too many decisions for this girl

Thursday, September 30, 2010

oooooo look, over here!

no, over here!

buy this!

no, buy that!

30% off with purchase of $200.

FREE shipping on all orders!

it's all enough to make a future homeowner go bananas.

as a once notorious impulse shopper i'm finding myself being more selective about my purchases, which instead of helping me make smart decisions is ending up only confusing me more... making it nearly impossible to make a decision.

i think i have shopping ADD.

it's like any bright and shiny object, any perfectly distressed piece of furniture, any coordinated set of silk pillows, or a simple window dressing distracts my attention.

i feel like i'm in search overload - just like those damn commercials.

shabby chic.


art deco.

modern traditional.

french inspired.

mediterranean style.

shaker style.

doggie style?

i mean, do i have to pick just one?


if you need me i'll be drowning in design magazines.

wish me luck.

cleveland's a plum: best blog in cleveland, two years in a row

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i have some happy/exciting/bomb ass/awesome news, plummies.

the readers of cleveland magazine have named cleveland's a plum the best blog in cleveland in their best of cleveland issue for
the second year in a row!

back-to-back baby!

when i won last year i was beyond honored, but now that i've won again i'm afraid i'm going to get cocky...


truthfully, it's so nice to be recognized because, contrary to popular belief, blogging is NOT easy. but for one reason or another i keep doing it because i love all that this little website has given me.

right about now is when the winner gets all teary eyed at the podium...

but enough of me being a mushy girl, it's time to celebrate not only my win but all of the best of cleveland winners at the 5th annual cleveland magazine best of cleveland party at the rock and roll hall of fame.

on friday, october 15th at 7:30pm, the rock hall will be open to party guests where one will be able to eat and drink their way through the best of cleveland winners. there will be live music, a silent auction and some of the best people watching in all of cleveland.

there are two types of tickets available for purchase online:

general admission - $30 advance purchase, $40 at the door. includes a complimentary cocktail, lots of food, access to the rock hall, live entertainment and a one year subscription to cleveland magazine.

VIP - $80 advance purchase, $90 at the door. includes an open bar, exclusive food options, access to the Spa West VIP lounge, complimentary valet parking and a gift bag in addition to rock hall access, live entertainment and a one year subscription to cleveland magazine.

and thanks to cleveland magazine, aside from buying tickets online, you also have a chance to win one of three pairs of general admission tickets here on the plum.

that's right kids, i'm giving away not one, not two, but THREE pairs of tickets to the best of cleveland party!

to enter:
- leave a comment telling me about something (anything) that you think is the best in cleveland.
- you can enter up to five (5) times by leaving a separate comments saying different things you think are the best in cleveland.

- gain another entry by sharing the contest on twitter or facebook
- don't forget to leave your email/contact info in the comment if i don't already know how to get a hold of you

i'll announce the three winners on thursday, october 7th, so enter away - good luck!

and thanks again for reading because without you guys i would have never won best blog in cleveland the first year let alone the second, you guys rock.

ingenuity festival, carlos jones, l'albatros, tremont taphouse and lolita oh my!

Monday, September 27, 2010

it was another great weekend for the books in cleveland!

i had so much fun, traipsed all over our fair city and as i'm reflecting on what i did i'm not sure how i fit it all in and survived to tell the tale.


- dinner/drinks with CK, AJP, the klutz and the jerk at johnny's little bar.
ingenuity festival under the detroit bridge with all the aforementioned people.
- carlos jones and the plus band at brothers lounge where more friends like muffin, jesse, colleen and KJ made appearances.
- sobering up late night breakfast at my friends deli with AJP and CK that from what i can remember involved a feta cheese omelet, nom.

the man made waterfall at the ingenuity festival

carlos jones in all his glory at brothers lounge

muffin, jesse, AJP, the klutz and the jerk being a jerk giving his GF bunny ears...


