up.

now saturday, sweet sweet saturday...

i'm not normally cryptic here on the plum but i'm not really ready to share my saturday activities with the interwebs. let's just say it involved a lunch at red robin, pottery painting at artist for a day and a viewing of the movie tangled.

it was a good day.

sunday though brought a first for me - the solo movie theater run. i went to see harry potter and the deathly hollows: part one all by my lonesome and i kinda loved it.

also, did you know the first showing of the day is only $5 at cinemark?!? amazeballs.

after the movie i made a run to legacy village and beachwood place to wrap up my christmas shopping and sunday night i had dinner at momocho with the one and only CK.

great little piece of info about momocho on sunday night: they have a pre fixe menu for two that includes their famous guac and salsa, enchiladas and flan for only $30. its such a deal for the amount of delicious food, especially because enchiladas aren't on their normal menu so it's even more of a treat.

moving on.

i just realized that my weekend recaps aren't as exciting without photos - my bad.

but do you know what is exciting?!

winning a year's supply of lean pockets!!

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there ain't no plum on my bum

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i'm here to announce the winner of my little holiday contest that involved picking the big fat fib out of a list of random facts about me.

well, apparently i did a horrible job of hiding the fib because no one really had a hard time of figuring out that i in fact do not have a plum tattooed on my bum (fact #4).

out of the 54 entries it's safe to say that 52 of them said i didn't have a plum on my bum.

the weird thing is though, since no one thought i had a plum tattooed on my bum i'm suddenly inclined to actually get one... sorry in advance mom ;)

a couple entries did mention something about the onion goggles (fact #2) so sunday night while i was making dinner and about to chop an onion with my sweet, sweet goggles on i snapped a picture for proof...

dont' you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!?!? i scream sex when i'm wearing these, naturally, but i'm telling you, don't knock them till you try them!!

moving on.

the winner of a $25 target gift card was chosen via (see below)

True Random Number Generator -
1 52 27

congrats to the 27th person who said #4 was a big fat fib - jenn vojta!!!

cheers!! hip hop hooray!! yippee!! cheers!!

thanks again to all who entered - i wish i was a millionaire and could give everyone who reads my blog a holiday treat, but this year a hug will have to do.

happy holidays!


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lean pockets culinary creations giveway

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

when i was approached by lean pockets to host a "wrapped in goodness" party to help spread the word about their new culinary creations lean pockets that involved eating, drinking and wearing snuggies i just couldn't say no.

plus it gave me an opportunity to have some of my friends over to see my new place...

...even though my kitchen isn't redone yet - so no judging me.

the theme of the party was wrapped in goodness, so in addition to the culinary creations lean pockets i also served white chicken chili, warm artichoke dip, meats and cheeses, hot buttered cider with spiced rum, veggies for good measure, and cookies including chai-spiced snickerdoodles and peppermint chocolate crinkle cookies.

but the real stars were the lean pockets, especially the
5 new culinary creations varieties:
- chipotle chicken

- chipotle bacon dijon

- spinach artichoke chicken

- garlic chicken white pizza

- grilled chicken mushroom and spinach

these new chef inspired creations are made of whole grain crusts with 8 grams of fat or less, and let me tell you something - you put these bad boys in the oven instead of the microwave and they are even better tasting.

the klutz and MOB posing with their new favorite culinary creations

some of the wrapped in goodness guests hanging out in my kitchen

foxxy, holler, doyle, muffin, beaver and MOB are having deep discussions about lean pockets

andy is obviously jealous about how good mverdova looks in his snuggie

MOB is the happiest girl alive with her snuggie and lean pocket coupon

beaver, her electric blue phone, and lzone nonchalantly discussing lean pockets

is it just me or does seanski look like he's trying to kill muffin with a lean pocket?

it was a great evening full of tasty food and laughing till we cried at beaver's antics and filming for
the flats.

so do you want to try the new culinary creations lean pockets for yourself?
how about enjoying them for A WHOLE YEAR?

i'm giving away a year's supply of lean pockets!! i.e. 183 coupons for a free box of lean pockets, kids.

to enter simply leave a comment on this post telling me what you favorite lean pocket variety is - you can find a full list here.

for extra entries:
- tweet about this contest including my handle, @clevelandsaplum, and lean pockets handle, @lean_pockets, and a link to this post -
- become a
fan of lean pockets on facebook and tell me you did so in a comment.

i'll be announcing the winner of 366 lean pocket sandwiches a week from today, december 21st, so good luck!

