my wonderful weekend recap, but more importantly, enter to win a year's supply of lean pockets!

Monday, December 20, 2010

ho ho ho ladies and gentleman.

ho ho ho.

much like last year, i'm in the spirit of celebrating the holidays over and over and over and over again.

it's a wonderful season to spend time with your loved ones by eating and drinking your way through the city you call home.

granted the aforementioned eating and drinking causes extra time to be put in at the gym in january but it's all worth it.

this past thursday night, i headed to house of blues with CK, salami rose and various other new friends for the better than ezra concert. which warranted pre-concert dinner/drinks at abc tavern and post concert drinks at wonder bar and battery park wine bar.

friday brought a birthday celebration for KJ at old angle tavern with lots of friends and the best late night taco bell run in the history of all taco bell runs - one could have even called it a tweet-up.

now saturday, sweet sweet saturday...

i'm not normally cryptic here on the plum but i'm not really ready to share my saturday activities with the interwebs. let's just say it involved a lunch at red robin, pottery painting at artist for a day and a viewing of the movie tangled.

it was a good day.

sunday though brought a first for me - the solo movie theater run. i went to see harry potter and the deathly hollows: part one all by my lonesome and i kinda loved it.

also, did you know the first showing of the day is only $5 at cinemark?!? amazeballs.

after the movie i made a run to legacy village and beachwood place to wrap up my christmas shopping and sunday night i had dinner at momocho with the one and only CK.

great little piece of info about momocho on sunday night: they have a pre fixe menu for two that includes their famous guac and salsa, enchiladas and flan for only $30. its such a deal for the amount of delicious food, especially because enchiladas aren't on their normal menu so it's even more of a treat.

moving on.

i just realized that my weekend recaps aren't as exciting without photos - my bad.

but do you know what is exciting?!

winning a year's supply of lean pockets!!

which could be yours by simply commenting on this post... i'll be announcing the winner tomorrow, so don't miss your chance to enjoy a some delicious warm and toasty lean pockets for the next 365 days. GOOD LUCK!


  1. I've heard good things about momocho...hoping to try it soon! I saw one of the Twilight movies by my lonesome...sometimes it's nice not to be distracted by a friend (or husband) :)

  2. I was at Artist for a Day on Thursday and noticed Izone was the mayor, too! Lol.

  3. The chef's table at Momocho is the best if you get a chance!

  4. If I win the year supply of Lean Pockets, and I able to only get the 4 cheese kind? I love cheese.

  5. You seriously make me want to move to Cleveland.

  6. oh id love to win free food. all my m oney is paying for my stupid drunk driving mistake =(

    oh btw the solo movies is the best solo thing to do! no one knows your alone! the only bad thing is no one to talk about the movie with! the worst one for me was the origonal know how it ended. ohhhh maaaah gawwwwd...

    no one to discuss with!

  7. Fun weekend. Seriously, I want to join you guys sometime. I'll use my miles to fly up there and we can eat and drink a weekend away!

    How are you liking your new place during the holidays?

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