jump back ball 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

let's recap the weekend shall we?

friday i headed to
ABC the Tavern for a t::t happy hour and then dinner with CK in my 'hood at parkview nite club where i had a delicious steak salad that i'm already craving again.

it was a low key evening because a not so low key evening was happening the following night because it was jump back ball saturday at PlayhouseSquare!

i gave you guys a little idea of what prep for jump back ball was like for me when i
posted about it last week and my saturday morning/afternoon was filled with spray tans, mani/pedi and hair cut/color - ya know, girl stuff.

by the time saturday night rolled around you would think that i would be all prepared for jump back ball but alas, my dress was too big + falling on the ice as i was walking from my house to seanski and matt's bloodying up both my knees + seanski spilling an entire glass of wine on my dress = crabby alexa

it was nothing a few cocktails, good company and dancing couldn't fix though because i ended up having a fabulous time.

one thing i did a horrible job of was taking pictures - bad blogger, bad - at least i have a couple to share.

my beautiful friends lzone, allison and janet

nugget and seanski with the gorgeous moe

post jump back ball me, CK, seanski and matt headed to XYZ the tavern where we met up with friends and experienced a little drama, but you know what helps calm the drama? chicken fingers at the big egg at 2:30am - they're magic.

sunday i stayed in bed all day catching up on my DVR... the epitome of a lazy sunday, which was just what i needed.

hope everyone had an excellent weekend like i did - happy monday!

p.s. can you believe it's the last day of february?

XYZ the Tavern, HOB and McNamara's

Friday, February 25, 2011

if you're looking to go eat some damn good food, drink some damn good whiskey and hangout in the best neighborhood in cleveland...

... go to XYZ the Tavern in the detroit-shoreway neighborhood

if you're looking to feel like the oldest person in the room, while instinctively mothering drunk 17-year-olds while they are puking in the bathroom, while singing along to sublime and simultaneously pretending that you are cruising around in your '97 nissan sentra back in high school...

... go to HOB during an all ages badfish show

if you're looking to walk into a bar you've never been to and order a dewers and grand marnier and only be charged $8, watch a homeless man and a bunch of hipsters play darts while smoking inside a bar...

... go to mcnamara's public house

i actually did all of the above last night and i'm still trying to figure out the randomness of it all. remind me never to go to an all ages show ever, EVER, again - perhaps i should have just stayed at XYZ.

happy friday!

COMM-UNITY 2011 Mar/COMM Event

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Since I know a lot of my readers are in the marketing industry or looking to break into it I thought I'd share an upcoming event with you guys.

COMM-UNITY 2011 is the first ever industry-wide Cleveland Mar/COMM Young Pros night.

Brought to you by NOCA,
AAF, PRSA and IABC, the COMM-UNITY 2011 event will unite industry movers and shakers allowing attendees to network, collaborate and engage with their peers.

Young leaders in the marketing industry will also be available to informally discuss, i.e. no long speech, just chatting at your leisure, key activities that will help propel your career at the following stations:

Civic and Community Outreach:

- Tony Madalone of
Fresh Brewed Tees

Blog, Tweet and Get Linked:

- Alexa Marinos of clevelandsaplum.com <--- hey, that's ME!
- Sean Szczepinski of
happyincle.net <--- hey, that's seanski!

Start Your Own Business:

- Dar Caldwell of LaunchHouse

The best part about this event in my opinion is the casualness of it all, at the end of the day it's going to be a great night for young(ish) marketing pros to talk shop and have a nice evening out.

The details for the COMM-UNITY 2011 young pros night of networking:

Thursday, March 10th

6:00pm to 8:30pm

The Club at Key Center - 127 Public Square
Who: Young Professionals in the Mar/COMM industry
Cost: $20 by March 7th, $25 late registration and at the door

To register and purchase tickets online GO HERE, and for more information contact Kate Hawk at info(@)COMM-unityCLE.com.

