no alcohol was consumed in order to make this post happen

Monday, January 24, 2011

this is so not going to be your traditional plum weekend recap post today for a couple of reasons:
- i didn't step foot in a bar, restaurant or any other type of typical social environment for me
- my camera never even came out of my purse
- my saturday night sleepover involved my mother and not a hot man

friday night i headed to canton to spend some quality time with my mom, stepho. she made me dinner, we watched the series finale of medium (and cried), and headed to sleep in my childhood bed.

saturday morning i was up and at 'um for an 8am cut and color at GSV Design Group where thanks to my very smart stylist abby i decided to go without bangs.

sorry to disappoint those of you who were so pro bang but as my family and friends reminded me, i "hated" my bangs, and for every 2 cute bang pics there were 200 ugly ones.

so no bangs, just a few inches chopped off.

post hair appointment i met back up with stepho for shopping all over northeast ohio. we hit canton, akron and cleveland looking for fabric for my new kitchen curtains and an accent chair for my living room.

it was a successful day because we agreed on a fabric that my mom already had and picked out an adorable chair at pier 1.

another reason it was a successful day was that stepho came up to cleveland with me when we were done shopping to help me organize and clean up my spare bedroom (which was just full of crap), and decorate some odds and ends that needed taken care of at my place - that being said i think i'm at the point where i can officially post a "tour" of my townhouse...

coming soon, yo.

when dinnertime came around we ordered delivery from frank falafel house - gyros, chicken shawarma and fatoush made us greek ladies happy.

stepho even unexpectedly ended up spending the night at my place, which i couldn't help but laugh at while i gave her PJs to wear - if any of you know my mother personally you know why this is just hilarious.

sunday brought scrambled eggs and laundry and then a venture to the eastside for a b. lux boutique party at allison's. it was super fun because i got to hangout with some new friends and essentially go shopping at b. lux, which is actually located in hudson, from allison's living room where a new dress was acquired.

post party there was more shopping, SHOCKER, and quality time at home - as i type this (sunday night) CK is drinking a beer on my couch watching football and seanski is coming over to see my shopping haul from the weekend. nice lil sunday if i do say so myself.

here's to a busy week - happy monday, kids.


  1. You lost me at "didn't step foot in a bar".

    kidding of course. It's nice to change it up every know and then. Sounds like another fun weekend. Where in the world do you get the energy?

  2. I can't do bangs. I tried, god have I tried. But I always look like a slightly freaked out doll. They kind of stick out at an angle. Bangs are the new denial. I'm not sure I know what that means.

  3. Looking forward to seeing a tour of the new place. And I sort of love that chair.

  4. Nice and chill... always good to have a few of those among the wild nights out!


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