- spent a couple hours at the arhaus furniture loft clearance center where purchased a new dining room / kitchen table for my new home.
- headed to beachwood place for a little shopping spree that ended up with me bring home a hot new pair of boots that i'm kind of in love with, some tops from h&m, a hot shirt from nordy's and a cute new skirt from banana that upon attempting to wear out saturday night realized that sitting down and not showing my lady parts wasn't really an option... i.e. return.
- CK and i met our wonderful friends moe and mark at
barking spider for some pre-dinner cocktails..... yes, i was actually on the east side.
- dinner at
l'albatros with CK, moe and mark where we drank wine, ate cheese and dined like civilized people at a chic french restaurant. we are soooooooo cosmopolitan, that is until someone orders a glass of cockburn port.... cock.burn.
- post dinner drinks at
the velvet tango room with CK rounded out the night perfectly especially the navan vanilla cognac, mmmmm.

the cheese tray at l'albatros, i can't even explain the heaven i was in

mark and CK in all their bromance glory showing off their supposed "unplanned" matching outfits


- brunch and mimosas at
tremont taphouse with my long lost friend JV, and my not so long lost friends (because i was with them all weekend), AJP and CK.
- brunch turned into into drinking grand marnier and watching the browns lose (again).

- played
M.A.S.H and tic tac toe during halftime naturally.
- post browns loss, CK and i headed to
lolita for a bottle of my favorite jaffurs syrah because if was a sunday night in america and we can do what we want.
- cheese and wine coma ensued.

this weekend was the epitome of fun cleveland living, in my humble option, and i can't wait to do it all again.

have a good week all!

yes, a freight elevator

Friday, September 24, 2010

for the last 3+ years i've been working at an awesome integrated marketing firm called thunder::tech.

we are located in an old vacuum cleaner factory/warehouse turned work/live space in midtown, just east of downtown cleveland, and i love it.

sidenote: to gen an actual visual of my office you can watch this video. it's well over 2 years old but you'll be able to see what i'm talking about.

so while working in an old warehouse may be fun and unique, there's one downfall. a downfall that's especially bothersome to a sometimes lazy bum like me.

we have a manual freight elevator.

picture of said freight elevator

what's the big deal you may ask?

well kids, this freight elevator is work.

- first you have to hold down a call button to bring the car to your floor, and if you let go of the button the elevator will stop.
- one has to perfectly line up the car to the floor you're on or the door will not open... you do this by watching for a little metal bar to come across the little square window in the upper right hand corner of the door - i.e. you have to pay attention.
- there are two doors to open - the big heavy metal steel door and the lighter weight wooden gate.
- those same two doors need to both be closed evenly and correctly, no gaps, and latched in order to move the elevator.

and all that i just mentioned needs to be repeated again once you actually get to your destination floor.



i don't have the leisure of pushing a button blindly while my head is pushed in my cellphone - i have to pay attention, i have to lift heavy things.

and don't even get me started on if i'm carrying something, i've spilled more than one starbucks while trying to operate this bad boy.

sometimes i try to be good and just take the stairs, but i'm on the 5th floor and climbing all those stairs is also work.

it's a no win situation for a lazy broad like me.

eff, life is hard.

thank god i've become a stellar manual freight operator in all my years at t::t.

and honestly, between you and i, although i bitch, i'd probably miss the big ugly freight elevator if it was gone.

sigh, at least it's friday - have a good weekend everyone!

letters from me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

dear fall tv,

i missed you, and my DVR is happy to be working again.

so excited,

dear eastside of cleveland,

i would like to visit you this weekend. but where should i eat dinner?

a girl who stays on the westside a little too much

dear future townhouse,

thanks for appraising well. i simply can't wait to move into you.


dear muffin,

you know what you did, ahem, interesting, ahem.


dear fellow bloggers,

i feel out of the loop on new blogs i should be reading.... any recommendations?

lazy blog reader

dear grand marnier,

as my current drink of choice you are delicious. by why must bartenders/friends look at me so inquisitively when i order you? good thing i don't care, i love you "grandma"!

alexa "drinking out of a brandy snifter is cool" marinos

p.s. you're really tasty in desserts, i need to use you more often

dear arhaus,

i would like to purchase EVERYTHING in your store, and if i could just transferring your designs into my new home that would be great. how about you drop your prices a little bit though, k?

your #1 fan

dear my little cousin jenna,

i just found out that you are applying to attend the university of dayton next year. please go there, it'll be the best decision you ever make!

flyer for life

p.s. feel free to put my name down on your application as family members who have attended the university... as long as the public safety department doesn't see your application you should be fine ;)

no thank you, i'm good

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my mom (stepho, as i like to fondly call her), is having a garage sale at her home in canton this upcoming weekend.

it's something that is allowing her to get rid of her endless collection of platters, bowls, and glasses... essentially containers in general.

this woman has an enormous house with endless storage that has literally allowed her to continue to collect "pieces" without even realizing the amount of items she has acquired.

which brings me to yesterday.

as you all know, i'm buying a townhouse, which means a have a lot of new rooms to fill with "pieces", and lots of art/furniture to buy.

