hold please

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

this is one of those weeks where i'm booked almost every night after work with an event, my calendar at work is back to back to back to back meetings and finding a few hours to blog is going to be hard.

i'm typing this at 11pm monday night, i just got home from an event and i'm exhausted.

but i mean i HAVE to recap St. Patrick's Day and this past weekend's festivities - how else am i going to be able to look back years from now and remember what i was did in march of 2011?

haven't you realize that this was one big online diary?


fooled ya!

but the recap will have to wait another day (or two) because bed is calling my name and tuesday is going to be just like monday

and to think i promised myself i was never going to be the blogger that posted excuses for not blogging.....


happy tuesday kids!


  1. slacker.

    you don't see me not posting recaps...
    oh wait I'm unemployed and rarely leave my apartment.

    never mind. enjoy the rest.

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