you should take a picture, it'll last longer.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's tuesday night and i'm home alone kevin mccallister style.

glee is on my tv.

i'm not wearing pants.

i look to my left and there are christmas lights on my fireplace mantle similar to ones that my mother would hang.

i look to my right and there's a trio of holiday gold cone thingys staring me in the face.

i have a shiatsu massage pillow on my neck/back because i'm stressed out from work.

on the ottoman that my feet are currently resting on there's a hammer because i was just running around banging nails into my walls trying to hang things - probably crooked knowing my luck.

what's become of me?

i'm pretty sure i used to be cool.

washington place bistro and inn with a side of battery park wine bar

i could write about the decor of the new restaurant, washington place bistro and inn (the former baricelli inn), in little italy.

i could write about the beautiful bar and lobby too.

i could also write about the friendly staff and owner, scott kuhn who was more than kind, knowledgeable and proud of his new venture (he also owns and operates
87 West in crocker park, the allegheny grille, and the welshfield inn).

but when it comes down to it, i really want to talk about the food, the delicious, delicious food - executive chef jonathan guest did such a fabulous job putting together a menu that does nothing but impress.

last night myself, my hot date
seanski, and too many blogger and social media friends to count were lucky enough to experience a 5 course preview of the new menu.

and as a bonus, before courses were even presented, the group experienced some glorious hors d' oeuvres including shrimp and grits, a goat cheese display, hanger steak crostini, goat cheese strudel and cheese puffs.

for dinner, seanski and i sat with the cool kids, i.e. my favorite couple in cleveland allison and tim, my lovey janet and my new favorite meteorologist jason handman, (sorry holly strano).

that group listed above? t-r-o-u-b-l-e, in the best way possible.... but let's get to the food.

roasted beet & goat cheese salad [chef's garden beets and greens, almonds, mackenzie creamery ranch]

oxtail pierogies [oxtail ragout, ohio city pasta truffles potato pierogie, caramelized onion, horseradish creme fraiche]

dayboat scallops [butternut squash risotto, pearl onions, apple cider beurre blanc, micro greens]

braised pot roast [c.a.b, chef's garden carrots, roasted garlic mashers, big red reduction]

pan seared wild pacific salmon [cauliflower gratin, fines herbes]

housemade chocolate brownie [chocolate jeni's ice cream, bittersweet chocolate drizzle]

everything was beyond scrumptious, but if i had to select my favorite dishes i would go with the oxtail pierogies (OMG), the pan seared salmon (OMG 2.0) and the housemade chocolate brownie (OMG 3.0).

after dinner we were able to have a tour of the inn from scott kuhn where we got a sneak peak of one of the rooms.

seanski testing out the shower in one of the rooms, naturally.

the view of the lobby from the stairwell that leads you to the 7 available inn rooms - if you remember the baricelli inn there's been a lot of renovations.

i can't thank scott kuhn, chef jonathan guest, and michelle from cleveland foodie enough for putting the evening together it was such a pleasure to attend and i can't to go back.

i highly recommend you check out washington place bistro and inn and you can as of today because it's their grand opening!

after dinner seanski and i checked out the battery park wine bar on our way home. we ended up getting the whole tour there as well as i was sipping on some port.

after looking at the menu and realizing that the chef is from the old OPA! restaurant that was on w 25th, which was one of my favorite places back in the day, i can't wait to go back and try some food.

i can tell that battery park wine bar is going to be a place i frequent in the future, it kind of screams me with the dark lounge feel and exposed brick - super cozy for the winter months.

talk about a fun monday night huh?

now get out there, cleveland, and support local businesses!


editor's note: congrats to rachel (comment #30) and melange (comment #20) who were chosen via as the winners of the pairs of tickets to this friday's scrooge's night out. sad you didn't win? you can still purchase tickets online here!

a movie filled long weekend

Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving was fabulous and my weekend was spent in canton with the family which meant not a lot of drinking and going out but lots of movie watching and calorie consumption.

truthfully the whole weekend is a blur of food and i simply can't wait to hit the gym.

watched FIVE movies over the long weekend:

1. unstoppable - i went in not expecting a whole lot but was surprisingly entertained. for essentially knowing the whole plot i was constantly on the edge of my seat and was just the fast paced movie i was looking for on black friday. i say see it!