obviously, i'm going to go through my mom's house calling dibs on anything of importance before she includes it in her garage sale and it's picked up by a lady named nellie wearing elastic waist pants and a floral shirt.

so i went through her house this past saturday, and i called dibs on some candlesticks, and a mirror while i unsuccessfully tried to call dibs on her some of her existing furniture to which she politely said, "yeah right, quit dreaming".

i should have been done right?


yesterday i received approximately 89 emails/texts showing me items that she thought i may want, but they were items that i already turned down.

the text messages that she sent to my email were hysterical and all titled, "???", "how about this?", "more..." or "more stuff..." - i could go on and on.

bless her heart, as i know she was just trying to be nice - but i couldn't help but laugh as message after message came through with another trinket, turning each one down.

man though, i sure hope i don't regret turning down that framed shadow box full of garlic bulbs and chili peppers for my kitchen.


i love you mom, xoxo.

foxxy's birthday, the white party and the browns home opener

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

this past weekend was the official summer to fall turning point for me, and i'm pumped.

there's so much to look forward to in the upcoming weeks that i can barely contain my excitement.

but let's talk about this past weekend before i get too ahead of myself here.

friday night myself, beaver, MOB, and muffin all headed to buckeye beer engine to celebrate foxx's 30th birthday since we missed her actual birthday while attending addison montgomery's wedding last weekend.

we had dinner, drank some beers, laughed amongst ourselves like only old friends can, before we made our way to the west end tavern for the remainder of our evening. it was a great night out with some of my very best friends, life is good.

me, foxxy, beaver and muffin at the west end tavern. this pic was blatantly stolen from MOB's facebook wall, ftr.

me, MOB and foxxy partaking in a shotty shot for double X's 30th

saturday brought the 2nd annual white party hosted by seanski and nugget at their beautiful condo in the painter's lofts.

this years party was bigger and better than last year with every detail perfectly designed and organized from the champagne cocktails when you walked in the door, to the famous cookie table and DJ/dance party.

the white party was a total blast and i can't wait for the 3rd annual!

AJP, CK (as the pope, an obvious white clothing choice), lzone, mark and moe

our fabulous hosts seanski and nugget with his holiness the pope, er, CK

lzone posing with the toilet paper dressed mannequin

john posing with what was left of the aforementioned mannequin post dance party

bzone and AJP fighting over a silly boy... oh no you didn't!

the following video is actually a time lapse of the entire white party, a camera set up in each floor. i'm acutally pretty easy to spot in this video as i stick out like a sore thumb in my black dress.

sunday morning brought one of my most favorite day of the year, the browns home opener!

it was a glorious day in cleveland and by 9:30am i was already in the pit tailgating with my friends, mimosa in one hand, pudding shot (courtesy of AJP) in the other.

the klutz, martha, muffin, mrs verdova and erin showing their browns love

cara, me, colleen and katie making supporting the cleveland browns look good

when it came to game time a couple of my guys friends from UD were in town from chicago/cincy (hurt, keough and eberle respectively) so my friend reagan got us some sweet seats in the friends/family of the players section where we were surrounded by some of what we are assuming were players children resulting in the following picture....

hurt got attacked by some stickers... standard browns attire, natch.

despite the browns loss we had an awesome time thanks in part to the weather holding and the sun coming out.

post game we headed to barley house but eventually opted for the map room where i think we camped out for like 5 hours - sunday funday say whaaaaaaaaaaat?

there were bombs to be had, dancing to be done, and debauchery to be participated in but after 12 hours of fun the night ended with CK and i eating chinese takeout and watching football on my couch, i.e. the perfect end to a great day.

and that ladies and gentleman is another amazing weekend in cleveland.


perhaps a little TMI for your friday

Friday, September 17, 2010

i have a conundrum for you all.

hypothetically speaking of course...

once upon a time there was a young lass named "alexis", doing her laundry at a communal laundromat in her apartment complex, when she found a very distinct pair of lace pink leopard print panties from victoria's secret that she had been missing since the last time she did laundry.

awesome right?

well, "alexis" found the aforementioned panties
in the trashcan of her communal laundromat because apparently she had left them in the dryer the time before.

what should "alexis" do?

should she take the panties from the trashcan knowing that there's about a 98% chance that they are in fact hers, or say ew, they are in a trashcan full of dryer sheets and i'm not taking them?

random situation right?

well, spoiler alert...

