jump back ball 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

let's recap the weekend shall we?

friday i headed to
ABC the Tavern for a t::t happy hour and then dinner with CK in my 'hood at parkview nite club where i had a delicious steak salad that i'm already craving again.

it was a low key evening because a not so low key evening was happening the following night because it was jump back ball saturday at PlayhouseSquare!

i gave you guys a little idea of what prep for jump back ball was like for me when i
posted about it last week and my saturday morning/afternoon was filled with spray tans, mani/pedi and hair cut/color - ya know, girl stuff.

by the time saturday night rolled around you would think that i would be all prepared for jump back ball but alas, my dress was too big + falling on the ice as i was walking from my house to seanski and matt's bloodying up both my knees + seanski spilling an entire glass of wine on my dress = crabby alexa

it was nothing a few cocktails, good company and dancing couldn't fix though because i ended up having a fabulous time.

one thing i did a horrible job of was taking pictures - bad blogger, bad - at least i have a couple to share.

my beautiful friends lzone, allison and janet

nugget and seanski with the gorgeous moe

post jump back ball me, CK, seanski and matt headed to XYZ the tavern where we met up with friends and experienced a little drama, but you know what helps calm the drama? chicken fingers at the big egg at 2:30am - they're magic.

sunday i stayed in bed all day catching up on my DVR... the epitome of a lazy sunday, which was just what i needed.

hope everyone had an excellent weekend like i did - happy monday!

p.s. can you believe it's the last day of february?


  1. Seriously, where did this month go?

    And I agree- I want to see a pic of all your efforts. :) Looks like the event was a blast.

  2. minus the falling part sounds like a fabulous party. also love the color of allison's dress, so fun!

  3. suburban and bite buff, i told you i didn't take any pics :/ - i can show you a pic of my bloody knees though, ha.

  4. Nonsequitur- i was looking for Les mis tix for this weekend and it seems there are none to be had in nyc... the show's on the road. It going to be in Cleveland for a few nights next month. Even if your not into performing arts (Im not) the music is awesome, some of it found its way onto my running mixes.

  5. I can't believe I missed you on Saturday night! Sounds like while it started off rough that you still had a great time. Love your pics of the girls!

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