{full disclosure: lean pockets provided me with snuggies, coupons to purchase and give out lean pockets to my guests as well as a sweet visa gift card for party supplies and a thank you for hosting. the opinions of lean pockets are my own, duh.}

erin and brandon get married!

Monday, December 13, 2010

i had such a nice weekend!

friday was spent shopping at beachwood place, taking advantage of some serious sales buying some classic pumps at banana republic and some gorgeous sparkly jewelery at j. crew.

then i headed to canton to hangout with my momma fall asleep on my mom's couch the second i walked in the door - i couldn't help it, i was tired!

saturday morning i headed to GSV design group bright and early for a cut and color with my girl abby (go to her!), then headed back up to the CLE to get ready for erin and brandon's wedding!

the ceremony was at st patrick's in ohio city which in my humble opinion is the more gorgeous catholic church in the city.

maid of honor muffin, the beautiful bride erin, handsome groom brandon and best man andrew

mr and mrs towne!!

post ceremony we rang bells for the bride and groom out on bridge ave and then a group of us headed to bier markt for cocktails and a snack in preparation for the reception.

the reception was held at windows on the river - i love this hall with the high ceilings, exposed brick and ample room that was decorated so beautifully.

hatchel and court looking good during dinner - i miss them not being in cleveland anymore :(

a slightly blurry picture of "the fabulous CAK", a.k.a. chris (CK), alexa (plum, duh) and kara (beaver), as we called each other throughout the day. CK was lucky enough to get TWO dates to the wedding, pimp.

brad, bethany and hatchel rockin' a 40 - yes, a 40oz of beer at the reception for the boys - it was AWESOME.

my friend addison montgomery's amazing mother, mrs p, dancing her heart out with one of the singers from the band TWIST. so much fun.

sisters! erin and muffin putting their hands up in the air (put their hands up, in the air).

the happy couple - congrats guys, i'm so happy for the both of you!!

we danced and danced and danced then headed to harbor inn post reception for a cocktail and shots that i SO didn't need - bed was calling my over served ass.

sunday morning brought a bit of a hangover and need for food. but cue CK and my eyes being bigger than our stomachs because we definitely did not eat our moneys worth of cleveland chophouse brunch buffet.

a nap during the browns game, how could you not wanna snooze through that game, was just what i needed to get back to 100%.

sunday night i tackled a recipe i found on the pioneer woman for a pasta carbonara and between the snow and cold, a warm meal, a glass of wine and a fire was the perfect ending to my weekend.

how was yours?

don't forget you can still enter to win a fabulous yet to be determined prize from me by commenting on this post!

battery park wine bar

Friday, December 10, 2010

last night, post errands, i ended up having a lovely impromptu evening with friends at the newly opened battery park wine bar in the detroit shoreway neighborhood.

this having been my second visit i knew what to expect in the great decor, delicious wine and wonderful and attentive service - but this time i came with an appetite and just in time for happy hour.

battery park wine bar, or BPWB as i'm beginning to call it for short, has a great happy hour for people who don't necessarily get out of work at 5pm. their happy hour goes from 3pm to 7:30pm and you can get $4 heavy poured glasses of wine, $3 beer specials and $2 off all appetizers which are more like meals in my humble opinion.

as seanski and i bellied up to the bar we had made it just in time for happy hour and we took full advantage of the $2 off appetizers by ordering a lot of food and thanks to chef dimitris ragousis and sous chef paul demelto it was a whole lot of delicious food.

the y.o.l.o. (you only live once) salad (only $4 during HH!)- greens, candied pecans, golden raisins and a grappa vinaigrette was so light and refreshing and quite honestly i've never tasted anything like it - i'm officially a grappa vinaigrette fan now.

seanski (who is trying to steal my spinach in this shot), and i both ordered these lamb sliders (only $6 during HH!) made up of braised lamb and kasseri cheese and baby spinach. so tender, so delicious - have a mentioned lately how much i LOVE lamb? it must be the greek girl in me...