i'm "alexis", and this happened to me last night.

and as i stood there with the clean panties in my hand, i thought about taking them back for a quick second but then promptly threw them back in the trashcan.

i mean they were nice and all but who knows what had happened to them in the span of a week in the 10th floor laundry room of bridgeview apartments.

but what would you have done? taken them back or left them to swim with the dryer sheets?

sidenote: how weird is the word panties? i kept typing panties, then underwear, then panties, then underwear, but for whatever reason when i think of "underwear" i think of the big ugly cotton variety and the "panties" that i was describing hardly were that variety... so panties is was!

sidenote 2.0: it's friday!!!! GO BROWNS!!!


a denim affair

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a week from today on thursday september 23rd Dress For Success Cleveland will be hosting their annual A Denim Affair.

touted as the most casual gala in town, this year
A Denim Affair has changed locations and themes by being held at 5:30pm at pickwick & frolic downtown where a casino set up will allow guests to try their luck on games and even the chance to win a one karat diamond.

proceeds from this gala benefit the mission of Dress For Success Cleveland by funding the programs that help low income women enter and thrive in the workforce by providing them with proper attire, a network of support and career development tools.

i mean it's a gala you can wear jeans to and my friend moe, i.e. maureen kyle from WKYC, is the emcee so obviously it's going to be fun!

tickets are $75 or $125 for VIP and can be purchased online here.

and if you come to the event, look for me, i'll be the crazy girl digging for the diamond, obvy.

this ladies and gentlemen this is what one calls a big effing step

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i've mentioned before here on the plum that i'm in the market to purchase a home.

well guess what?

i bought one!!

me, alexa harriet marinos, me, permanent renter, me, unable to make a decision, me, the most expensive thing i own is my chloe handbag,

i close in early october on my newish (built in '06) townhouse in the detroit shoreway neighborhood and i'm so flippin' excited to move in i can't even handle it.

it's everything i want - 3 floors, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a balcony off my kitchen on the second floor and a big (for the city) fenced in backyard with a cool trellis thingy. unfortunately, the kitchen doesn't have granite counter tops but i'm having them installed, obvy.

here's a little peak at my new living/dining room with the current owners furniture and whatnot in it....

i can't wait to show you guys what i do with the place!

my thoughts have turned to decorating, buying pieces, buying art, planning a housewarming party, and thinking about the first meal i'm going to cook in the kitchen.

i am going to miss my apartment in bridgeview a little bit though, it has been my home for almost 5 years after all. i'm ptobably going to miss being able to walk to constantino's market the most though.

one things i won't miss is brasa, the brazilian steakhouse that's located on the ground floor of my apartment building. i'm not going to miss it because it's horrible but because in all the years that i've spent living in cleveland in this building and all the restaurants and bars i frequent in my fair city i've never stepped foot in brasa.

never. stepped. foot. into a restaurant i've shared a building with for almost 5 years and walked past thousands of times.... there's something wrong with that.

before i move in a few weeks i WILL go to brasa steakhouse - FACT.

now if you'll excuse me i have a few more design websites peruse.

visit with georgia peach and addison montgomery and mike get married!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i just got home from the Cleveland Foodbank fundraiser The Taste of the Browns at Browns stadium with muffin, and man oh man was it awesome. i go to A LOT of foodie events and this just might be my new favorite - and that may or may not have to do with my meeting mo williams.

as many of you know i took a long weekend last week and traveled to salt lake city, utah to visit my long lost friends georgia peach, nameless and their new baby henry and to boulder, colorado to witness addison montgomery marry the man of her dreams mike in a lavish outdoor wedding on an organic farm,
the pastures of plenty.

too many wonderful things occurred this past weekend to write them all here but as i was flying back to ohio sunday night all i could think about was how blessed i am to have such wonderful friends in my life - and have the ability to hang out with said friends all over the country.

instead of typing out a play by play of the weekend i'm going to picture route but i must admit that the pictures don't even begin to capture the beauty, happiness, love and fun that was had.

georgia peach and nameless's 9 week old baby henry - how could you not love him?

addison montgomery (her new "real" married name is kate walsh, get it? addison montgomery?) and her wonderful/beautiful mother pat. it was right about now that i couldn't stop crying.

the happy couple, seriously could they be any more attractive?

during cocktail hour we sipped on margaritas, ate delicious cheese/fruit/apps and enjoyed the music stylings of hunker down bluegrass - never have i enjoyed music so much at a wedding.

