erin and brandon get married!

Monday, December 13, 2010

i had such a nice weekend!

friday was spent shopping at beachwood place, taking advantage of some serious sales buying some classic pumps at banana republic and some gorgeous sparkly jewelery at j. crew.

then i headed to canton to hangout with my momma fall asleep on my mom's couch the second i walked in the door - i couldn't help it, i was tired!

saturday morning i headed to GSV design group bright and early for a cut and color with my girl abby (go to her!), then headed back up to the CLE to get ready for erin and brandon's wedding!

the ceremony was at st patrick's in ohio city which in my humble opinion is the more gorgeous catholic church in the city.

maid of honor muffin, the beautiful bride erin, handsome groom brandon and best man andrew

mr and mrs towne!!

post ceremony we rang bells for the bride and groom out on bridge ave and then a group of us headed to bier markt for cocktails and a snack in preparation for the reception.

the reception was held at windows on the river - i love this hall with the high ceilings, exposed brick and ample room that was decorated so beautifully.

hatchel and court looking good during dinner - i miss them not being in cleveland anymore :(

a slightly blurry picture of "the fabulous CAK", a.k.a. chris (CK), alexa (plum, duh) and kara (beaver), as we called each other throughout the day. CK was lucky enough to get TWO dates to the wedding, pimp.

brad, bethany and hatchel rockin' a 40 - yes, a 40oz of beer at the reception for the boys - it was AWESOME.

my friend addison montgomery's amazing mother, mrs p, dancing her heart out with one of the singers from the band TWIST. so much fun.

sisters! erin and muffin putting their hands up in the air (put their hands up, in the air).

the happy couple - congrats guys, i'm so happy for the both of you!!

we danced and danced and danced then headed to harbor inn post reception for a cocktail and shots that i SO didn't need - bed was calling my over served ass.

sunday morning brought a bit of a hangover and need for food. but cue CK and my eyes being bigger than our stomachs because we definitely did not eat our moneys worth of cleveland chophouse brunch buffet.

a nap during the browns game, how could you not wanna snooze through that game, was just what i needed to get back to 100%.

sunday night i tackled a recipe i found on the pioneer woman for a pasta carbonara and between the snow and cold, a warm meal, a glass of wine and a fire was the perfect ending to my weekend.

how was yours?

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  2. Sounds MUCH more exciting than my weekend. Maybe we can trade sometime..... ;)

  3. Ummm. . . the recipe looks delicious! can't wait to try it! :)

    **My word verification is "dimmers" that is awesome. ;)

  4. that wedding looks like so much fun, i love it. and yum to pasta carbonara!

  5. that wedding looks like SO much fun!! it makes me want another one of my friends to get hitched stat... :)

  6. Looks like a great time was had by all. Everyone looked very nice. :D

  7. I'm surprised I didn't see you at Beachwood on Friday.

    PS. I need an aveda salon down here and akron and I keep looking at their website every time you post about them, but I need some help! LOL. Who is the best person to go to? How much will I spend? Etc?

  8. How could you not wanna snooze through that game, was just what i needed to get back to 100%.


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