Also, besides being able to hangout with cool people like me and seanski, your admission price also includes a FREE headshot courtesy of
Cinecraft Productions & VMCAD as well as heavy appetizers.

i love apps, fyi.

hope to see you there two weeks from today!

getting ready for jump back ball '11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hair cut and color at GSV design group - $110

manicure and pedicure at liz nails - $70

versa spa spray tan from four seasons - $20

new black dress from nordy's - $189 update: new black sale dress from banana republic - $89

earring from j crew - $48

ginger beer and limes for our moscow mule pre game - $12

a wonderfully memorable swanky night out with good friends at PlayhouseSquare for Jump Back Ball this saturday - priceless

hope to see you there!

happy in CLE

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

in under a week i have successfully been able to knock four things off my the-things-i-still-need-to-do-to-consider-myself-a-true-clevelander-list.

1. eat a pierogi at sokolowskis

2. visit the great lakes science center

3. see a show at the beachland ballroom

4. visit the cleveland museum of art

5. go to a christmas story house

6. visit the cleveland natural history museum

7. eat a cone from east coast custard

8. dine at a restaurant in little italy

9. purchase a weeks worth of groceries from the west side market

10. eat a slice of pizza from mama santa's

#1 was achieved this past wednesday when the t::t accounts teams had our monthly lunch outing to sokolowski's where brats, pierogis and coconut cream pie was consumed. this place lived up to the hype and i'm fairly sure i wasn't hungry for a solid 24 hours.

thursday night brought happy hour at
lava lounge in tremont with lzone, toohey and moe where happy hour cocktails and delicious food was enjoyed - try the pork slider, you won't be disappointed. next i headed over to battery park wine bar to meet CK for a night cap. nice 'lil thursday.

friday night i got to cross #3 off my list by attending the martin sexton show at the beachland ballroom with muffin, MOB, drew and nicole. we all met at brennan's colony in the heights before the show for a dinner of blended wings and a BLT. martin sexton nailed his acoustic one man show and i'm constantly impressed with how much song comes out of one man - powerful stuff.

saturday #6 and #10 were checked off as my east side of cleveland weekend continued. me, CK, seanski, nugget, lzone and some little ones
ventured to the cleveland museum of natural history where dinosaurs, fossils and extreme mammals were a plenty.

seanski posing with something even older than me

who knew?!?!

after the museum the group headed to mama santa's in little italy for an early dinner. we drank sangria and mauled cavatelli and meatballs, fried chicken, chicken and veal parmigiana and not to forget, their famous pizza. having never tried the pizza i'm pretty sure i have a new favorite in town when it comes to the traditional pizza pie.

the night was still young though so i headed to ABC the tavern with seanski and nugget to help my friend laura celebrate her 30th in style - it was so good to see her!

next stop we went from ABC to the soft opening of XYZ the tavern, gordon square art districts newest addition on detroit ave to meet up with muffin and jesse. i've been waiting so anxiously for XYZ to open and i'm so happy that it's finally here. the grand opening is this thursday - check it out!

over 60 varieties of scotch/whiskey/bourbon at XYZ the tavern

a new favorite, eagle rare bourbon, that i tried on general manager dave hridel and jesse's recommendation

24 craft beers on tap at XYZ the tavern

a trip to the big egg even occurred post bar - what a saturday.

sunday brought a viewing of the king's speech at capitol theater with CK then dinner at deagan's kitchen where CK and i put on an eating clinic - gawd that place is so good. AND they're now open for sunday brunch, check it out!

that's what one calls a loooooooooooooooooong weekend.

happy in CLE people, happy in CLE.

have a good week, kids!

i'm too pretty for prison

Friday, February 18, 2011

i understand that by my living in the city there are bound to be more walkers/runners and cyclists sharing the road with me and my yuppie mobile.

i get that.

but what i don't get is why walkers/runners don't use the perfectly good sidewalks and instead run in the street wearing all dark clothes in the dark!!!

i mean, do you want me to KILL YOU?

this goes for cyclists too - the dark clothes in the dark, not the sidewalk issue, i know bikes go on the street - because i think it should be a law that all bikers are required to use lights/flashers past dusk - it's just plain dangerous if you don't.