this picture pretty much sums up why i love my friends so much - MOB, muffin, beaver, poo poo me and holler being weird

beaver having fun with a TP tent at the reception

one of the coolest things about the reception was that once night fell the bonfire was lit and one could drink/dance/laugh under the stars - seriously, i've never seen so many stars.

poo poo, muffin, me, tigger, mistiburr and MOB on the dance floor

the premier motivational rock band in the country, the best, made a special appearance to a sold out crowd

tigger and her new man - nik i'd be worried if i were you.

quite possibly my favorite picture of the evening: addison montgomery and a shirtless head dancing in the bus on the way to the post reception bar - LOVE IT, best bus ride ever.

and that my friends is how you enjoy a wedding - congratulations mike and kate on you wedding, i'm so happy for you both!!

the flats: episode three

Friday, September 10, 2010

greetings from salt lake city, utah!!!

i've been here since thursday visiting georgia peach, nameless and their new baby henry but by this afternoon i'll be in boulder, colorado for the wedding festivities of addison montgomery and her soon to be husband mike.

so much to celebrate, and you'll all obviously be able to read all about it come monday, but today isn't about my trip out west, today is about episode 3 of The Flats!

are you familiar with mine, lzone and seanski's web series The Flats?

if not check out episode one HERE and episode two HERE to catch up or refresh your memory before watching episode three below...

you can also follow The Flats on twitter at @the_flats_cle for episode updates and to find out what the cast (i.e. me) is doing.

have a good weekend everyone!

that was one hell of a labor day weekend

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

holy crap i'm exhausted, which means i'm warning y'all in advance for this blog post today as i have a feeling it's going to be choppy at best - i mean, i have to recap thursday thru monday? oy.

here goes nothing...

thursday: since i didn't have to work the next day it was time to go out. headed to old angle with too many friends to mention, then abc tavern with CK where we ended up meeting up with moe and mark's entire wedding party post their rehearsal dinner. good times were had by all and abc tavern is still my favorite bar in cleveland - best bartenders ever.

sidenote: starting this sunday abc tavern is going to be open for brunch - can't wait to try it out!

friday: CK and i were detroit bound for the jay z and eminem concert, the home to home tour, with muffin and jesse at comerica park but first a trip to grosse pointe was a must to visit one of my oldest friends d-ray and her family.

d-ray is one of my most favorite people out there and visiting with her two wonderful children, her mother, sister lindsay and husband made my day.

d-rays's beautiful babies ella and tommy

post grosse pointe pit stop we checked into the book cadillac westin hotel and headed to cheli's right across from comerica park to have cocktails
before the concert.

the concert was beyond impressive - you guys know how much i love jay z, and while i've never seen eminem live, his performance was as spot on as jay z and exactly what expected.

the experience itself was surreal, just being in attendance amongst 45,000 people as i was looking around the stadium in awe was sick. hell, if i was seeing
the wiggles with 45,000 other people it would still be impressive...

jay z on stage in detroit

a zoomed out shot of eminem on stage in detroit - the crowd was deafeningly loud when he got on stage, fyi.

post concert we headed to the MGM Grand Casino where i lost too much money playing wheel of fortune slots than i care to admit. post casino, i may or may not have ordered a hot brownie ice cream sundae from room service...

maureen kyle and mark mcdougall became mr and mrs mark mcdougall - YAY! with a ceremony at the st paul shrine church on euclid and the reception in the state theater at PlayhouseSquare this wedding was just GORGEOUS, but not as gorgeous as the bride. i'm so happy for the both of them!!! congrats guys :)

moe and mark are officially married!!!

the mcdougall wedding was obviously a headliner on the state theater's marquee

selvaggio and his hot two dates - myself and lzone of course

a nice group shot with the bride, too bad it's fuzzy though! adam, janet, selvaggio, moe, me, lzone, seanski (humping) and nugget

a nice group shot with the groom - mark, selvaggio, lzone, seanski (still humping) and nugget

going through my pictures from the night i can't figure out which of these two posed pictures of my friends i like better....

lzone pretending she's a greek statue...

or selvaggio pretending he's the phantom of the opera... CHRISTINE!!!!

we danced our butts off and i'm not sure i even want to see the flats episode featuring our sweet dance moves.

sunday: i was exhausted (shocker) and laid around all day doing laundry, cleaning, working out, etc... eventually though it was time to go out. CK, muffin, jesse and i had a little tremont bar crawl hanging out at lincoln park pub, the st john cantius polish festival, treehouse and flying monkey all before calling it a night.

