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Monday, March 14, 2011

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Ladies and gentleman it's that time again, time read about what I lovingly call... my life.

Thursday night kicked everything off right with the marketing industry wide
COMM-Unity event at The Club at Key Center. It was a wonderful event where I was given the opportunity to network with some kick ass people and even got to meet some of my amazingly awesome readers Thanks to everyone who came out!

After the event a group of us including CK and seanski headed to
Battery Park Wine Bar for food, wine, cocktails and to be entertained by the fabulous bartender Ben who I found out loves Greek girls - bonus points. After a great evening at BPWB we made a stop at XYZ the Tavern for a night cap before the snow storm rocked our world.

Thank God all that stupid snow melted.

Friday night I had every intent of going out to meet up with friends, but after making CK and I a hearty pasta dinner the food coma set in and before I knew it the jeans were off and the PJs were on.

Cue couch and TV watching.

Saturday night myself, lverdova, muffin and the klutz hosted a baby shower at muffin's house for our good friend babs.
With catering from Duet's + wine + bubbles we had a fun affair celebrating our friend.

Babs opening presents, lots of presents.

Ladies, allllllll the ladies... except me because I was taking the picture, natch.

Me performing my trusting predict the sex of the baby trick on babs, I'm 9 for 9 and I say it's going to be a boy.

Something look similar here? Kim and muffin both decided to wear the exact same dress to the baby shower. My question though is, who wore it best?

Once the shower wrapped up a group of us headed to a very packed Velvet Tango Room for some moscow mules, sazeracs and french 75s. Per usual the drinks were ahhhhh-mazing.

Me and court enjoying our moscow mules at VTR - cold copper cups are where it's at.

After VTR the girls went and met up with the boys at Hotz's in Tremont - that's court, beaver, brooke, lverdova and muffin being way over dressed for Hotz's.

Sunday afternoon was spent watching the UD Flyers lose at BW3's in Westgate and "coaching" some bowling at Buckeye Lanes, while Sunday evening was spent doing some work/blogging while making delicious salmon fillets with salad for dinner for me and CK paired with some North by Northwest movie watching.

Great weekend, GREAT.

Have a wonderful St, Patrick's Day week everyone.


  1. "Who wore it best?"

    Would my vote even count?

  2. ohhh that baby predicting thing really does work!! I think its creepy.

    Just like I think having an alive human being in your stomach is creepy.


  3. Another fabulous Cleveland weekend for you! What did you do for the guessing the baby?

  4. I'm calling BS on 9 for 9!

    (Hey, Scott!)

  5. apparently it's famous cleveland sports bloggers comment on my weekend recap day....

    and pete, i'm so NOT BSing the 9 for 9, i've been doing it for YEARS.


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