is there a law that i'm unaware of and it's just that no one follows it?

i can't tell you how many times i'm driving down franklin blvd and suddenly out of nowhere a biker darts out in front of me wearing all black and no reflectors.

or a runner is be-bopping along being way more athletic than i'll ever dream of being (show-off) and is practically in the middle of a dark and not well lit road wearing all dark clothes.

i'll ask you again, do you want me to KILL YOU?

i promise i don't want to, i'm far too pretty for prison.

just be careful people, drivers and pedestrians alike, because as the weather gets warmer all hell is going to break loose if we don't.


editors note: this post was brought to you by the fact that i'm apparently turning into an old lady, it's like i turned 30 and became a worry wart. next thing you know i'm going to yell at the neighborhood kids for walking on my front lawn like mrs. maloney did to me when i was young. i'm sorry mrs. maloney, i'm sorry!!


everyone should shuffle off to buffalo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

when i told people that i was going to buffalo for the weekend the most common responses were:
1. why buffalo?
2. buffalo? like in new york?
3. buffalo in winter? you're insane.

4. wait, isn't buffalo like 5 hours away?

to which i responded:
1. why not buffalo?!?

2. yes, new york.

3. yes in winter, hello, we live in cleveland, is it really all that different?

4. no, buffalo is only 3 hours away! (or under 3 hours away if you drive like me, fyi)

the decision was made - CK and i were getting in the yuppie mobile and shuffling off to buffalo for the weekend.

with neither one of us ever visiting the city before i emailed karen from the
buffalo niagara convention and visitors bureau for some recommendations on where to stay/eat/play and that was by far the best decision i could have made. they were more than helpful directing me towards the places i needed to check out.

for hotel accommodations for the weekend getaway we stayed at the
comfort suites in the downtown buffalo entertainment district near chippewa street. the rooms were great with a very legit suite set up of a living room lounge area and then a spacious separate bedroom - a nice place to call home for the weekend.

friday night CK and i chose a fine dining restaurant in the historic allentown district called Tempo for dinner, that based on recommendations and their menu online seemed like it was going to be quite the culinary experience.

let's just say that Tempo lived up to the hype - DELICIOUS.

the exterior of tempo restaurant (i did not take this pic, fyi)

martinis and scotch, a delicious bottle of benmarco malbec, and a caesar salad done right with anchovies (none of that creamy dressing crap) were just a start. a proscuitto wrapped and gorgonzola crusted filet mignon with fried gnocci (!!) that CK had was one of the best filets i've ever tasted, and the osso bucco veal shank special that i ordered was perfectly cooked/flavored and such a large portion that i could only finish half of it made the meal one for the record books.

for the record, i want to go back and eat the whole meal again.

post dinner we headed to the
snooty fox lounge which was a little too dance party like for us so we headed back to chippewa street by our hotel and landed at a seemingly unlikely location in jack devine's irish pub.

oh how i wish i could take back all those shots and you not closing till 4am

now while i wouldn't really ever go as far as to call jack devine's a legitimate irish pub, the people in front of and behind the bar made our night there entertaining to say the least. by the end of the night i'm fairly sure everyone was best friends.

sidenote: the bars are open till 4am in NY. ohioans beware - remember no one needs to stay out drinking that long. no one.

saturday, after an epic recovery from the night before, we headed out to a buffalo institution called The Anchor Bar to eat, what else? buffalo wings!

anchor bar double order of hot (yes, get the hot, trust me) buffalo wings with blue cheese and celery, natch

home of the original buffalo wing the anchor bar is exactly what you would expect - no frills, large menu, always packed and sports on the tvs. while i've been told that there's better tasting wings in buffalo i felt that i needed to at least get to the source and try wings where they were born.

it was at anchor bar that my friend from college, liz, who lives in buffalo, came and met up with us. she was from then on our personal tour guide, driving us all around the city showing us the one of the things i didn't expect from buffalo - amazing old architecture - there really were some great buildings and landmarks to observe.