not only is this food plum approved but also seanski approved, hence the thumbs up. on the left is the butternut squash lasagna (only $8 during HH!), which aside from the butternut squash has toasted hazelnuts, sage, buffalo mozzarella, and locatelli bechemel and is made with ohio city pasta. on the right is macaroni and cheese (only $7 during HH!), prepared with bucheron cheese, sage, garlic and mustard sauce.

these pasta dishes were TO DIE FOR. like i'm serious, i died of happiness when i ate them.

of course we had to get dessert... that's the flourless chocolate tort with a spiced cream cheese whip, more chocolate and candied almonds. the ice cream behind it is housemade chocolate cardamom with spice cream cheese whip and candied pecans.

at this point you could have rolled us out of here full and happy.

but more friends were on their way - nugget, AJP, hartzell and CK - who ordered the burger sliders, y.o.l.o pommes frites and the cured meat and italian cheeses flatbread respectively.

the wine drinking and hanging out continued as the place became to feel very neighborhoody as we kept seeing friends pop in and out - this is a good thing.

wanna know what else is a good thing? the fact that BPWB ordered a bottle of grand marnier for me because during my last visit i ordered it and they didn't have it stocked - now i can enjoy my grandma anytime i want!

that's what i call service.

if only i could get them to always save me a seat at the bar because i have a feeling this place is going to gain in popularity real quick.

now go check out battery park wine bar if you haven't already - like now.

happy friday everyone, have a great weekend!


you still have time to enter to win a yet to be determined awesome prize courtesy of me by commenting on this post - good luck!

random facts about me plus a contest - bonus!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i automatically heart every single person who reads this blog, and since i can't personally hug each and everyone of you, i'd like to give at least one of you something awesome during this season of giving.

so here's a little holiday contest for this oh so very snowy wednesday.

one of the following statements about me is untrue.... which one do you think it is?

just leave a comment telling me which one you think is a big fat fib and from the correct answers i'll choose a winner for a fun yet to be determined holiday prize courtesy of me! (think itunes, target, etc)

1. i don't drink red white at weddings for fear of spilling on the bride.

2. when i cut onions i wear onion goggles because my eyes burn so much. if i'm wearing my glasses when the need to cut onions arises i put on the onion goggles and places my glasses over them.

3. i didn't ride in an elevator from the age 6 to 9, and when i went to visit my dad's office i walked up the 4 flights of stairs - i was petrified of getting stuck.

4. in addition to the cross on my left wrist, i also have a plum tattooed on my bum.

5. when i lived downtown i had a gun pulled on me in my parking lot over a traffic incident - i looked at the guy and said, "are you effing kidding me?!"

6. i make the best kraft macaroni and cheese ever, it's been documented.

7. my first taste of gambling was when i won $500 from an instant bingo pull tab "store" in a strip mall in canton, ohio. upon winning and seeing my excitement, the lady working the counter gave me a stern look and said, "please don't get addicted to gambling" - i've been losing money ever since.

8. i've had three cars in my lifetime - a 1997 nissan sentra, a 2005 volkswagen jetta and currently i drive a 2008 volvo s40.

9. when i was 6 years old i stood in front of an entire fine dining restaurant and sung whitney houston's the greatest love of all while accompanied by a pianist.

10. for over twenty years my sister and i have worn the exact same pair of matching personalized pajamas on christmas eve.

so which one is a big fat fib?

i'll announce the winner of the yet to be determined awesome holiday prize a week from today, good luck!


the honda "holiday" commerical has ruined the holiday for me

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

last year i wrote about the creepy holiday folgers commerical with the seemingly inappropriate brother/sister relationship.

well this year i have a new holiday commercial pet peeve and it all revolves around one song.

holiday, by vampire weekend.

commercials have completely ruined the song for me.

between the tommy hilfiger and honda spots i can't go a single commercial break without hearing the song.

i mean, has honda purchased a television and radio spot on every station during every time slot across the entire nation?

i think so.

i'm pretty sure it's going to be my own personal "holiday" when these spots stop running so incessantly - which better be soon before i throw something at my new flat screens.

what's unfortunate is it isn't a bad commercial or song, it's just on exposure overload.

if for some reason you have managed to miss this honda commercial see below to see what i'm talking about...

if you do know what i'm talking about, i apologize in advance for placing this song in your head for the remainder of the day.

good day.

scrooge's nite out, velvet tango room, latitude 41n, angelo's pizza and winking lizard - oh my!