2. love & other drugs - i'm not sure what to say about this movie. i adore both of the lead actors, and in theory the plot should have been good but for one reason or another i couldn't get behind this actor/actress pairing - it wasn't believable to me. but it you like seeing anne hathaway's boobs and jake gyllenhaal's bum this is the movie for you. i say rent it!

3. burlesque - i was very much looking forward to seeing this movie until i started reading the reviews which were less than complimentary - but i still saw the movie and i'm glad i did. i really liked it, this of course is coming from a girl who is addicted to musicals and anything involving showy singing, so take it with a grain of salt. christina aguilera did such a good job , and cher, i mean she's flippin' CHER - sing it ladies. i say see it!

4. scott pilgrim vs the world - this movie we rented after seeing movies #2 and #3 in the theater, i had been intrigued by this movie and really got into the quirky shooting style, fun cast, and video game/music tones, but then i fell asleep halfway through... so i say i need to see the whole thing!

5. everybody's fine - this movie i watched last night at home after i nailed a delicious beef stroganoff recipe. i wanted to see this movie in the theaters because i love all things deniro/barrymore/beckinsale but never got around to it. it was a really well produced sentimental drama that had me bawling in my bed upon the ending from both sadness and joy from closure. i say rent it!

all in all it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend - a much needed break - and even though i was only 50 minutes down 77S it made all the difference in the world.

and now it's on to the next one.... christmas!


today's the last day to enter to win one of two pairs of tickets to this friday's scrooge's night out event - comment on this post to enter!

video: black friday, thursday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

i'm a bad blogger and was too busy stuffing my face to take any pictures to document the day, but trust me i'm not sure you needed to see me with gravy running down my chin.

no shame.

anyways, since today is black friday i though i'd share the newest video from my friend jason (of the blog sure thing chief), because we all should save a little green before it all goes black!


don't forget to enter to win one of two pairs of tickets for next friday's scrooge's nite out by commenting with your favorite holiday movie on this post!!

scrooge's nite out ticket giveaway

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you guys know how much i love to share fun cleveland events with you.

well today, to help get everyone in the holiday spirit, i'm going to tell you about scrooge's nite out.

a benefit for the ohio canal corridor, scrooge's nite out, helps raise funds and awareness for the ohio canal park system that runs from cleveland down through zoar to dover/new philadelphia including the towpath trail, scenic byway, scenic railway and mill creek, among others.

at the end of the day scrooge's nite out is a party, a party that's been taking place annually for 22 years, i.e. they've had a lot of time to perfect it.

here are the event details:
when: friday december 3rd from 7pm to midnight
where: grays armory - 1234 bolivar, downtown cleveland
what: unlimited beer (provided by heineken and amstel light), wine, mixed drinks, food (provided by melange, grovewood tavern, flat iron cafe and quaker steak and lube), and not to mention dancing.
how: $35 advanced ticket purchase or $40 ticket at the door (a steal for what you're getting in my humble opinion)

but you all know what's next right?

giveaway time!

leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite holiday movie and you be entered to win one of two pairs of tickets that i'm giving away to scrooge's nite out.

i'll announce the two winners here on the plum next tuesday the 2nd

good luck, kids.

it's almost thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

for the past two weekends in a row i've set my alarm to go off at 9:30am.

for the past two weekends in a row i've woken up at 7:30am fresh and ready to roll.

i suppose that's what happens when you don't go out like a maniac the night before.

this weekend, much like last weekend was comprised of working on my townhouse and shopping for said townhouse.

shopping for items to decorate my place, which is all i feel like i've been doing lately, pretty much goes like this:

1. wander around aimlessly in a store like TJ's, pier one or world market

2. find things i like that are way to expensive - pout.

3. stare at two bowls that are essentially the same thing trying to figure out which one to buy, knowing full well i already have something similar at home.

