there ain't no plum on my bum

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i'm here to announce the winner of my little holiday contest that involved picking the big fat fib out of a list of random facts about me.

well, apparently i did a horrible job of hiding the fib because no one really had a hard time of figuring out that i in fact do not have a plum tattooed on my bum (fact #4).

out of the 54 entries it's safe to say that 52 of them said i didn't have a plum on my bum.

the weird thing is though, since no one thought i had a plum tattooed on my bum i'm suddenly inclined to actually get one... sorry in advance mom ;)

a couple entries did mention something about the onion goggles (fact #2) so sunday night while i was making dinner and about to chop an onion with my sweet, sweet goggles on i snapped a picture for proof...

dont' you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!?!? i scream sex when i'm wearing these, naturally, but i'm telling you, don't knock them till you try them!!

moving on.

the winner of a $25 target gift card was chosen via (see below)

True Random Number Generator -
1 52 27

congrats to the 27th person who said #4 was a big fat fib - jenn vojta!!!

cheers!! hip hop hooray!! yippee!! cheers!!

thanks again to all who entered - i wish i was a millionaire and could give everyone who reads my blog a holiday treat, but this year a hug will have to do.

happy holidays!


sad you didn't win? you still have a chance to enter to win a year's supply of lean pockets by commenting on this post - good luck!


  1. Hugs are always welcome. Money is better, but hugs come in a close second. I'm serious, you need a tattoo now...

  2. I wonder what it means about me, that i dont cry when i cut onions?

    do you think it means im heartless?

  3. Josh bought me some onion goggles for hanukkah last year- and I wear them often. And he laughs.

  4. If they sell onion glasses at Target I am buying them with my gift card. Thank you for the my prize!

  5. How did I miss this giveaway? Shoot. And you should definitely get a plum on your tush,

  6. WHAT. THE. HELL. How are the onion glasses any different than goggles? I small a marketing ploy.

  7. Alexa in onion googles = the hotness!

    Wish I could've won, but a hug is just fine.

  8. Love the glasses! I need them. I cry like a baby cutting onions. Happy Holidays!

  9. i think this is DEFINITELY a sign that you need a plum on your behind.

  10. Do onion goggles really work??? Because if so, I need to get a pair. My eyes tear up like Niagara Falls when I'm chopping up an onion.

    Also? I don't know how you do it but they look FAB on you! Seriously, how do you do it?

  11. I want onion googles. I should add that to my list for Santa!

  12. You really need a plum tattoo. I really need a pair of onion goggles.

  13. Love the onion goggles. I should get a pair myself. Where do you find them?

  14. A Tattoo is always a good idea, but why obscure it.

    I've seen little ink stains below the eye in the shape of a tera, for people who lost people, or have an inability to cry, or something.

    Why not a tiny plum drop below the eye

    Of course with those great glasses no one would see it.

    Thanks for cruising by my blog, now I'm off to debate how badly I want a year supply of lean pockets.

    I'm the natural winner for that contest, for me a year supply of those questionable pockets would be approximately 0 pockets.

    Anyway haven't seen you around my place lately, and a good chance for a shameless plug

    Sorry about that attention ho here!

    Thank you for the smile

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