lots and lots of new years festivities!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what. an. awesome. weekend.

and as i'm sitting in my comfy red chair in my dayton hoodie sunday (and now monday) night i don't want it to end, at all.

i have much to recap, i.e. lots of pictures to post, so i'm just gonna get at it.

things started off right this past thursday at
reddstone for lzone and my new years eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness party - thanks to everyone who came out!

quite possibly the cheesiest picture of all time. lzone and i posing with our mascot for the new years eve eve holla days party - a cardigan draped bag of plums, naturally.

me, AJP, babs, beaver and MOB enjoying our new years eve eve

lzone and the (in)famous chef ellis

some of my favorite fellow cleveland bloggers - shibani (cleshopaholic), alana (the dawg's dish) and her boyfriend dean, heather (mile 26 and more) and suzanne (life on mars)

with the success of the new years eve eve party i was primed and prepped for the real new years eve.

friday night brought an evening dreamed up over vino at
battery park wine bar... a progressive dinner party through the detroit shoreway neighborhood.

friends were contacted, interest was garnered and next thing we knew we had a party planned.

stop #1: my townhouse
food: goat cheese and mascarpone stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto, tiropitas, sauteed shrimp, hot artichoke dip and bruschetta
drink: white pomegranate/blueberry cocktails, beer and 1990 vintage dom perignon of course

a shot of some of the group (including a sassy AJP) at stop #1

me about to pop some bubbles... some very classy bubbles in fact.

stop #2: seanski and nugget's condo
food: stuffed and bacon wrapped pork loin with winter fruits/port, pomme frites and green beans w/ almonds
drink: lots and lots and lots of red wine

seanski and nugget getting ready to serve the piping hot pork loin entree

no this is not a restaurant, it's seanski and nuggets condo - quite the spread!

stop #3: hartzell's townhouse in battery park
food: assorted chocolate dipped deliciousness - strawberries, pineapple, kiwis, starfruit, pretzels, etc
drink: moscow mules and dark and stormys

nugget, seakski, and me (grabbing AJP's bum)

stop #4: battery park wine bar

food: cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!
drink: champagne and whatever the heck we wanted

we watched the ball drop at BPWB where the fabulous staff took perfect care of us per usual - they are the BEST, go there!

happy 2011! AJP, hartbeck and hartzell in their party gear courtesy of cara

not only did BPWB give us lots of champagne but they also had a super fun DJ spinning the hits and showering us with confetti - dance party anyone? the kyle sisters sure thought so.

post BPWB there may have been a quick stop at reddstone before heading back to hartzell's for late night and the last waltz watching.

for a girl who traditionally isn't super hyped about all things NYE i had one of the best nights ever - so much fun!

the progressive dinner party was super smooth and i can't wait to host another one in the summer - hope my fellow hosts are up for it too.

sidenote: in all the new years mayhem and my lack of posting for a couple days i missed my blogs 3rd year anniversary. three flippin' years and 720 post later i'm still plugging away at this little site of mine - lord help me.

it's beyond weird to look over in the archives and see the years 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 with posts next to them.

a lot sure has changed in my life since 2008, i wonder what's next?

happy new year!


  1. i loooooove BPWB. Used to nanny for the owners girlfriends kids (random, I know) and he is literally the nicest man alive!

  2. What a fun New Year's! And by the way, I have to comment on your smokin' bod! You look GREAT!

  3. oh man, what a fun idea for NYE!

  4. Now that sounds like a good time! hopping around!! And I totally thought that condo was a restaurant. I want to live in a place like that.

    Ask them can me, my four cats and my dog come stay!

    moscow mules! oprahs favorite drink!

  5. Had hoped to hit up the reddstone on thursday but I was still in NYC until NYE at 8pm! awesome time appears to be had. yay and that mascot was awesome sauce.

  6. seriously that is one hell of a new year's celebration i love it. and man now i'm hungry too because all of that food sounds amazing.

    also. love your outfit, so fun and super cute.

  7. NIIIIIIICE New Year's lady!! And happy 3 years!

  8. Looks like you had a great NYE! Congrats on the anniversary:)!

  9. Let's start planning our progressive garden dinner party! And congrats on your anniversary!

    Fizzgig - of course you can come visit! However, that is a lot of animals for me to handle :)

  10. Thursday was a blast, thanks for hosting!

    And, what an awesome idea. Looks like you guys celebrated in style!

  11. awesome party! I need to come next year

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