4. take a picture of said bowls and send to my mom for her opinion.
5. wander around aimlessly - repeat at next store.

i prefer to shop alone, which is problematic when you need an opinion which is why i tend to become friends with the sales clerks.

it's weird though because i never thought i had a problem with making decorating decisions, but this time it's a whole different story - perhaps because it's all a bit more permanent, my owning the place and all.

there is one major decision i finalized this past week thanks to my mom and the wonderful folks at litt's plumbing kitchen and bath gallery, my new counter tops!

what do you guys think?

i'm kinda in love with them and i simply can't wait till they are installed - woo!

as for the rest of the weekend, i spent saturday in lakewood celebrating my friend cara's birthday at the west end and the screaming rooster.

biondi, AJP, hartzell, birthday girl cara, keith and KJ

sunday brough browns watching at the BW3's in westgate with AJP, timmybennet, hartzell and biondi - one person that wasn't in attendance was laura marie manning... no comment.

the delicious strongbow's i drank didn't help with the browns loss - we should have won this one.


but on a positive note it's a three day weekend for me and with thanksgiving being my favorite holiday meal of the year let's hope these three work days go by fast because i can't wait to hangout with my family!!

happy monday, kids!

security what?

Friday, November 19, 2010

you know how linus from the peanuts has his security blanket?

well i've come to realize that i have my own version of a security blanket.

and no, it's not my cellphone, that my friends is WAY more than a security blanket.... that's like my second heart.

yes, it's that serious, we (my cellphone and i) have been dating exclusively for approximately 12 years now.

but let's talk about my real security blanket.

the scarf.

which lzone likes to lovingly call my "boob scarf".

i don't know what it is, but the moment the weather turns a little cold i whip out one of my approximately 51 scarves and wear it not for warmth but as an accessory.

and i don't take it off either.

i put it on as i leave the house and it stays on throughout the day and night, even once i'm indoors.

me and my scarf are like two peas in a pod, the roger to my ebert, the harry to my marv, the tiger to my any random female.

we stick together.

except for that one time in the bathroom of hotz's - when i accidentally let my scarf for the day fall into the toilet, and unlike a wounded soldier, i had to leave it behind.

poor little guy, sigh.

thank god for replacements, and thank god for the weekend.

have a good one, kids!


yes, i'm going to keep bugging you about it.... have you joined the cleveland's a plum group on facebook yet?

cleveland's a plum shopping night at banyan tree

Thursday, November 18, 2010

thanks so much to everyone who attended cleveland's a plum shopping night at banyan tree in tremont last night, it was a huge success!!

it was so cool to get to meet and chat with you guys that came out.

it cracks me up though, because sometimes i forget that people that i don't already know in real life actually read this little corner of the internet that i consistently ramble on.

it's fun.

also, a big thanks goes out to christie, dale and alicia from
banyan tree for asking me to host such an awesome and unique event for my friends and readers.

babs, the klutz and erin checking out with their nifty discounts - erin got 35% off!

just your average action shot, obvy.

what i brought home from banyan tree, centerpiece worthy bowl, vase thingy, candle, modern pixie earrings, and big 'ol candle holder - can you tell i just bought a house i need to decorate?

pre-shopping muffin, MOB, the klutz, erin and i stopped by lolita's happy hour, post shopping me, muffin, the klutz, babs, lverdova, seanski and AJP all had dinner at fat cats and post-post shopping me, seanski, AJP and hartzell all enjoyed a drink at flying monkey.

it was a great evening in one of my favorite cleveland neighborhoods, tremont.

hopefully we'll be able to do it all again next year!

$!?& my mom says

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

have you "liked" the plum on facebook yet? no? well you should click the "like" button over there on the right....

don't forget to stop by banyan tree in tremont TONIGHT from 6 to 9pm for your chance to take up to 40% off of your total purchase!!

my typical work day attire is pretty casual. i get up, shower, throw my hair in a pony tail and walk out the door.

no make up. no contacts. it's a fairly simple process for me.

now, this doesn't mean that i don't know how to doll myself up...

when the time is right, i.e. when i know there will be cute boys around, i'll actually put make up on, put my contacts in, wear heels, etc.

like to think i'm the perfect combination of low and high maintenance.

but that's not the point of this post.

this past weekend when my mom was in town there came a point when i noticed her staring at me.

"what are you looking at?", i asked.

"you, and your glasses, and your sweats.", she said.

"and what's wrong with them?" i reply.

"i just don't understand how you go out of the house looking like that? have some pride!!", my mom said.

cue laughter from me, but my mom continues...