after our tour we headed to the elmwood ave area to check our one of buffalo's newest additions in blue monk which is a gastropub and a beer snobs wet dream. with 32 craft beers on tap and more that i can count available in bottles i dare you to not find something here you don't like.

see CK drink a delicious belgian something or other beer - faaaaaaaaaaaancy.

see the very educated and friendly bartending staff in the foreground of the massive tap list at blue monk

after blue monk obviously it was time to eat again so we stopped at another famous buffalo tradition in Jim's Steakout which is know for, among other things, the chicken finger sub which is tossed in your choice of wing sauce and served on a toasted sub bun with blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. i.e. heaven in your mouth.

buffalo sure loves fried chicken and hot sauce, this is a fact.

sunday morning, after a wonderful weekend away from CLE, it was time to head back to ohio but not before we checked out one more place.

our coffee and breakfast came from SPoT Coffee where we ordered lattes and breakfast wraps for the road, but couldn't help take in the cool and relaxed vibe of this more-than-a-coffee-shop shop. if i lived in buffalo i would camp out at SPoT Coffee and just observe everything around me.

after another easy leg of our road trip was complete you would think it would be time for bed right? well, this is me, and by now you should know better.

as i mentioned in my last post i headed to my first reggae brunch at the park view to check out carlos jones and drink lots of red stripe.

my partners in crime for the reggae brunch sunday funday - hartzell, yours truly, tricia, muffin and jesse - ya, mon.

post "brunch" hartzell and i headed to bar cento for dinner and to meet up with AJP, CK and seanski and to split a sunnyside pizza, ya know, cause i hadn't eaten enough all weekend...

when bedtime sunday night finally came around i couldn't help but simply smile thinking about all the good times that occurred over the course of the weekend, and if you guys ever need a last minute getaway don't forget about buffalo because there's much fun to be had!

thanks again to the buffalo niagara convention and visitors bureau for their guidance, i can't wait to go back for more and you should too - seriously, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

insider ohio wants to be my valentine

Monday, February 14, 2011

it's sunday afternoon as i'm typing this.

i just walked in the door from a wonderful impromptu weekend trip to buffalo, which i'm going to tell you all about....


because it's reggae brunch sunday at the parkview nite club featuring carlos jones and sunday funday is calling my name - so check back tomorrow for my buffalo trip recap.

but in the meantime, if you're looking for something to read, it's shameless self promotion time!

head on over to Insider Ohio where i'm currently their featured profile.

basically, they wrote an awesome piece about yours truly that makes me sound a lot cooler than i am and then listed some of my favorite places in cleveland including - whiskey island, velvet tango room, ABC the tavern, harbor inn, and east 4th street - CHECK IT OUT!

oh, and happy valentine's day to all my love muffins out there, i wish i could give every single one of you a candy heart that says "be mine".

have a good week, kids - xoxo.

what i'm thinking right now....

Friday, February 11, 2011

is it just me or valentine's day taking over traditional and social media more than normal this year?

also, why are women bat shit crazy?

by the time i get done paying for someone to wax, mani/pedi, cut/color, and spray tan me i could have a afforded the monthly payment of a new mercedes.... men have it so much easier.

i'm loving the new NBC show perfect couples but when i look at olivia munn's twitter i get annoyed with how trashy i think she comes off online - her publicist must hate her.

the hunt for a dress to PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball would be a lot easier if i didn't have such an ample bosom.

is the ice ever going to melt?

the newest yoplait GoGurt commercials with the whole freeze and thaw concept weirds me out for some reason.

i hope this upcoming weekend in buffalo turns out as awesome as i think it's going to be.

what are you thinking right now?

downtown cleveland restaurant week is 2/21 through 2/27

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

it's that time of year again, time for foodies and bargain hunters to unite for the 4th annual downtown cleveland restaurant week sponsored by the downtown cleveland alliance.

from monday february 21st through sunday february 27th diners can take advantage of $30 3-course dinners or $15 lunch specials at over 40 participating downtown cleveland restaurants.

