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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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thinking of this past weekend i can't help but smile.

it was so so so good.

starting with some real deal reggae from carlos jones and the p.l.u.s band at brother's lounge on friday where myself, CK, AJP and hartzell got refresher course on where reggae comes from and got a pleasant impromptu hangout with nicole, drew and hallums.

i say this every time i go to brother's lounge but i need to go there more, i live only a few minutes away and with the new wine bar addition this place should be on my going out rotation more often.

saturday brought cooking and cleaning like i've never done before because much prepping was needed for some members of my family coming up from canton to see my new house for the first time.

as i slaved away in the kitchen i started to not feel so hot, light headed, chills, and just generally icky.

so much so that i had to bail on a birthday dinner celebration at AMP 150 for my dear friend lzone. i just couldn't move. and as all my friends were noshing on delicious food i was chugging pepto bismol.

sexy right?

luckily i calmed down a bit to meet up with everyone at battery park wine bar for a night cap, er, ginger beer for me.

sunday morning adrenaline kicked in and i went into brunch prep mode, i was pretty organized for everyone to come over because as every party i throw passes i become more and more awesome at entertaining, naturally.

i failed HORRIBLY at pictures this entire weekend so you have to trust me in that my house was perfectly cleaned and my brunch spread was perfection.

the menu:
- date and walnut bread (this turned out just ok, too much molasses in my opinion)
- orange and cranberry scones (via ina garten)
- fruit tray
- mimosa bar (rose champagne w/ blackberries and pom/blueberry juice was my fav)
- maple sausage
- roasted red skin potatoes with rosemary
- baked french toast casserole w/ praline topping (via paula deen and it was so good i decided to renamed this "holy awesome amazing french toast")
- spinach and smokes gouda quiche (via food network)
- crimini mushroom, bacon, shallot and gruyere quiche (via food network)

the food all turned out pretty amazing if i do say so myself, and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your guests/family happy and full from your cooking.

sunday morning turned into evening and the quality hangout time continued even after my family left with CK, AJP, hartzell, seanski and i taking a trip down memory lane while we played dj with my laptop.

good people = great weekend

now if only i could shake this sickness...

happy tuesday (and february), kids.


  1. wow- you went all out and this french toast casserole looks amazing.

  2. Hope you feel better! Reading all the food you made, made me hungry!

  3. mmmm french had me at prailines. YUM!!!!1


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