ending the weekend off right

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm not one to brag, but i just made the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich with miracle whip, tomato, extra sharp cheddar and baby swiss cheeses with a hot and hearty bowl of creamy tomato soup with croutons for CK and i for sunday night dinner.

not to mention right now chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven and a glass of cold milk is waiting for me in the fridge.


this weekend was a mix of relaxing and partying, with friday night being spent sleeping on my couch due to thursday night's holiday party festivities, whoops.

saturday stepho came up to see my new kitchen (pics coming soon) and go pendant light shopping with me, and although we came home sans lights i'm hoping to get some up in time for this upcoming weekend's festivities.

saturday night was party hopping time and the night started in lakewood at the west end tavern where all the UD girls got together because my friends addison montgomery and mike were in town from denver.

addison montgomery and me being awesome in lakewood

funny story, CK (on the left) and mike (addison montomery's husband and on the right), they graduated from chaminade boys prep school in STL together - small world, yo.

later in we headed to flying monkey in tremont for JV birthday saturday!

me, birthday girl JV and AJP continuing the awesome, naturally.

saturday night ended at steak and shake and i'm not proud of this fact, but damn was that chocolate malt glorious at 2am.

sunday was a whole lot of relaxing and then delicious dinner making (see beginning of this very post). but on that note, the relaxing needs to continue - i'm going back to the couch.

sundays rule.

mondays drool.

have a good week, kids.


  1. There is nothing more nostalgic and comforting then a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Extra points if there are Goldfish crackers in the soup :)

  2. Chaminade? Ha, that name rings a bell. I'm pretty sure kids I grew up with went there to school, too.

  3. As always, you know how to weekend in style. I can't wait to see pictures of the kitchen! You're looking fabulous by the way.

  4. i would like you to send your dinner my way please because that sounds amazingly delicious. delicious!

  5. ha, i just hung up with you too!

  6. Sounds like a delicious weekend.


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