scrooge's nite out, velvet tango room, latitude 41n, angelo's pizza and winking lizard - oh my!

Monday, December 6, 2010

having never been to scrooge's nite out i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but having been to my fair share of charity events in cleveland i was pretty confident in what i was going to see.

but what i witnessed wasn't in anyway shape or form close to ANYTHING i've ever experienced... in the best way possible.

it was hands down the best people watching OF ALL TIME.

it was a combination of a 25th high school reunion, an office christmas party and a gamers convention all while tripping acid in a giant barn with red and green lights flashing.

this was a good thing.

myself, my cousin marissa who was visiting from chicago, and CK plus colleen, moe, mark, narm, francesca and taawd all stood in awe soaking in the awesomeness.

me, CK and my cousin marissa pausing from dancing to take a fabulous pic

these three ladies dancing were some of my favorites, the girl with the white corset, yes, corset was working her tatas like whoa. marissa is on the right taking notes...

this is such a random picture!! please note the lady on the left wearing long black gloves indoors, the cougar who was wearing a lace see-through dress and an indian headdress (!), a seemingly normal lady and guy and then a gentleman in a kilt in the background. this is a very good representation of the people at scrooge's.

post scrooge's we headed to velvet tango room for more cocktails that we didn't need but thoroughly enjoyed, then headed home and ate my weight in frozen grapes.

saturday woke up slightly hungover but alert enough to have some wonderful custom photography hung in my living room - more on that later because i'm SO happy with the outcome.

myself, CK and marissa had brunch/lunch at my neighborhood own's latitude 41n which is quickly becoming my favorite establishment. there food is delicious, hearty, comforting and creative. i devoured my pizza crab benedict and wish i had one in front of me right now.

saturday afternoon was filled with errands and shopping all over the westside with CK, and the evening was filled with carry out from angelo's pizza and a beer at the lakewood village tavern while said pizza was cooking.

a saturday night of pizza, and a movie on my couch while the snow was coming down was pretty damn near perfect - my fireplace was the cherry on top.

sunday was filled with more errands and shopping but this time on the eastside and an extreme home makeover cleveland watch party with my thunder::tech coworkers at the winking lizard in lakewood.

it was a nice little weekend if i do say so myself, how was yours?


  1. i wish i knew one of those people because it would be that much better

  2. What a fun weekend! I love your recaps. When I try to do a post like this, it just never seems to be as fabulous!

    I'm always in awe of how many places you hit up in one night. It's truly impressive! Can't wait to see the custom photography!

  3. Nice and fabulous party. Let us enjoy. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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  4. yahh! glad you liked the pics :) tim was really excited about how they turned out too - said they looked great in your house!

  5. I wish you had pictures of the girl in the red dress.

    Somewhere, right now, she is dancing to a song that no one else can hear.

  6. awesome.

    it is now my goal to write a poem involving the people in that picture with the headdress and etc.

  7. seriously sounds like my kind of weekend ,pizza and party and all!

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