a couple of CLE announcements...

Friday, February 26, 2010

- this morning i'll be attending the locally organized TEDXCLE event at the capitol theater where i'll be listening to speakers and discussing such cleveland centered topics like health care, urban revitalization, art, and product development - can't wait!

- if you aren't going to PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball this upcoming saturday i highly recommend you checking out the Brite Winter Festival from 5 to 10 in the flats. there will be music, art exhibits, food and snow games like giant skeeball, ice bocce ball, chalkboard graffiti and bridge war snowball fight reenactment. there will be a lot of snow this weekend to say the least so it's going to be a winter wonderland! see the below flyer for additional information.

- i'm still raising money for the crisis nursery Providence House, as a one time $16 dollar donation will help shelter and tuck in a baby in crisis tonight. i got an update as to how much money we've raised and i KNOW we can do better! help me reach my goal of 160 $16 donations by march 16th - thanks in advance, hint hint...

- cleveland international film festival members can start purchasing their tickets to CIFF today, which is a just one the excellent reasons to become a member!

- the whole "cleveland is the most miserable city in america" has ended up having some good effects on the city of cleveland specifically the community coming together to refute the claim. the "cleveland says, no thanks forbes magazine" group i created on facebook has over 1,500 fans and was mentioned in the plain dealer yesterday - very cool stuff!

- positively cleveland has also created a site called what the forbes as an answer to the dreaded miserable city moniker where they are asking residents to share why they are #HappyinCLE and giving away a few ridiculously AMAZING prize packages in the process - ENTER TODAY HERE.

- have an EXCELLENT weekend kids, stay warm from the cold, and have a drink on me.

exploring the rules of NEXT

Thursday, February 25, 2010

when my friend michelle (cleveland foodie), contacted me about an opportunity for a shopping excursion courtesy of NEXT in beachwood place my first thought was... NEXT? the urban store by nordstrom's with the tiny dresses and colorful sneakers?

yes, that was my first thought - true story.

being an avid shopper, trips to beachwood mall are quite frequent for me, especially to my beloved nordstom's wing. and seeing that
NEXT is next to the second floor nordy's entrance, i've passed the storefront hundreds of times.

i've never really stopped in NEXT prior to this past tuesday night simply because i thought it was a bit too urban street wear for me. but it wasn't until i actually shopped in the store and spoke with the owner robert and his helpful staff, that i realized my initial perception of this store was wrong.

do they have hot party dresses and super sexy heels? yes!

but do they also have classic jeans, sweaters, jacket/blazers and going out tops? YES!

affordable trendy accessories like scarves, purses, watches, sunglasses, earrings and necklaces? YES!

oh, and i suppose i should mention they have an extensive men's department as specifically their men's shoe selection is off the chain. (yes, i just said that)

there are currently
five NEXT stores in cleveland and you should be sure to check out their blog for additional information about brands they carry.

throw together a group of cleveland bloggers and give them the opportunity to shop and you'll get some very happy women...

allison striking a pose

amelia showing what a bad ass she is

charity picking out her shoe of choice

my shoe of choice? hells, yes. too bad i'd never be able to pull those off...

the loot i picked up from NEXT: a crinkly black top that ties on the side, two sexy necklaces, a pair of earrings, and two t-shirt circle scarves.

i did good, very good.

so to all my lady (and gentleman) friends who may think that NEXT isn't for them, i urge you to stop in the store as you're walking from j crew to nordstrom's - you may be surprised!


don't forget to help me raise money for Providence House, a $16 donation will help you shelter a baby in crisis from the cold tonight

the one where i get all grateful and stuff

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dear blog,

i don't know if i tell you this enough, but i'm really happy to have you around.

it's even pretty safe to say you make my life better.

between the friends i've made, the creative outlet you allow me, or the opportunities that have arisen because of you, it's all pretty rad.

you have made me part of a community bigger than myself, and i'll always be full of gratitude because of it.

because even though there are brief moments of annoyance, stress, or pressure to publish something interesting to you on a semi daily basis, the positive has always out weighed the negative, always.

