somehow this doesn't surprise me

Friday, December 3, 2010

so i just got home from watching the cavs in my old stomping grounds of the warehouse district - at the map room to be exact.

but when i walked out of the map room to head home i definitely didn't expect to have to take a detour to larry flynt's hustler club.

yes, you read that right.

upon walking out of map room i realized that my car, the yuppie mobile, had been towed from constantino's market.

did it have the right to be towed?

yes, which is why i can't really bitch about it.

but man, after all the times i'd parked it there for an hour or two over the years with no problems it's only fitting that i would get it towed on my first venture back to my old neighborhood after moving into the detroit-shoreway.

it's like my old neighborhood was punishing me for leaving.

constantino's, why you gotta play me like that after all these years and thousands of dollars i've spent with you?


it's like pouring salt into the open wound that is the cavs performance.

you'll have that.

at least i had the awesome experience of having to head to the hustler club to use the atm to pay $110 to get my car back from ecke's towing.

actually it was $122, because larry flynt likes to charge his patrons a $12 atm service fee...

gosh, is it friday yet?

yes, yes it is.



  1. $12? You've got to be kidding me.

  2. they charged me 30 a day to store my car when they towed it. i amnot sure what it was protected from, parked among all the crashed cars. and then they made it impossible to get back, so mine was alomost 200 bucks for 2 days.

    Its a rackett! when i get my island you can park there for free.

  3. I don't think you've truly LIVED until you've had your car towed. Kind of like the time when a girlfriend wanted to park in a Walgreen's lot even though there were signs posted that it was for Walgreen's customers only and others would be towed and we certainly weren't going to Walgreen's. I kept telling her it was a bad idea, which was met with "I've done this before" responses. So, we went to lunch and returned to find ... nothing. He car had finally been towed. We walked a couple miles back to my place to get my car and drive to the other side of town to retrieve her car.

  4. I feel for you! But at least you have an experience you can tell your future kids!

  5. $12 ATM fee? Holy Christ!

    Sorry for the tow... that just plain sucks.

  6. I may make up a sexier reason for you being at the hustler club

    but damn 12 dollar atm fee yikes!


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