"your glasses are just unacceptable, i just don't know how you walk out of the house with them on!", she yelps.

a little background for you, i'm blind, like crazy negative 13 blind, i.e. my glasses, even with the ultra thin frames are ridiculously thick.

a little more background for you, my mom has almost exactly the same eyes, but wouldn't be caught dead wearing her glasses out and about like i do.

yes, those would be "ultra thin" lenses.

but i don't care about wearing my glasses in public.

i mean, would i wear them out on a date or to a wedding? definitely not.

but to work on a day where i have no client meetings and the only men around me are taken, there's no point in putting on mascara and showing off the girls - no need to be the office temptress here.

plus not putting in my A+++ appearance effort into going to work allows for one of my favorite life rules to come true.

the worse you look when you work(out) the better you look when you go out.

true story.

so, are you a primper? or do you just shower and go?

was a good girl friday and saturday... sunday, not so much

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

have you "liked" me on facebook yet? well, you should go ahead and click the like button over there on the right then.... _____________________________________________________________________

before i get into the whole weekend recap i want to announce the winner of a pair of tickets to the Compassion From Fashion event this saturday and a $50 gift card to Beachwood Place.

congrats to kaye spector who was comment #12, picked via out of 44 entries.

kaye, your tickets and $50 gift card will be waiting for you at guest services.

this weekend recap is going to be a bit shorter than normal because i didn't go out friday or saturday night.

you read that right ladies and gentleman, no going out for me!

instead i went to the grocery store, did laundry, cleaned, unpacked and shopped with my mom who came up to help me with my new townhouse on saturday.

it was an alcohol free friday and saturday but i'm pretty posititive i made up for it with my sunday tailgating actions.

you guys all know by now that
i tailgate in the pit for browns game, well this past sunday for the browns vs jets game i changed it up a bit.

my friend colleen, whose family owns a few buffalo wild wings in the area, sponsors a tailgate in the muni lot for a group formerly called "the braylon bunch" but now more appropriately called "the browns bunch".

well these guys have been asking colleen to come to their tailgate for awhile now and when colleen asked me to go with her i said, why not, i'm always up for a different scene.

and different it was.

i'm not sure how to describe the scene in the muni lot but i'm going to try.

it was fun, A LOT of fun, a different fun than the pit.

the people were louder, drunker, crazier and had more tattoos - the people watching was ridiculously awesome.

i feel like in the pit there's just a whole lot of people like me and my friends, but in the muni lots it's like a whole different breed of browns fans. it's beyond entertaining.

for years and years i was all go pit or go home - but now i'm having second thoughts!

the browns bunch pimped out bus

the 8 person beer bong that i may or may not have placed 2nd in the girls competition

'nuff said

giant hand warmer cup holders that i was kinda sorta obsessed with

KEG BOWLING! highlight of the day by far.

that would be browns trouper nick under that mask

oh yeah, colleen and i went to the game too!

around the 3rd quarter colleen and i left though because from what i recall we were pretty antsy. i headed to w 6th to get food and randomly ended up at sushi rock for the remainder of the game.

the food was delicious but i will tell you this, we did NOT need 2 martini's each after tailgating since 8:30am.

post overtime loss we poured ourselves into a cab and headed home.

it was a proper ending to a fabulously fun day of browns tailgating, despite the loss of the game that we should have won.

but that just comes with the territory of being a browns fan.


don't forget to stop by tomorrow night from 6 to 9pm at banyan tree in tremont for your opportunity to shop and save up to 40% off your entire purchase - see you there!

wine, according to the frenemy

Saturday, November 13, 2010

my blog crush, The Frenemy, couldn't have written a more truer post.

wine IS a girl's best friend (apparently there isn't a unique link to the post anymore, so just click through to the blog and enjoy!)

now, go drink some, happy saturday!


editor's note: i created a cleveland's a plum fan page over on the book - if you're so obliged click the nifty badge over there on the right to join! i'll be holding facebook specific contests over there in the future too.

sure thing chief

Friday, November 12, 2010

in the vast world of blogs i'm pretty sure that in the "lifestyle blogger" category there are approximately 50 females bloggers to 1 male blogger.

now that's not to say that there aren't male bloggers, cause there are, TONS, the majority of them just happen to all write about sports and or technology.

so when i find a good male blogger that doesn't write about sports or technology, but is actually funny as hell comes around - i.e. creative original videos, comics, fo fun news, etc - i want to share it with my readers.

full disclosure: jason is my friend and i've known him for years. but that being said, i have a lot of friends that blog, and i'm not giving them a whole post... he's just that good.