Monday, December 6, 2010

having never been to scrooge's nite out i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but having been to my fair share of charity events in cleveland i was pretty confident in what i was going to see.

but what i witnessed wasn't in anyway shape or form close to ANYTHING i've ever experienced... in the best way possible.

it was hands down the best people watching OF ALL TIME.

it was a combination of a 25th high school reunion, an office christmas party and a gamers convention all while tripping acid in a giant barn with red and green lights flashing.

this was a good thing.

myself, my cousin marissa who was visiting from chicago, and CK plus colleen, moe, mark, narm, francesca and taawd all stood in awe soaking in the awesomeness.

me, CK and my cousin marissa pausing from dancing to take a fabulous pic

these three ladies dancing were some of my favorites, the girl with the white corset, yes, corset was working her tatas like whoa. marissa is on the right taking notes...

this is such a random picture!! please note the lady on the left wearing long black gloves indoors, the cougar who was wearing a lace see-through dress and an indian headdress (!), a seemingly normal lady and guy and then a gentleman in a kilt in the background. this is a very good representation of the people at scrooge's.

post scrooge's we headed to velvet tango room for more cocktails that we didn't need but thoroughly enjoyed, then headed home and ate my weight in frozen grapes.

saturday woke up slightly hungover but alert enough to have some wonderful custom photography hung in my living room - more on that later because i'm SO happy with the outcome.

myself, CK and marissa had brunch/lunch at my neighborhood own's latitude 41n which is quickly becoming my favorite establishment. there food is delicious, hearty, comforting and creative. i devoured my pizza crab benedict and wish i had one in front of me right now.

saturday afternoon was filled with errands and shopping all over the westside with CK, and the evening was filled with carry out from angelo's pizza and a beer at the lakewood village tavern while said pizza was cooking.

a saturday night of pizza, and a movie on my couch while the snow was coming down was pretty damn near perfect - my fireplace was the cherry on top.

sunday was filled with more errands and shopping but this time on the eastside and an extreme home makeover cleveland watch party with my thunder::tech coworkers at the winking lizard in lakewood.

it was a nice little weekend if i do say so myself, how was yours?

somehow this doesn't surprise me

Friday, December 3, 2010

so i just got home from watching the cavs in my old stomping grounds of the warehouse district - at the map room to be exact.

but when i walked out of the map room to head home i definitely didn't expect to have to take a detour to larry flynt's hustler club.

yes, you read that right.

upon walking out of map room i realized that my car, the yuppie mobile, had been towed from constantino's market.

did it have the right to be towed?

yes, which is why i can't really bitch about it.

but man, after all the times i'd parked it there for an hour or two over the years with no problems it's only fitting that i would get it towed on my first venture back to my old neighborhood after moving into the detroit-shoreway.

it's like my old neighborhood was punishing me for leaving.

constantino's, why you gotta play me like that after all these years and thousands of dollars i've spent with you?


it's like pouring salt into the open wound that is the cavs performance.

you'll have that.

at least i had the awesome experience of having to head to the hustler club to use the atm to pay $110 to get my car back from ecke's towing.

actually it was $122, because larry flynt likes to charge his patrons a $12 atm service fee...

gosh, is it friday yet?

yes, yes it is.



Thursday, December 2, 2010

there were various times while reading wright thompson's outside the lines ESPN piece simply titled, "believeland", that i teared up.

because what's going on with our city right now is much more than lebron, so much more.

and on the day that ledouche makes his way back to the city that he so publicly broke-up with i think everyone needs to stop worrying about what they are going to chant at tonight's game and read thompson's piece instead.

it's that good.

cleveland fan or not, basketball fan or not, lebron fan or not - you need to read this.

if i have one complaint about the article though, it's that i wasn't interviewed...

i mean, i'm pretty sure that my moving to cleveland in february of 2006 was a major turning point for the city of cleveland.

don't ya think? ;)

go cavs!!!