so i just wanted to say thank you, cause it's something i don't say or acknowledge nearly enough as i should.

oh, and you look marvelous.

love you, kid,



don't forget, i'm still raising money for Providence House - please help me tuck in a baby in tonight by making a $16 donation. thanks in advance!

my newly proposed retain lebron james in cleveland campaign

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i don't know if i've been under a rock or what, but i knew nothing of this whole "please don't leave #23" campaign until i was walking out of a movie at tower city cinemas and saw this gem of a sign.

no one likes a clingy, needy, desperate guy or gal.

in fact it's usually a MAJOR turn off.

so when i saw the above sign i got annoyed because it reeked of desperation.

i mean, the single tear?

we are better than this campaign cleveland.

i want lebron to stay in cleveland just as much as anyone, and admittedly i very well may shed a tear if he leaves. but when one has to go as far as to literally whine and cry like a baby like the video on the "please don't leave lebron" website, it's just plain pathetic.

so i've decided to come up with my own keep lebron in cleveland campaign...

it's called reverse psychology. think it'll work?

i mean, it seems to be successful on stupid broads who are only attracted to guys that treat them like crap - maybe it should be our new strategy.

playa, play on.

fluorescent february party

Monday, February 22, 2010

this past saturday i threw a fluorescent february party at one of my favorite bars in cleveland, harbor inn.

and as i'm typing this on sunday night, it's safe to say i'm still feeling the side effects of the party.

that being said, i think the only blog writing i'm going to be able to handle is going to be in the picture/video variety.

good thing they speak for themselves....

famous cleveland blogger, narm, strutting his day-glo wear

nick, shibani, jason, karate jon, and lara

MOB, muffin, holler, me, maureen, and beaver

christina rocking boots with the fur, lzone doing the safety dance and kelly wearing overall coolots

foxxy mamma, muffin and bethany

keith, cara, katie, cara and katie's adorable sister who i forget her name (sorry!), colleen, courtney, chris and tim

sarabot, AJP and lara

crowd shot of the main bar room

the upstairs of harbor inn is perfect for parties cause while there is the main room (the shot above), there is also a pool table/dart room and a dance floor room. i turned the dance floor room into black light central which was completely hilarious.

my friend matt took the video below of my friend sean having a dance off - too bad the girl he was having a dance off with wasn't wearing any fluorescent cause you can't see her! you'll have that...

thanks to everyone who came, and who knows, maybe i'll turn this into an annual event!

cleveland is america's most miserable city? no thanks forbes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

i can't even count how many emails/texts/gchats i got yesterday once the news broke that forbes magazine named cleveland america's most miserable city - it was like they called my baby ugly or something.





don't make me take off my heels, son.

i'm not quite sure why forbes magazine has it out for the city that i voluntarily choose to call home.

recently forbes has named cleveland one of the 'fastest dying', 'worst winter weather', and now 'most miserable' cities.

because of these "awards" i'm very curious of something... who on your staff of writers has a personal grudge towards cleveland?

was someone's wife stolen by a man who lives in cleveland? is someone a steeler's fan? does someone hate all things rock and roll?

because i simply can't wrap my head around the fact that my city has become the scapegoat for all things miserable.

i mean, have you been to jersey?

oh! and for an extra knife in my heart my hometown of canton, ohio is 9th on the list of most miserable cities - NINTH?!?!


also, when talking about cleveland being oh so miserable can you (forbes), please not bring up the cuyahoga river burning?

is that topic EVER going to die? it happened in 1969!

apparently the cuyahoga river burning is like an STD that is simply never going to go away - no matter how many shots of penicillin you give it.

it's safe to say i'm a cleveland fan, an online advocate even.

between the lake, our food scene, our sports teams, our hospital systems, museums, the rock hall, educational institutions and the fact that i live here, cleveland is pretty damn awesome.

sure cleveland is going through some tough economic times, but show me a city right now who isn't adversely affected by the economy.

but to call it miserable?

not so much.

i shake my fist at you forbes magazine because i love everything about cleveland and i'm nowhere, NOWHERE, near miserable.

so quit being so hard on the city that i love to call home before i have to call lebron to come kick your ass.

on that note... have a good weekend, kids!

