Thursday, December 2, 2010

there were various times while reading wright thompson's outside the lines ESPN piece simply titled, "believeland", that i teared up.

because what's going on with our city right now is much more than lebron, so much more.

and on the day that ledouche makes his way back to the city that he so publicly broke-up with i think everyone needs to stop worrying about what they are going to chant at tonight's game and read thompson's piece instead.

it's that good.

cleveland fan or not, basketball fan or not, lebron fan or not - you need to read this.

if i have one complaint about the article though, it's that i wasn't interviewed...

i mean, i'm pretty sure that my moving to cleveland in february of 2006 was a major turning point for the city of cleveland.

don't ya think? ;)

go cavs!!!


  1. i might watch the game just to see what happens!

    well, ill at least tivo it, so i can fast forward to any drama that takes place!

    Everybodies doin it!

  2. Thanks for posting this article. It made me tear up at the end too. Long, but totally worth the read!

  3. I totally agree... and I'll have to come back to read the article when I'm not all hopped up on NyQuil!


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