his blog, sure thing chief, is worth following/subscribing to and you might as well follow him on twitter while you're at it.

so what are you waiting for?

i mean, he made a video about charles bronson killing hipsters!

go waste some of your friday reading/watching a way smarter than me or you blog.

happy weekend, kids, and don't forget to stay classy cleveland.

cleveland beauty blogger sale and girls with sole celebrity bartending - plus more shopping!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

last night i spent the evening on the eastside at my friend michelle's house, who writes the fabulous famous beauty blog all lacquered up, for her beauty product sale for charity.

it's a great opportunity to hang out with my blogger friends while stocking up on fabulous products with all proceeds going to charity.

i walked out with nail polishes, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascara, eye liner, and various skin care products for only $27. ca-ching!

some of my social media lady friends drinking and grubbing pre-sale

the wolves are let loose! it was very supermarket sweep-esque to say the least.

good times and i can't wait till next year - thanks for hosting michelle!

so to continue with the girlie shopping theme that the plum is randomly taking on this week tonight from 6 to 9pm i'm celebrity bartending at
around the corner in lakewood for the charity girls with sole.

but when i say "celebrity bartending" i really mean watching my dear friend moe (i.e. maureen kyle from WKYC) be a real celebrity bartender with other cleveland newscasters while i just feed them tips for charity.

regardless, i'll be there and you should be too to help the great local charity that is girls with sole.

in other random updates...

1. don't forget to enter to win two tickets to the compassion from fashion benefit plus a $50 beachwood place gift card by commenting on this post.

2. don't forget to mark your calendars for wednesday's shopping event at banyan tree where you'll receive up to a 40% discount on all your purchases from 6 to 9pm.

3. it's almost friday!

a banyan tree in tremont shopping event!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's safe to say that one of my favorite boutiques in all of cleveland is banyan tree in tremont.

i discovered the boutique, which opened in 2001, during my very first month of living in cleveland and have steadily donated portions of my paycheck to them ever since.

there was even a christmas where i bought every single present for my friends and family at banyan tree - it's that awesome of a store.

there's tons of amazing and unique clothing, jewelery, home goods, children items and
local vendors - it's a great feeling to support our local economy.

an interior shot of the lovely boutique that is banyan tree (found here)

so let's get to the fun part - i have a fun shopping night to tell you about.

the gals at banyan tree were kind enough to ask me to host a shopping party for me and my friends/readers, here's the details:

who: anyone that is reading this right now
where: banyan tree - 2242 professor ave, cleveland, 44113
when: next wednesday, november 17th

time: 6 to 9pm (they are keeping the store open late for us!)

what: an evening of discounted shopping, wine drinking, and appetizers

here's the concept, when you walk into the store, say you're there from cleveland's a plum, you'll then be prompted to randomly draw a discount - either 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, or 40% off - that discount will be your shopping pass for the evening.

next you sip wine, chat with friends, try on clothes, eat some munchies and shop.

once you've finished shopping your discount will be taken off at the register and you'll hopefully have some fun new items for yourself or have started your holiday shopping off right.

it's going to be a fun evening and i simply can't wait, maybe a lolita after party?

email me with any questions and i'll see you there!

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Compassion From Fashion Event at Beachwood Place

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you probably know of my love of the finer things in life.

What can I say, I like to buy nice stuff - I can't help it!

Some may call it excessive, but i call it happy soothing retail therapy for the soul, i.e.
anyway to rationalize buying new shoes/purses/dresses/etc.

With the holiday season coming up my shopping gene goes into overdrive so when I was approached about a shopping event for charity my ears definitely perked up.

On Saturday, November 20th, from 4 to 9pm, Beachwood Place Mall is hosting the Compassion From Fashion event, a charity to benefit The Gathering Place which is a community for those touched by cancer.

For a ticket price of $20 (pre-sale purchase online) or $25 (at the door), with 100% of your ticket price going th The Gathering Place, you receive the following:

- $10 Beachwood Place gift certificate (first 500 ticket buyers)
- $10 McCormick and Schmick's dining certificate (first 500 ticket buyers)
- $10 Next gift card (first 500 ticket buyers)
- Free food from Maggiano's Little Italy - 5 stations will be set up across the mall including a make your own pasta station, salad/fruit bar, carving station, antipasto bar, and dessert station
- Exclusive retailer discounts (this is the good part...)