UPDATE: so yeah, i created a Cleveland says, "No Thanks, Forbes" group on facebook - you should probably join.

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opinion thursday! (i just made that up)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


is 30 too old to have a roommate*?



things to consider:
- saving money
- the company of a good friend
- saving money

*denotes a roommate that you aren't sleeping with. a roommate that's your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife is totally different - obviously.

participate in a spending detox? who me?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

as i mentioned last week here on the plum i was charged by cleveland's local NBC affiliate WKYC (and my friend maureen kyle), to go on a spending detox - i.e. not spend a single dollar for an entire week.

well the week was completed this past sunday and the results are in!

the first video below sets the stage for this single, happy hour hoppin', shopaholic's spending detox. (it's a compilation video of the multiple pieces that aired over this past monday's morning show)

this next video is recaps how i did during the spending detox, what spending habits i had to break and if i actually learned anything. (like the first video this one is also a compilation of the multiple pieces that aired during yesterday's morning show)

the second video actually made me laugh more because of the flip video shots of me singing "smile and ride freeeeeeeeeeee" and of my pathetically sad lunch - i'm dieting, leave me alone, haha.

after all was said and done i'm very happy i participated in the challenge, it was a fun experience and i even learned a thing or two - shocking, i know.

also, the fact that it was televised didn't hurt - seriously, i want to be famous when i grow up.

first step: local news, CHECK!

help me help Providence House and the babies!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if you are reading this post right now, odds are you are either procrastinating at work, sitting on your comfy couch with your laptop or browsing the internet on your fancy smartphone.

you are blessed to not only have the simple necessities in life like food, clothing, and shelter, but also the luxury that is internet access.

but imagine if you didn't.

i know that i'm personally guilty of throwing a hissy fit when my internet connection is compromised, but imagine what it would be like if something as important as your home was compromised.

then imagine how much worse it would be if you also had children to take care of and no place to go?

how helpless would you feel?

thankfully there is a place in cleveland called Providence House for a parent to turn to that helps families get through moments of crisis.

being the oldest operating crisis nursery in the US, Providence House's goals are to protect, prevent and preserve by offering a round-the-clock crisis intervention program and an immediate on-sight placement solution for infants and toddlers where they are at risk of abuse or neglect.

i've personally been involved with Providence House for the last couple of years, and have previously mentioned the organization here on the plum as one of my favorite non-profits that i volunteer my time to.

when i brought up the idea to Providence House executive director Natalie Leek-Nelson, that i would love to use my blog as an awareness and fund raising outlet to help the babies i was glad she was receptive to it.

and while many item including diapers, formula, and clothing are all needed to care for a baby at Providence House, what resonates with me, especially during this cold winter season is the need for shelter.

by donating only $16 you will be providing one baby a day/night of warmth and shelter, and my goal today on the 16th of February is to try to gather 160, $16 donations, by march 16th.

are you sensing a theme?

only $16 will provide shelter to a baby that may otherwise be sleeping in their parents car, or worse the street.

will you help me reach my 160, $16 donation goal?

if your answer is yes, please click here to make a one time donation to help tuck a baby into bed today.

well, not literally tuck into bed, cause that would be weird.

also, if you are interested in providing shelter for a Providence House baby every month on an automatic basis, please click here to make a monthly giving donation to help tuck a baby into bed.

one time $16 donation: click here
recurring monthly $16 donation: click here

thanks in advance for helping to give shelter to the babies of Providence House and i know we can get 160, $16 donations!

ugly furniture

Friday, February 12, 2010

while i may not have any mind blowing nugget of knowledge to drop on you this friday i do have a very funny video to share with you.

i've mentioned my friend jason, who lives in philly, a time or two on this blog for his pure hilariousness.

but he's outdone himself with his latest comedy piece, even finding himself on the homepage of funny or die.

titled UGLY FURNITURE, this video makes me belly laugh, a lot. because no matter what city you live in i'm positive there's an "ugly furniture" store that comes to mind.

for you clevelander's think norton furniture and this commercial gem - ridiculous.

anyways, just watch and enjoy.

