the magic of photoshop

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a few days ago at work we had picture day, a.k.a new headshots for all, which meant that i had to actually put in my contacts, blow-dry my hair and put on makeup.

no big whoop.

fast forward to yesterday when i'm glancing over nugget's shoulder watching him retouch my new headshot.

"looking good!", i say in approval of the up close and personal photograph of my face.

but with a smirk nugget zooms in on my eyes and removes a filter that he had added to the photograph to soften my wrinkles showing "the real" photograph.

i shriek in the horror of it all, startling the entire 4th floor of my office, telling nugget to "put the filter back on!".


oh well, i may be 30 in real life but my new headshot looks like i'm only 28.



  1. The day I discovered smile lines when I wasn't smiling was traumatic. Here's to always looking 28, with a little help...

  2. I'm sure you look fab either way!

  3. Is almost every picture I have been in lately someone has said, "you look like your mom SO much"... thanks????

  4. someone needs to invent contacts with said filter. everyone would look so much better!

  5. I will be posting the before and after shots on my blog next week. you're welcome.

  6. Oh office photos. What did I learn from mine? I need to lose 80 pounds and never stop doing push ups. EVER

  7. shut up! there aren't any wrinkles on that face!

  8. wrinkles schminkles! does photoshop work for making people act better too?

    i may have to invest in it!

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