Now while those perks listed above are reason enough to rationalize the ticket price for charity, the big draw for me to attend this event is the SHOPPING DISCOUNTS!!!

Some of the retailer promotions that caught my attention:

- Saks Fifth Avenue, 15% off entire purchase
- Style Lounge, 40% off entire purchase
- American Eagle, 15% off entire purchase
- Bath and Body Works, $10 off purchase of $30 or more
- Eddie Bauer, 30% off entire purchase
- Express, 15% off entire purchase
- Guess and Guess by Marciano, 20% off your purchase of $100 or more
- J Jill, $20 off your purchase of $80 or more
- Mario's International Spa, purchase $100 in gift certificates receive $50 in gift certificates free
- Plus many more!

Retailers are continuing to be added, and a full list of available discounts can be found here.

Talk about being able to recoup your ticket price, I'll shop to that!!

I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a little bit of shopping damage on November, 20th to say the least.

Want to attend the Compassion From Fashion Event?

You can purchase your pre-sale tickets online, or win a pair of tickets here on the plum.

Simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite store in Beachwood Place and you'll be entered to win two tickets to the event AND a $50 gift card to Beachwood Place to help kick off your shopping.

Receive an extra entry by following @BeachwoodPlace on twitter, tweeting about this contest, then leaving an additional comment on this post telling me you did so.

Don't forget to leave your contact information in the comment if I don't already know how to get a hold of you.

I'll be announcing the winner Tuesday, November 16th - good luck!

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SEMA, fremont street, baby shower and an old fashioned GNO

Monday, November 8, 2010

happy monday, kids.

how 'bout them browns?!?!

moving on.

there are lots of stories worth sharing from my trip this past week to vegas for the SEMA Show but hands down my favorite was when we went to
fremont street, i.e. downtown vegas.

upon arriving we (my coworker/friend misty and clients/friends jill, dave and scott) ran into a celebrity...

'lil T, nuff said - misty, jill, scott, 'lil T and dave. i pity the fool.

post photo op we heard something above our heads, we looked up, and saw people on zip lines fly by, to which i yelled, "let's do it!", but then glanced down at the dress i was wearing...

"if only i had pants!"

i looked to my left and saw a cheesy vegas souvenir store to which i knew i'd be able to buy a pair of shorts to wear under my dress so that i wouldn't flash all of vegas my undies.

enter a pair of short black booty shorts with the words, "LAS VEGAS", bedazzled on the bum.

i put those bad boys on under my dress and to the zip line we went. the fremont street frightline is something fairly new to fremont street but for only $20 a ride it is a great addition to the fremont street experience - so damn fun.

yes, this is a picture of a picture but you get the point - too bad you can't see my booty shorts from this angle...

the majority of my time in vegas was spent at the convention center doing a lot of the following...

SEMA at it's finest, from the Prestolite Performance elevated meeting room

documenting a MMX video shoot for the SPEED channel

my new buddy courtney hansen, hostess of Powerblock TV on Spike, signing autographs from the Prestolite Performance booth. i stood next to her the whole time take photos and whatnot, and man do people love her - it's adorable.

a professional football hall of fame themed F150 created by A.R.E. - gotta represent my hometown of canton, yo!

all i want for christmas...

when i wasn't working i gambled away too much of my money at the MGM Grand but redeemed myself my last night in town at the blackjack tables at the New York New York.

all in all in was a great work trip where i gained a ton of new knowledge about an industry i work very closely with on behalf of my client
Prestolite Performance and their suite of brands.

is it bad that i'm already thinking about next years SEMA?

upon arriving back in cleveland i had a small hiccup with my storm door, which i wrote about here but once everything settled down i was oh so happy to be home.

going back to work on friday was t-o-u-g-h but the excitement i had over spending my friday evening on the couch got me through it.

saturday had lunch with CK at the buckeye beer engine in lakewood because my craving for a burger needed to be fulfilled. i had the cyclops (eggs on burgers are always top notch) and he had the southwestern (spiiiiiiiiicy).

saturday early evening brought a baby shower for my friend kim who's due in january, and couldn't be any cuter of a pregnant lady, at her house on the lake in bay.

kim during present time - this little baby made out, yo.

i will say this off topic though, i know i just bought a house and all buy when i grow up i want to live on the lake, that is all.

post baby shower i headed over to KJ's townhouse in rocky river for a "girls' night out" with
our wonderful hostess KJ, AJP, cara, colleen, JV, jen and meredith.