"do you want an ugly table to put ugly stuff on? we've got that."

happy friday, and have an excellent weekend kids!

baby you can't drive this car

Thursday, February 11, 2010

first off, congratulations to shannon, teen, mandy, maxie and ms. salti, who were all randomly chosen from the comments left in my dove visibly smooth VIP party post - email me your addresses and i'll get you your own stick of dove visibly smooth! _____________________________________________________________________

i've written too many posts to count about endless downtown parking lots issues, but for once this parking lot tale doesn't involve anything happening to my little yuppie mobile.

thank. god.

so for as long as i've lived in the bridgeview apartment building, (four years yesterday, to be exact!), there has been a certain fixture on one of the underground parking lot levels.

to set the stage i'll give you an idea of what my parking garage looks like.

a view of my parking garage from the stairs i walk up to get to my apartment

behold the lonely, creepy, dirty, hogging a good parking spot, chrysler hatchback something or other that i pass everyday

i've watched the above car for years, even before i started parking in the garage myself because georgia peach's spot was right next to this little gem back in the day.

almost daily i walk by this abandoned car and think of ridiculous stories as to how it came to its possible final resting place.

- an old man left bridgeview apartments 100K to pay for the parking spot and keep it warm for eternity
- there's a dead body in the hatchback
- it's a transformer, ya know, robots in disguise, and when no one is watching it's really a bentley

well yesterday i decided to do a little bit more investigating on this car.

so does the 92 mean it's a 1992 model?

there's still a license plate in the back, but according to the tag this car hasn't been street legal since november Y2K. in other news, i would take this license plate design any day over the weird farmville one ohio just instated, yuck.

apparently gabriala "the whore/slut" really doesn't like this bryce character...

busted headlight, flat tire, dirt and all i still kinda love the 'lil guy

i may or may not have to refrain myself more times than i care to admit from writing inappropriate things on the hood and or windshield but yesterday while taking these pictures i realized that i NEEDED to write something funny on this car.

but what should i write?

i'm going to let you guys decided.

leave a comment giving me a phrase, any phrase, to write on the car and i'll pick an awesome one to doodle on the car, and of course take a picture for proof.

awwww, my little dirty petite car, i'll decorate you up something fierce - promise.

is it possible to not spend a single dollar for a week?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

by the time that you are reading this i will be on my third day of a challenge i'm currently in the middle of for cleveland's NBC affiliate WKYC.

i've been charged by WKYC to not spend a single dollar from this past monday to this upcoming sunday.

that's one full week of not just being on a set budget, but literally having zero budget.

and if you know me at all in person or simply from this blog, or if you follow me on twitter or foursquare, then you know that i'm a social butterfly, gallivanting foodie, and shopaholic that likes to spend money.

the instructions were as follows: fill up my gas tank and go to the grocery store sunday night, then, well, just don't spend any money. all while documenting on my flip video when i realize things that i would normally be doing but can't because they cost money.

this should be an interesting experience to say the least, as i'm very curious to see if i can make it through the week/weekend.

i mean what if i run out of gas?!?! what if i desperately need starbucks?!? what if the marc jacob bag i've been eying goes on super sale?!?

the agony! the torture!

the piece is going to run on WKYC in two parts, one this upcoming monday based on the interview i did yesterday morning at my apartment - check out a picture from the shoot.

and the second one this upcoming tuesday which will give a full week recap of how i did.

i sure hope i'm ready for my closeup...

so set your DVR's to WKYC (that's channel 3, kids), to see how i do, but remember the camera adds 40 pounds.

donate to Veggie U and possibly win 2K in dining gift cards!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the blogging community as a whole is a pretty tight little group - specifically for me, the cleveland blogging community.

i'd like to say that we are all here to support each other so when my good friend michelle, the author of the blog cleveland foodie, emailed me awhile back about a cause very near and dear to her heart, the least i could do was help spread the word here on the plum.