monday: nothing is better than lunch and a movie to come down from a fun long weekend so CK and i lunched at aladdin's in lakewood and saw the drew barrymore and justin long flick going the distance at tower city cinemas - we were the only people in the theater, fyi.

i really enjoyed the movie, it was funny as hell and the supporting cast made all the difference in the world. it became laugh out loud funny thanks to charlie day, jason sudeikis, christina applegate and jim gaffigan - i totally recommend the movie.


and that ladies is gentlemen is how you do a long weekend.


ummmm, yeah.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

last night i started to write a recap blog post telling you guys about the ridiculously awesome long weekend i had that was filled with the abc tavern, jay z, eminem, gambling, moe and mark's wedding, orange liquor and the movie going the distance.

but as i started to write up my thursday thru monday antics i fell asleep with my laptop on my lap typing the word "thursday".

blogging fail, yes, but it's not for lack of trying.

stay tuned.

top ten love songs according to me

Thursday, September 2, 2010

i'm not here today.

well, technically i am here today, as you're currently reading this, but my real post is over on katelin's blog as i'm happily blog-sitting for her as she's enjoying her honeymoon - yaaaaaaaaaay congrats to katelin and matt!!

my task from katelin as a guest blogger was to create a love list, any love list.

so i, being so musically inclined, decided to list out my top ten favorite love songs.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, love.

click on through to katelin's and find out exactly what songs i find the most swoon worthy.

go on, read it!

FLAVORS of chicago '10 - chef shawn mcclain of spring

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

thanks to all who entered my contest to win tickets to the Taste of the Browns, a benefit for the Cleveland Foodbank that gives attendees the opportunity to enjoy food and wine samplings from the regions most amazing culinary talent and mingle with Browns players themselves.

well it's finally time to announce the winner... congrats to Stephen Hall, whose 10th entry was chosen from 80+ entries via

sad you didn't win?

well lucky for you i can still offer everyone a fabulous discount of $25 off their ticket price to the Taste of the Browns by purchasing your ticket online through this very special cleveland's a plum promo code link - hope to see you there!

and now in the most perfect segue a girl could ask for i'm going to share with you the delicious way that i spent my last night in chicago.

this past monday night i was lucky enough to attend the American Liver Foundation FLAVORS of Chicago event at the galleria marchetti downtown.

after having been to and written about FLAVORS of Cleveland in
'08 and '09 i was very excited to be able to attend the first annual chicago version.

we were honored to be seated at Chef Shawn McClain's table who's the chef/owner of Spring (the restaurant our meal came from), Green Zebra, and Sage restaurants - all you need to do is google him to know how awesomely talented he is and his meal definitely did not disappoint.

starter: crispy pork belly steamed bun, house made pickle with thai chili sauce and cilantro. this is a specialty at Spring and holy crap this was one of the most delicious things i've ever had.

first course: Summer Salad of Local Nectarines - Aged Goat Cheese/Toasted Pistachios/Crystallized Wasabi (i could eat this salad everyday with the above sticky bun on the side, yes please!)
wine pairing: NV Brut Blanc 'Privilege', Varichon & Clerc, Savoie, France

second course: Lemongrass & Coconut Soup - Thai Basil/Fresh Crab (the most flavorful soup i've ever had, fyi)
wine pairing: 2009 Pinot Grigio, Alois Lageder 'Riff', Venezie, Italy

third course: Pan-Roasted Barramundi - Wild Mushroom and Toasted Sesame Gnocchi (barra what? think cod, and while i'm not a sesame seed fan i still ate every bite)
wine pairing: 2008 Chardonnay, A to Z, Willamette Valley, Oregon

fourth course: Wagyu Flat Iron - Short Rib Dumpling/Eggplant Masala/Pickled Orange (i tried to order 25 of the short rib dumplings to take back to cleveland with me)
wine pairing: 2008 Pinot Noir, Au Bon Climat, Santa Barbara County, California

dessert: Citrus Panna Cotta - Summer Berries/Black Figs/Cookies (no words can describe the deliciousness that was this panna cotta)
wine pairing: 2008 Moscati d'Asti, "Bricco Riella", Cascina Pian D'Or, Piedmont, Italy

seriously? i don't know how to describe the food any better, i wish there was a way you all could get a taste.

lucky for me i get to attend another FLAVORS event in cleveland in just a few weeks. i should probably start fasting now...

happy wednesday (and september) all!