KJ showing off that fact that i brought over a 22oz of stella - is that weird?!?

there's isn't a much better evening than lots of wine, food, and girl talk.

yes, i said girl talk, and
no, i'm not done yet...

sunday instead of tailgating for the browns game i headed out to the eastside to moe and mark's house for a champagne brunch and the browns.

my little homemaker of a friend moe totally outdid herself with the spread - very gourmet - not that i would expect anything less.

lzone, me, moe and melinda actually set our champagne bubbles down to take this picture - torture.

sunday night brought dinner with CK at a yet to be determined place, because well, i'm writing this before we actually go.

i'm busted blogging on sunday night and scheduling this post to post on monday morning - whoops.

hope you all had a great week/weekend and like i mentioned in my last post i have lots of fun stuff coming up this week here on the plum so stay tuned.

well i didn't see this one coming....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

is this thing on?

i'm back from the vegas, where i had no internet and lost too much money but had a great time.

being gone sunday night through thursday night one of the things i was most looking forward to was crawling into my bed and resting, which i had every intention of doing, until i ran into a slight road block.

upon arriving at home, in the pouring down rain mind you, i realized that my screen door was locked and the key was not on my key chain.

which posed a major problem - i couldn't get into my flippin' house.

CK and i contemplated breaking the storm door, but then i had a brilliant idea.

i texted foxxy to see if her fabulous boyfriend middaugh, a cop in my district, was working tonight - he was.

i called him to see if he had any fun tools that could unlock a stubborn dead bolted screen door - he didn't, but knew another cop who did.

picture it, cleveland, 2010, and three of cleveland's finest are popping the lock in the pouring down rain and hail so i can sleep in my bed tonight.

because of my wonderful cop friend(s) i didn't have to pay a locksmith over $100 and the whole job was done in about 5 minutes.

now that's what i call putting our tax dollars to good use :)

also thanks go to my new neighbors, maria and phil, who let me use their, um, facilities, while i was waiting for help to come.

i love my new neighborhood!!!

but after all of the hullabaloo i just went through my wet ass is ready for a hot shower and my bed.

the SEMA/vegas recap will just have to wait till tomorrow but stay tuned to the plum this upcoming week for lots of fun giveaways and event announcements.

have a great weekend, kids.

it's good to be home.

halloween cleveland style at the harbor inn

Monday, November 1, 2010

greetings from vegas!!!

i'm here for the next four days for the SEMA Show - vroom, vroom.

it was another fun weekend in the CLE between birthday celebrations and halloween at harbor inn my camera is full of fun pictures to share.

i need to upload them all onto the book but for now i'm going to share a select few memorable moments from the weekend...

friday night CK and i had a ridiculously delicious dinner at light bistro in ohio city. we ordered a tapas, salad and a pizza and it was SO GOOD. light has a new fall/winter menu and i highly recommend checking it out.

after dinner CK and i headed to the old angle tavern to meet up with lots of friends to celebrate colleen's birthday - yay.

me and the birthday girl colleen at old angle

saturday i woke up early to get my hairs did at GSV Salon Group in canton and lunch with my mom and cathy at my old stomping grounds, don pablo's mexican kitchen - yum.

saturday evening anyone who's anyone was at the harbor inn for timmybennett's 10th annual halloween party. between the great group of friends, amazing costumes (everyone BROUGHT IT), and the DJ the party was epic - i already am looking forward to next year.

some ICP jugga somethings... black, baucco and biondi being scary as all hell, fyi.

the johnson sisters taking GTLing to the extreme - brilliant.

t-jones being, if you couldn't tell, the old spice guy - PERFECTION.

BLUNTS! homemade costume by keith who was not angry in this picture, fyi.

our host with the most, timmybennett, er, mrs butterworths.

seanski and nugget = beiber's #1 fan and beiber himself!

AJP, is that you? as a bald eagle it is!

CK as jesus h. christ, please note the loaf of bread and red wine.

when madonna's like a prayer came on jesus needed to take care of business, please note lzone praying.

i could probably post about 50 more pics if i wanted to....

great weekend yet again but i'm in vegas baby, time to cause some trouble.