here's the deal:

a national program called Veggie U is an organization that promotes the well-being of children through a healthy lifestyle with a focus on making wise food choices and teaching the importance of sustainable agriculture. the program is embraced by teachers and students a like, and locally 150 schools in the cleveland metro school district have been using the 4th grade Veggie U science program.

unfortunately, they are lacking the proper funding to continue all of the programs as $200 per classroom is needed.

and michelle isn't about to let that happen so she is asking that you donate $5 to help keep Veggie U in the schools.

by donating a mere $5 you're not only going to help an excellent cause, but you are going to be entered into a raffle that will allow you to literally spend the year eating and drinking your way through the city of cleveland.

the cleveland food community has really gotten behind michelle and Veggie U by donating some amazing prizes to entice you to make a donation.

one incredibly lucky person will win ALL OF THE FOLLOWING GIFT CERTIFICATES totaling almost $2,000 - amazing.

western reserve wine - $50 gift card
tartine - $50 gift card
momocho - $50 gift card
lola - $50 gift card
the greenhouse tavern - $50 gift card
heinen's - $100 gift card
blue canyon - $50 gift card
the flying fig - $100 gift card
fire - $50 gift card
erie island coffee - $50 gift card
fahrenheit - $50 gift card
miles farmer's market - $50 gift card
jekyll's kitchen - $50 gift card
moxie - $200 gift card (!!)
touch supper club - $50 gift card
parallax - $50 gift card
l'albatros - $50 gift card
chinato - $50 gift card
crop bistro - $50 gift card
north end - $50 gift card
hyde park - $50 gift card
AMP 150 - $100 gift card
muse (the ritz-carlton) - farmer's market dinner for two
the chocolate bar - $50 gift card
michaelangelo's - $50 gift card
john Q's steakhouse - $50 gift card
melange - $50 gift card
bistro on lincoln park - $50 gift card

and to top it all off the winner will receive one ticket to their choice of upcoming dinners at the culinary vegetable institute AND the chef's garden will send you one of their e-commerce family boxes.

um, all of that is worth a $5 donation don't ya think?

you have until this saturday, february 13th to donate, and to do so simply call 419.499.7500 and reference cleveland foodie.

for additional chances to win, try donating $10, $15, $20, etc, and every $5 increment will give you another entry.

thanks in advance for your help, and don't forget to call 419.499.7500 to donate (and enter to win) today!

dinner at DANTE

Monday, February 8, 2010

saturday night my friends, muffin, court, the klutz, lindsay and babs headed to one of cleveland's newest restaurants, DANTE, in tremont.

originally i wrote about how i enjoyed DANTE back in january 2008 when the restaurant was located in valley view. but i must admit the renovated third federal bank building in the trendier tremont neighborhood fits DANTE much better than valley view ever did.

the restaurant itself is beautifully decorated, with the most amazing crown molding, old bank vault that you can actually eat in, and dale chihuly style glass chandelier.

my only decor complaint would be how tight the seating is, the main dining area can literally only allow one person to pass through the aisle at a time, which became quite tricky while trying to use the restroom while the busy dinner service was underway.

my table was actually situated away from the main dining area next to the door, which isn't my favorite but in looking at the other guests i'm glad the girls and i were seated where we were.

DANTE was definitely packed, every table full, but it's who the tables were filled with was what surprised me. as the klutz said, "i feel like we are in chagrin falls".

we were the youngest people (28 to 31), by at least 15 years. it was all old white rich people, women wearing furs, cougars looking for dates, and men wearing gold jewelery.

it just wasn't the normal crowd that i'm used to seeing in tremont which caught me off guard, specifically because the prices are so reasonable i thought the younger sect would be represented more. i'm going to chalk up the crowd to being how it was because DANTE is still so new.

but enough about the ambiance, let's talk about the food.


while there was some timing issues, the service was very good as were our meals.

when i looked at the dinner menu prior to saturday night there were a few things that grabbed my attention, specifically the braised fennel gratin with arugula, hazelnuts and oranges. i could eat this starter as an entree, seriously delicious - the arugula made it in my opinion.

