battery park wine bar

Friday, December 10, 2010

last night, post errands, i ended up having a lovely impromptu evening with friends at the newly opened battery park wine bar in the detroit shoreway neighborhood.

this having been my second visit i knew what to expect in the great decor, delicious wine and wonderful and attentive service - but this time i came with an appetite and just in time for happy hour.

battery park wine bar, or BPWB as i'm beginning to call it for short, has a great happy hour for people who don't necessarily get out of work at 5pm. their happy hour goes from 3pm to 7:30pm and you can get $4 heavy poured glasses of wine, $3 beer specials and $2 off all appetizers which are more like meals in my humble opinion.

as seanski and i bellied up to the bar we had made it just in time for happy hour and we took full advantage of the $2 off appetizers by ordering a lot of food and thanks to chef dimitris ragousis and sous chef paul demelto it was a whole lot of delicious food.

the y.o.l.o. (you only live once) salad (only $4 during HH!)- greens, candied pecans, golden raisins and a grappa vinaigrette was so light and refreshing and quite honestly i've never tasted anything like it - i'm officially a grappa vinaigrette fan now.

seanski (who is trying to steal my spinach in this shot), and i both ordered these lamb sliders (only $6 during HH!) made up of braised lamb and kasseri cheese and baby spinach. so tender, so delicious - have a mentioned lately how much i LOVE lamb? it must be the greek girl in me...

not only is this food plum approved but also seanski approved, hence the thumbs up. on the left is the butternut squash lasagna (only $8 during HH!), which aside from the butternut squash has toasted hazelnuts, sage, buffalo mozzarella, and locatelli bechemel and is made with ohio city pasta. on the right is macaroni and cheese (only $7 during HH!), prepared with bucheron cheese, sage, garlic and mustard sauce.

these pasta dishes were TO DIE FOR. like i'm serious, i died of happiness when i ate them.

of course we had to get dessert... that's the flourless chocolate tort with a spiced cream cheese whip, more chocolate and candied almonds. the ice cream behind it is housemade chocolate cardamom with spice cream cheese whip and candied pecans.

at this point you could have rolled us out of here full and happy.

but more friends were on their way - nugget, AJP, hartzell and CK - who ordered the burger sliders, y.o.l.o pommes frites and the cured meat and italian cheeses flatbread respectively.

the wine drinking and hanging out continued as the place became to feel very neighborhoody as we kept seeing friends pop in and out - this is a good thing.

wanna know what else is a good thing? the fact that BPWB ordered a bottle of grand marnier for me because during my last visit i ordered it and they didn't have it stocked - now i can enjoy my grandma anytime i want!

that's what i call service.

if only i could get them to always save me a seat at the bar because i have a feeling this place is going to gain in popularity real quick.

now go check out battery park wine bar if you haven't already - like now.

happy friday everyone, have a great weekend!


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  1. Wow I would have ordered everything you did! Looks great!

  2. Next time, try the tomato soup - Also delicious!

  3. I am going there tonight, can't wait!

  4. headed there on sat and now i know what to order!

  5. Butternut squash lasagna?! I want.

    Also, you know, everything else.

  6. i am so hungry reading this post, seriously it all sounds so damn delicious. mmmmm.

  7. mmm now this, minus the lamb, is some food I can let my mouth water over!

  8. Wow what a food, just now the heart is still the same'll eat.

  9. I've heard great things about this place!

  10. I'm not going to lie, as much as I love my Big Apple, the Battery Park Wine Bar in The Plum sounds amazing. Plus, there is no place in Manhattan where you can get a glass of wine for less than $8!


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