holiday cards galore

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

thanks to all who entered to win a year's supply of lean pockets.

it's my pleasure to announce that the winner, out of nearly 100 entries from comments, twitter and facebook is: robyn casper.

congrats girl, enjoy!

one of my favorite things during the holidays is getting christmas cards.

while i personally have never once sent out a single christmas card my entire life, i sure as heck enjoy receiving them.

specifically the ones involving pictures of my friends and their adorable families...

i love all of them, fyi.

but as much as i love the sweet and lovely holiday greetings you also can't go wrong with a completely hysterical one here and there.

you guys all remember my friend beaver's christmas card from last year right??

oh beaver, how you make my life better by being in it.

well this year i have a new favorite card to share with you guys.

so my little sister recently up and moved from NYC, after living there for over 6 years, to boston to take a full time position at a marketing firm.

i give her serious props for moving to a new city knowing literally no one, and let's be honest here, NYC and boston are vastly different.

but she's embracing the move and the city which is clearly proven by her christmas card this year.

yes, that's a picture of the cast of the boston based sitcom cheers, and yes, that beautiful lady in the bottom right corner isn't a new cast member, it's my little sister feeling comfortable in boston of course!

bravo sissy, bra-vo.

perhaps next year i'll attempt to send out a witty christmas card... like a picture of me eating a plum in new york city or something.

yeah, who am i kidding, probably will never happen.

regardless, merry christmas!!


  1. Wow its really very beautiful, and i am glad to view it, and the holiday's card gallery is lovely.
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  2. That's awesome. i've never thought of doing the witty picture on a christmas card deal. I'll keep that in mind for next year. I hope you have a merry Christams Alexa! (And Happy new Year too)

  3. I think creating christmas cards gets filed in the same category for me as engagement parties and photo shoots. Its just too much hubbaloo for a few moments of happiness.

    I do enjoy getting cards but sending mail is done by my bank via online bill pay. if they did xmas cards id totally send you one.

  4. Getting Christmas cards in the mail is definitely making me wish I sent out fun photo cards. The one from your sister is genius.

    Have a great holiday season, Alexa!

  5. Thanks for giving us a shout out. :) Are you happy about getting your own card this year??? No more joint cards....well until you get married! :) Both Kara and your sister's card had me cracking up!! Merry Christmas girl!

  6. that nicolette is a genius! You are one funny family.

  7. hahaha that card is amazing! love the creativity.

  8. OMG, I love Beaver's card from last year. That's hilarious. I wanted to send out a cute picture this year, but couldn't decide what to do. I have some fabulous ideas now thanks to you and your crew!

    Sending cards gets expensive, so start saving now! Merry Christmas!

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