wolstein center, CSU, salt-n-pepa, and deagan's kitchen

Monday, February 7, 2011

it's not very often that i spend two nights in a row at the wolstein center, but this past thursday and friday i did.

thursday night, as i
previously mentioned, i attended the cleveland state university vikings men's basketball game verse valparaiso with some of my favorite fellow cleveland bloggers.

the kind folks at the wolstein center hooked us up with the elevated courtside suite for the game and also threw in beers, nachos, hot dogs, hot pretzels and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese sauce - they sure knew how to treat us right.

plus, to top it off, CSU won!

CSU's norris cole and company vs valpo

CSU's dance team

kevin, milo, mark and dominic from cleve dads enjoying courtside seats. also, please not katrina and suzanne being awesome in the background.

jennifer, frowns and stephen

CK, hartzell, AJP and allison being, well, special.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait we're not ready yet!!

muuuuuuuuuuuuch better! allison, me, magnus, heather and alana - go vikes!

thanks so much to my blogger friends,
confessions of a cohabitant, bite buff, life on mars, poise in parma, why CLE?, the dawg's dish, mile 26 and more, cleve dads, sports stole my man, cleveland frowns, and my awesome twitter crew (CK, AJP, hartzell, colleen and vince) for coming out to support the vikings!

post game we headed to staple CSU bar,
becky's, where i quite possibly tasted one of the best wings ever.... i need to go back and try them out again to be sure though.

friday brought date night with my dear muffin where we dined at luxe kitchen and lounge drinking "joys" and "blooms" and dipping fruit in their fabulous goat cheese fondue which if given the opportunity i would drink for breakfast

after dinner muffin and i headed back to the wolstein center for salt-n-pepa's legends of hip hop tour where thanks to the cab never coming to get us we sadly missed, kurtis blow, doug e fresh and rob base but got in our loge seats just in time for whodini.

by the time salt-n-pepa took the stage muffin and i headed down to the floor to dance out butts off. the rap due put on a GREAT show, they sounded just like their albums and looked good while doing it. the audience though, they kinda sucked - it's like they couldn't wait for the concert to be over, it was so weird.

salt-n-pepa doing their thang

post concert we ran into alana on the street and walked over to the clevelander before heading home for the night because we were shooped out.

saturday afternoon brought a delicious lunch at deagan's kitchen and bar and quality hangout time with my favorites, beaver, muffin, MOB and babs.

i have to go on record and say that every time i go to deagan's i love it more and more. their food is ridiculously good, foodie good, and after my lunch of a ruben with thick cut corned beef and sweet potato fries was perfect.

after was mauled out food MOB, muffin and i decided to belly up to the bar for "one drink".

famous last words right?

well, muffin kept to her one drink promise, MOB and i? not so much.

next thing we knew we were having a beer tasting with deagan himself!

what should we try next deagan??

from tasting all those beers i realized one thing, i don't do hoppy beers. but i do do moscow mules and surprisingly deagan's makes a damn good one - copper cup and all!

6 hours and 3 inches of snow later MOB and i were still at deagan's, natch. it was a great way to spend a snowy saturday in cleveland if i do say so myself. the difference between MOB and i though is that i went home around 7pm and MOB went home around 2am - loves it.

a great weekend in cleveland?

i'd say yes - and to think i still have a superbowl party to go to which obvy isn't going to be written about in this post because, surprise, it hasn't even happened yet, (ahhh, the power of scheduling blog posts).

have a good week ladies and gentleman!


  1. Saturday morning I was asking myself, 'Did we really walk from CSU to the Clevelander? wtf!'

    nice seats!

  2. I was trying to add a little variety to the picture.

  3. I like day drinking with you!

  4. Thanks again for the CSU invite...good times! And Salt 'n Pepa did sound awesome!

  5. as always, another fabulous weekend. love it. also, allison i expect that pose to make an appearance in april, haha. love it.

  6. That was a great night! Indeed those wings at Becky's were probably the best wings I've ever had. Caribbean I think... The pierogies were pretty amazing, too.

  7. You had the best weekend ever. And I would LOVE to see salt-n-pepa!!

  8. Was a great time at the Wolstein, Alexa. Thanks.


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