as for my dinner i went with the pancetta wrapped duck breast with foie gras toasted gnocchi and apple variations. when i ordered this i was worried that the pancetta was going to overpower the duck but it was such a thin slice that it was the perfect compliment to the duck. and apples? who knew they would be so awesome with the dish. my only complaint is that i only got four gnocchi (i counted), and while i didn't expect a massive portion of them more than four shouldn't have been too much to ask.

muffin ordered the braised beef short rib which when i tried it deemed it the best short rib i've ever had, lindsay's arborio risotto was very rich, but delicious. babs, the klutz and court all ordered pasta dishes which were all tasty. court and lindsay also ordered the banana and butternut squash with cinnamon foam soup as a starter which they did nothing but rave about.

while we all loved the fact that DANTE offers three sizes for all their pastas we were disappointed that there wasn't a simple salad of any kind on the menu. the appetizer portion of a pasta with a salad was exactly what the ladies were looking for but no salad was to be found.

the pomegranate cocktail that i had three of was delicious as was the off menu sangria that my friends downed about 12 of.

all in all it was a great dinner and i will definitely go back.

after DANTE we headed to treehouse, abc tavern and bier markt/bar cento.

nice little saturday night if i do say so myself.

hope you all had a great weekend, and an even better upcoming week.

my nashville day trip

Friday, February 5, 2010

so yesterday i was picked up at 5:30am in the morning, dropped off at home at 11pm in the evening, traveled through two time zones and went on a bar crawl in nashville.

wasn't a bad day if i do say so myself.

after business meetings from 9am to 2pm myself, jason and salami rose realized it was only right to use the remaining 4 and a half hours we had before we needed to be at the airport for a bar crawl down broadway in nashville.

it. was. so. much. fun.

having never been to the city i was excited to have those few hours to check it out. between the music history, the whiskey, the miller high life, the live music, and salami rose singing on stage it was an excellent taste of nashville.

the business meetings were too bad either.
now i just want to go back for more - soon.

with stops at second fiddle, tootsie's orchid lounge, legends corner and lonnie's western room.

so which one is the second fiddle exactly? oh wait, one is a banjo, never mind.

listening to some country at tootsie's - my inner hip hop goddess was confused.

i don't care if they don't authorize dancing on the bar, telling me i can't do something just makes me want to do it all the more.

salami rose got on stage with jason link and company at legends corner and sang an entire patsy cline song, very well might i add. randomly, jason link was a fan of nicknames and called salami rose "pants" and me of all things "kim kardashian"...... i don't think he's ever seen kim kardashian though because i look NOTHING like her.

the scary guy lurking outside the window in this picture awkwardly stood there looking in for literally a half an hour. it was SO creepy - he was just staring at us.

for whatever reason jason thought this dog was the funniest thing he's ever seen and i also think he wanted to take the dog back on the plane with us

i love you john lennon, that is all. also do you think that's a scary ronald reagan head on the left?

through all the country music albums on the wall at legends corner i was happy to find michael jackson in the mix - thriller!

all in all an excellent little thursday adventure.

have a great weekend kids!

find me if you can

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i'm in nashville for work today, but don't you worry, i have an amazing guest post out there on the interwebs for you to read.

it's my second ever TMI thursday post and it's not plum rated so i can't share the link with you here - if you can find it, more power to you. but if you can't, simply email me at clevelandsaplum @ gmail . com and i'll send you the link.

happy thursday kids, the weekend is almost here.

cavs game and baby wu-tang

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

last night i headed to the cavs vs grizzles game where i and approximately 16,000 of my closest friends watched the cavaliers win another one.

random fact: in the last four years of my routinely attending cavs games i've never been in attendance when they've lost.

so if anyone would like to donate floor seats to me during the playoffs so i can guarantee a win i will more than graciously accept.

anything for the team right?

during the game i took two pictures that i'm pretty much obsessed with for two very different reasons.

