hot, hotter, hottest

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

caveman, baby food, raw, dukan, cookie, master cleanse, twinkie.

what do all those words/phrases have in common?

they are all crazy diets.

well, at least according to the primetime ABC "celebrity weight loss - what really happens"*** tv show i'm currently watching they are.

not so ironically, i'm watching this show as i'm laying on the couch next to a bowl of frozen grapes that i ate instead of a proper dinner.

a pinnacle of health i am.

now with the whole celebrity spin on this diet show i can only WISH someone paid me to stay in shape.

imagine the motivation you would have that if you ate too much ice cream you were punished by your employer by not getting paid for losing your figure.

not being able to pay my mortgage would sure force me to put down the spoon.

hmm, i wonder if i could talk my boss into a new compensation plan structure...

if only.

so here's to new years resolutions, and if it isn't obvious from this post, this year mine is to get hotter.

not "hot", because obviously i already am, i want to get hot(ter).

now if you'll excuse me, i need to get to bed, i have the gym in the morning.

***i'll tell you what really happens, they don't effing eat.


  1. My dear, you are the definition of "hot in Cleveland" - of course, without the menopause and midlife crisis that comes with that age frame...

    Keep up the good work. You're doing it the right way - except for that whole grapes for dinner thing... :)

  2. I saw on Foursquare that you were at the gym this morning already - rock on, sister!

  3. Your night is comparable to my Tuesday night...I watched Biggest Loser while eating Swedish Fish. At least I went to the gym. haha.

  4. Lol! Hope the gym went well!

  5. funny because I was watching the same thing last night but didn't finish the whole thing. They had Kendra on there - WTF

  6. Grapes I get. A perfectly fine dinner. But why freeze them? *cocks head to side like a golden retriever*

  7. "imagine the motivation you would have that if you ate too much ice cream you were punished by your employer by not getting paid for losing your figure."

    Welcome to the restaurant biz in LA. You better stay in shape or you're out. Nice town.

  8. i always get motivated after watching weight loss shows or basically any show with a skinny chick on it, haha. so yeah, i like saying get hotter instead, excellent.

  9. mmmmm frozen grapes.

    does drinking only wine for dinner count?

  10. Wait, grapes aren't a proper dinner? Damnit. I think you look great, as always, but I hope things are going well getting back in to the gym routine

  11. great resolution! you will definitely be hot(ter) in CLE!


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