click the icons below for more information on the following:

hurry up and make your reservations now and don't forget to take advantage of $2 parking at lots throughout downtown cleveland by printing out THIS VOUCHER.

now go forth young foodies in cleveland - eat, drink and be merry!

chevy and OnStar brings you facebook in your car?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

when i first viewed the following chevy commercial, not during the super bowl but during my dvr'ed episode of GLEE mind you, i had to hit rewind to make sure my eyes really saw what i think they saw.

go ahead and watch.

i'll wait...


texting and driving = bad

facebook and driving = good?

well, i suppose it is better than looking at your phone while driving...

but my main question is, how the hell is it going to pick up, i.e. recite out loud, my friend's crazy gibberish?

for example....

AJP: aaaaanndddd, taxes are done! bada-bing-bada-boom! gimmie my moneyyyyyyy!

lzone: likes me beats fast and my bass down low

seanski: so excited for who's bad! SHAMON!

beaver: muffy i miss you

do you think an OnStar computer will be able to read "aaaaaaaannnnndddddd" or "totes" or "OMG"?

me thinks chevy should hand over this fancy "read-your-facebook-news-feed-out-loud" to test.

i'll break the bad boy in.

so what do you guys think? awesome or way over the top?

wolstein center, CSU, salt-n-pepa, and deagan's kitchen

Monday, February 7, 2011

it's not very often that i spend two nights in a row at the wolstein center, but this past thursday and friday i did.

thursday night, as i
previously mentioned, i attended the cleveland state university vikings men's basketball game verse valparaiso with some of my favorite fellow cleveland bloggers.

the kind folks at the wolstein center hooked us up with the elevated courtside suite for the game and also threw in beers, nachos, hot dogs, hot pretzels and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese sauce - they sure knew how to treat us right.

plus, to top it off, CSU won!

CSU's norris cole and company vs valpo

CSU's dance team

kevin, milo, mark and dominic from cleve dads enjoying courtside seats. also, please not katrina and suzanne being awesome in the background.

jennifer, frowns and stephen

CK, hartzell, AJP and allison being, well, special.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait we're not ready yet!!

muuuuuuuuuuuuch better! allison, me, magnus, heather and alana - go vikes!

thanks so much to my blogger friends,
confessions of a cohabitant, bite buff, life on mars, poise in parma, why CLE?, the dawg's dish, mile 26 and more, cleve dads, sports stole my man, cleveland frowns, and my awesome twitter crew (CK, AJP, hartzell, colleen and vince) for coming out to support the vikings!

post game we headed to staple CSU bar,
becky's, where i quite possibly tasted one of the best wings ever.... i need to go back and try them out again to be sure though.

friday brought date night with my dear muffin where we dined at luxe kitchen and lounge drinking "joys" and "blooms" and dipping fruit in their fabulous goat cheese fondue which if given the opportunity i would drink for breakfast

after dinner muffin and i headed back to the wolstein center for salt-n-pepa's legends of hip hop tour where thanks to the cab never coming to get us we sadly missed, kurtis blow, doug e fresh and rob base but got in our loge seats just in time for whodini.

by the time salt-n-pepa took the stage muffin and i headed down to the floor to dance out butts off. the rap due put on a GREAT show, they sounded just like their albums and looked good while doing it. the audience though, they kinda sucked - it's like they couldn't wait for the concert to be over, it was so weird.

salt-n-pepa doing their thang

post concert we ran into alana on the street and walked over to the clevelander before heading home for the night because we were shooped out.

saturday afternoon brought a delicious lunch at deagan's kitchen and bar and quality hangout time with my favorites, beaver, muffin, MOB and babs.

i have to go on record and say that every time i go to deagan's i love it more and more. their food is ridiculously good, foodie good, and after my lunch of a ruben with thick cut corned beef and sweet potato fries was perfect.

after was mauled out food MOB, muffin and i decided to belly up to the bar for "one drink".

famous last words right?

well, muffin kept to her one drink promise, MOB and i? not so much.

next thing we knew we were having a beer tasting with deagan himself!

what should we try next deagan??

from tasting all those beers i realized one thing, i don't do hoppy beers. but i do do moscow mules and surprisingly deagan's makes a damn good one - copper cup and all!

