win tickets to the CSU vikings vs valpo game this thursday!

Monday, January 31, 2011

let's be honest here, our cleveland cavaliers have seen better days.

so how a
bout we all watch a winning basketball team in the cleveland state university vikings instead?

thursday at 7pm the men's basketball team is taking on valpraiso at the wolstein center, and because it's a weekday game if you attend you can take advantage of "hoopy hour" which means $2 beers and concessions!

what a steal, yo.

thursday's game is going to be exciting not only
because the vikings are going to beat valpo but because there's also going to be an impromptu social media night in the newly added suite located directly under one of the baskets.

i've gathered some of cleveland's best bloggers to go root on the CSU vikings this thursday and i want to give my fabulous readers a chance to hangout with us too!

simply leave a comment on this post to enter for your chance to party with the bloggers at the viking vs valpo game this thursday. if you win you'll receive two tickets to the game plus some complimentary beer and food!

i'll announce the winner wednesday morning and don't forget to leave your contact information in the comment if i don't have it already.

go vikings!!


  1. Winning Basketball Team! Wooo!!!!

  2. We're FEENIN' to see some good ball in Cleveland! Thanks for the chance to win! :D @cre8ive_juice on twitter btw

  3. "let's be honest here, our cleveland cavaliers have seen better days." - understatement of the day

  4. I am a CSU alum, and I would LOVE to see them Thursday night! Even more, I would love to meet and hang out with some fellow Cleveland bloggers! Go Vikings!

    Twitter: @Sportstolemyman

  5. Love some CSU Basketball!!!!

    Nice to see a winning team in Cleveland!

  6. Wow, this post is so eloquently written. Nice job, Alexa!

    PS, thanks for the bubbles yesterday :)

  7. OMG... A chance to hang with the Plum? I am in!

  8. Sounds like fun! :-) Go Vikings!

    Twitter: @karinbodnar

  9. Go Vikings! Huge game, they have to beat Valpo in order to stay atop the leader board in the Horizon. Everyone should go Thurs vs Valpo and Saturday vs Butler. Go Vikings!

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