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Friday, February 11, 2011

is it just me or valentine's day taking over traditional and social media more than normal this year?

also, why are women bat shit crazy?

by the time i get done paying for someone to wax, mani/pedi, cut/color, and spray tan me i could have a afforded the monthly payment of a new mercedes.... men have it so much easier.

i'm loving the new NBC show perfect couples but when i look at olivia munn's twitter i get annoyed with how trashy i think she comes off online - her publicist must hate her.

the hunt for a dress to PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball would be a lot easier if i didn't have such an ample bosom.

is the ice ever going to melt?

the newest yoplait GoGurt commercials with the whole freeze and thaw concept weirds me out for some reason.

i hope this upcoming weekend in buffalo turns out as awesome as i think it's going to be.

what are you thinking right now?


  1. I am thinking....
    Thank god it's finally Friday!

  2. We watched Perfect Couples last night ... some of it was hilarious ... other jokes fell awkwardly flat. Remains to be seen if this becomes one of our favorites.

  3. Is it the freaking weekend yet?

    I also wonder why women are so bat shit crazy.

  4. I'm thinking that I need to watch this new Perfect couples show, how I love this shellac stuff on my nails and how I have ample butt to fit in a jump back dress.

  5. I was just reading something else that had the same comment on Valentine's Day. You're not alone.

    Also, I try not to think about the amount I spend on waxing and hair color. It would depress both me and my budget.

  6. I'm thinking that I love my Friday after work routine, which includes beer and Gray's on DVR. Yes, I'm the one that still watches that.

  7. I'm thinking... what can I do for extra money?

    I hate paying bills.

    I can't wait for yoga on Sunday...A

    And damnit, my eye won't stop itching!

    Hope you have a fun weekend!

  8. "why are women bat shit crazy?"
    I've ben trying to figure this out for the better part of 15 years.

    Perfect Couples - I'm a fan. I like that show, and the time slot. TV is stuck on NBC Thursday nights from 8-11pm.

  9. I have to say, I'm not loving the Perfect Couples show but Olivia Munn is smoking hot


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