1. i love my camera, (this shot was taken from section 104) 2. superstars!

this is a bberry camera picture so it's not as clear but it doesn't matter because my friend kelly's baby girl ruby is too busy rockin' wu-tang tiger style to care

i'm still bitter that we didn't ruby on the jumbotron though.... the camera man obviously doesn't recognize the cute.


anyways, don't forget to enter to win one of 5 sticks of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant (because i don't want any stinky blog readers), by leaving a comment on yesterday's post - good luck!

dove visibly smooth cleveland VIP party

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a few weeks ago i was contacted to host a Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant VIP party for my friends in cleveland.

i think it took approximately 2.2 seconds for me to respond to the pitch email with an enthusiastic "heck yes!".

you don't have to twist my arm to throw a girl's night out party, especially when it's associated with such an awesome and well respected brand such as

so last saturday i threw said party where i was instructed to invite ten of my friends (muffin, MOB, beaver, court, the klutz, holler, martha, @lzone, allison, and moe), for a night out on the town.

everyone came over my apartment were i cooked up some dinner and even took the time to video blog about what my friends and i would be doing courtesy of Dove Visibly Smooth.

i promise if you can look past my mug and obnoxious laugh you get to see moe's butt.

so prior to receiving my goodie package full of Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth i had neve
r personally tried that deodorant variety, but even after using it for ju
st a few days i'm positive that they've made an enthusiast out of me and my friends.

the first thing we all noticed was the enticing wild rose scent, it smelled a lot more like a perfume than it did a deodorant in the best way possible.

next, th
e promise of staying stubble free for longer due to a unique Pro-Epil Complex and translucent moisturizers that minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time was something that we couldn't pass up.

so with our lip gloss on, pits covered in Dove Visibly Smooth, and champagne on ice we headed to our limo for the ultimate girls night out.

since we wa
nted to take full advantage of the sweet ford excursion limo from the American Limousine Service we headed to bodega on coventry for martinis and wine, brennan's colony for some bombs and then back downtown to the house of blues to see who's bad, the ultimate michael jackson tribute band in concert.

with my new flip video in hand i documented parts of our night out. if you can get past my obnoxious laugh, singing and shaky camera work you'll get to see my friends being hilarious and some hot fist pumping.

by the way, you get some serious bonus points if you laughed at the song i chose to play in the background of the video.

in other news, i would like a limo every night

court, the klutz, muffin and MOB at bodega

martha, holler, lara, beaver, moe, AJP, allison, the klutz, court, MOB and lzone

lzone and moe proving that comedian's named mike polk love Dove Visibly Smooth

we closed out our evening at the
map room where once we all tried to go home there was a locked out of my apartment situation which caused the remaining party goers to scatter, thank goodness for a friend from out of town with a hotel room.

when all was said and done the night was completely epic and so much fun that i'm still laughing about it all. i can't thank Dove enough for putting this all together for me and my friends.

Dove Visibly Smooth = FUN

and because after all this you know you want to try the stuff out for yourself, i'm here to give you the opportunity to do so.

simply leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered to win one of five (5) sticks of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant that i'm giving away here on the plum.

I'll be picking the five winners next tuesday, so enter today and good luck!

to participate in the Dove Visibly Smooth VIP program i was provided with product samples to giveaway on my blog as well as for my guests, a Flip Video, car service and compensation for dinner/entertainment with my friends.

jump back ball ticket discount

Monday, February 1, 2010

happy monday and february guys!

if you were following my tweets from saturday night you are already aware that i was lucky enough to host an ultimate Dove Visibly Smooth VIP party for my friends.

i have an excellent post and video recap in the works, but before i share those with you guys i have a special offer to tell you, specifically the clevelanders, about.

it's no secret how excited i am for
PlayhouseSquare's 19th annual Jump Back Ball this year.

and if you haven't bought your ticket yet i have a discount opportunity for you!

today the general admission ticket prices went up from $135 to $150 but for readers of cleveland's a plum you can still take advantage of the $135 ticket price through tomorrow, february 2nd at 11am by entering "PLUM" in the promotional code area.

what are you waiting for? you know you want to see my new black sequin dress, admit it.

buy your tickets here, and i'll see you there.