the honda "holiday" commerical has ruined the holiday for me

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

last year i wrote about the creepy holiday folgers commerical with the seemingly inappropriate brother/sister relationship.

well this year i have a new holiday commercial pet peeve and it all revolves around one song.

holiday, by vampire weekend.

commercials have completely ruined the song for me.

between the tommy hilfiger and honda spots i can't go a single commercial break without hearing the song.

i mean, has honda purchased a television and radio spot on every station during every time slot across the entire nation?

i think so.

i'm pretty sure it's going to be my own personal "holiday" when these spots stop running so incessantly - which better be soon before i throw something at my new flat screens.

what's unfortunate is it isn't a bad commercial or song, it's just on exposure overload.

if for some reason you have managed to miss this honda commercial see below to see what i'm talking about...

if you do know what i'm talking about, i apologize in advance for placing this song in your head for the remainder of the day.

good day.


  1. ARRGGJHHHHH i wish commercials would be BANNED from using good songs and RUINING THEM FOR EVERYONE AS A RESULT.

  2. There is a new car commercial that uses a Sleigh Bells song and it totally bugs the crap out of me.

    I get why indie bands do this but it is still annoying.

  3. You mean this beats the Kay and Jared commercials? The Kay commercial in the storm is probably my to the ones with Jane Seymour of course. Awful.

  4. i somehow missed it.

    p.s. i think of you everytime I see the folgers one.

  5. The Pomplamoose Hyundai one is what killed it for me...

  6. I JUST saw that Folgers commercial today. That is some creepy sh*t. And I hate you for putting that Honda song in my head.

  7. You are the second person I've heard say that about that ad today. I'm glad I haven't been watching much TV lately now -- I like Vampire Weekend, and I'd like to keep liking them.

  8. While I think it's nice that the hipster movement has brought attention to otherwise unknown bands, I am really, really bummed out that companies are using this music to hawk their wares ad-nauseum. Phoenix, Matt & Kim, and now Vampire Weekend have been wrecked for me by commercial over-exposure.

  9. Somehow I've missed these, so I'm just not clicking on the video so I can leave it that way : )

  10. I didn't know which one you were talking about at first, but as soon as I hit play, it hit me.

    And yes, it'll be in my head all day. For now, that's okay. Tomorrow? Eh...

  11. It's why we just purchased a Toyota.

  12. reason 125 I love Tivo. No stupid commercials.

    But then i do hear alot about funny ones that I'm missing,

    reason 345 I love youtube! you dont miss a thing!

  13. What's wrong with you guys??? these people have to make some money to keep on making music. Give it a rest.

  14. The Honda commercial must be on a loop to run every 8 minutes at all times of the day and night and on every station - just shows how desperate Honda is to reclaim it's lost market share. Hearing this song/commercial generates an automatic PUKE reflex...Honda America - please end this madness!!

  15. Yes. truly said. Honda's madness can be cured only by giving a lesson.

  16. dude im seriously going to go outside and murder the first person i see if they play that EFFFFIIIINNNGGGGGGGGGG honda commercial again


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