6 hours and 3 inches of snow later MOB and i were still at deagan's, natch. it was a great way to spend a snowy saturday in cleveland if i do say so myself. the difference between MOB and i though is that i went home around 7pm and MOB went home around 2am - loves it.

a great weekend in cleveland?

i'd say yes - and to think i still have a superbowl party to go to which obvy isn't going to be written about in this post because, surprise, it hasn't even happened yet, (ahhh, the power of scheduling blog posts).

have a good week ladies and gentleman!

the magic of photoshop

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a few days ago at work we had picture day, a.k.a new headshots for all, which meant that i had to actually put in my contacts, blow-dry my hair and put on makeup.

no big whoop.

fast forward to yesterday when i'm glancing over nugget's shoulder watching him retouch my new headshot.

"looking good!", i say in approval of the up close and personal photograph of my face.

but with a smirk nugget zooms in on my eyes and removes a filter that he had added to the photograph to soften my wrinkles showing "the real" photograph.

i shriek in the horror of it all, startling the entire 4th floor of my office, telling nugget to "put the filter back on!".


oh well, i may be 30 in real life but my new headshot looks like i'm only 28.


to the groundhog, again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

congrats to jennifer from sports stole my man for winning the two social media suite tickets to thursday's CSU vikings men's basketball game vs valpo at the wolstein center.

see ya there!

in honor of today being groundhog day i would like to share one of my MANY favorite scenes from the fabulous bill murray movie of the same name.

phil: "sweet vermouth, rocks, with a twist, please."

rita: "what should we drink to?"
rita: "oh, i always drink to world peace..."

yes, cleveland can be fun in january

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

have you entered to win two tickets to the CSU Vikings men's basketball game this thursday? comment on this post for your chance to win.

thinking of this past weekend i can't help but smile.

it was so so so good.

starting with some real deal reggae from carlos jones and the p.l.u.s band at brother's lounge on friday where myself, CK, AJP and hartzell got refresher course on where reggae comes from and got a pleasant impromptu hangout with nicole, drew and hallums.

i say this every time i go to brother's lounge but i need to go there more, i live only a few minutes away and with the new wine bar addition this place should be on my going out rotation more often.

saturday brought cooking and cleaning like i've never done before because much prepping was needed for some members of my family coming up from canton to see my new house for the first time.

as i slaved away in the kitchen i started to not feel so hot, light headed, chills, and just generally icky.

so much so that i had to bail on a birthday dinner celebration at AMP 150 for my dear friend lzone. i just couldn't move. and as all my friends were noshing on delicious food i was chugging pepto bismol.

sexy right?

luckily i calmed down a bit to meet up with everyone at battery park wine bar for a night cap, er, ginger beer for me.

sunday morning adrenaline kicked in and i went into brunch prep mode, i was pretty organized for everyone to come over because as every party i throw passes i become more and more awesome at entertaining, naturally.

i failed HORRIBLY at pictures this entire weekend so you have to trust me in that my house was perfectly cleaned and my brunch spread was perfection.

the menu:
- date and walnut bread (this turned out just ok, too much molasses in my opinion)
- orange and cranberry scones (via ina garten)
- fruit tray
- mimosa bar (rose champagne w/ blackberries and pom/blueberry juice was my fav)
- maple sausage
- roasted red skin potatoes with rosemary
- baked french toast casserole w/ praline topping (via paula deen and it was so good i decided to renamed this "holy awesome amazing french toast")
- spinach and smokes gouda quiche (via food network)
- crimini mushroom, bacon, shallot and gruyere quiche (via food network)

the food all turned out pretty amazing if i do say so myself, and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your guests/family happy and full from your cooking.

sunday morning turned into evening and the quality hangout time continued even after my family left with CK, AJP, hartzell, seanski and i taking a trip down memory lane while we played dj with my laptop.

good people = great weekend

now if only i could shake this sickness...

happy tuesday (and february), kids.