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Thursday, January 13, 2011

thanks to everyone who gave me cooking inspiration on my last post, you guys rock!

i had two new homeowner fails/experiences last night.

one was in the torture that was shoveling snow in my driveway.

confession: i've never shoveled snow in my life.

i'm pretty sure that as you're reading this my back is aching and sore from the manual labor that is snow shoveling.

i wonder if buying a snow blower for my tiny driveway that's only long enough to fit one car in it is over the top?


fail #2 came in my thinking that i could actually install new pendants lights over the island in my kitchen all on my own.

who was i kidding?

putting furniture together is one thing, cutting wire and messing with electricity is another.

i am NOT an electrician.

hopefully i can bribe one of my more craftier friends to install the lights for me before end of day friday - fingers crossed.

being a homeowner gets easier right?

feel free to lie to me.


  1. Look on the bright side, one hour of shoveling snow burns 400 calories!

  2. alana, my back is killllllllllling me today while the calorie burn is wonderful i would have rather burned them on the treadmill :)

  3. The electrician literally just left my house...he had to put an outlet in the garage and I had him replace some sconces and hang a new light in my dining room.
    And yesterday while at home depot picking out paint colors and the like, I was *this* close to buying a snow blower. Instead I saved $600 and shoveled my driveway, cursing myself out the whole time.

    It's like we are leading parrallel lives----wait, we kind of are. Happy new home ownership!

  4. Like I told you last night, shoveling my driveway (which is waaay long -- like can fit 7 cars bumper to bumper long) pooped me! And I did it aaalll by myself. Adam came home right as I finished. Lucky him.

  5. Boy, good thing you were prepared and had a new shovel...ha! Lift with your legs.... XO

  6. Observation Response-You need a Man!

  7. Alexa- why arent you hiring someone to shovel your walk/driveway?

    I pay $40 a month for my mom to get all her stuff shoveled and her grass cut in the summer. Its a win-win.

  8. I agree with Matt. Pay someone to do it. Its worth it.

  9. I would totally shovel your snow.

    Um, that didn't come out right. Gotta go.

  10. I just read what I posted and I didn't mean to sound mean. Observation Response-never get social advise from a guy who blogs about a hot news anchor!

  11. I agree that its worth it to employ a local business to do it and save you the trouble! The alternative- next time you move, pick a place that's maintenance free :)

  12. It's got to get easier, right? At least next winter (or the next time it snows), you'll know about shoveling your driveway, right? And next time, you'll know you need to hire an electrician.

    Lessons learned. :)


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