chevy and OnStar brings you facebook in your car?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

when i first viewed the following chevy commercial, not during the super bowl but during my dvr'ed episode of GLEE mind you, i had to hit rewind to make sure my eyes really saw what i think they saw.

go ahead and watch.

i'll wait...


texting and driving = bad

facebook and driving = good?

well, i suppose it is better than looking at your phone while driving...

but my main question is, how the hell is it going to pick up, i.e. recite out loud, my friend's crazy gibberish?

for example....

AJP: aaaaanndddd, taxes are done! bada-bing-bada-boom! gimmie my moneyyyyyyy!

lzone: likes me beats fast and my bass down low

seanski: so excited for who's bad! SHAMON!

beaver: muffy i miss you

do you think an OnStar computer will be able to read "aaaaaaaannnnndddddd" or "totes" or "OMG"?

me thinks chevy should hand over this fancy "read-your-facebook-news-feed-out-loud" to test.

i'll break the bad boy in.

so what do you guys think? awesome or way over the top?


  1. I have mixed feelings. I thought the commercial was adorable. But then I started thinking about the concept and if I really need to be checking FB statuses while driving. I'm addicted enough as it is.

    But, if people are going to be checking regardless, better to have a hands-free, eyes-on-the-road option.

  2. So stupid. Are people really that addicted to Facebook? Wait until you're at a red light to bore us with your updates!

  3. is the Who's Bad referred to in your "facebook gibberish" the MJ tribute that just played in Cleveland?

  4. While I think this new feature is totally useless, you bring up an interesting point.

    And it would be totes hilars to hear our random, inappropriate, and abbreviated text interpreted by a computerized voice.

    We should go to the car show or better yet steal a Cruze from a dealer this week and put it to the test!

  5. I DO want to know how it will pronounce "Shamon."

  6. a bit much.

    plus what will it do with all my f bombs?

  7. This is one of your funniest posts, like, in forevs.

  8. I think this is a bit much! I can wait until I get home to read my facebook friends complain about there life... significant others... kids! Your facebook friends however are much wittier than mine so maybe I wouldn't mind it so much LOL!

  9. Ya know, I didn't even think of that... it's totally over the top!

  10. Its a bit much for me. I dont think I would be a fan though you're on to something there in wondering how it would pronounce gibberish. I say go test it out, then report back.

  11. I've been misquoted here. Where is the capitalization, lady? And "gimmie?" Never. You did use an appropriate amount of extra lettttttttttters though.


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