st patrick's day in cleveland 2011 + sweet moses + playhousesquare dark ride event

Thursday, March 24, 2011

even though st. patrick's day was only last week it seems like ages ago. especially because i'm just now finally writing about it - you'll have that with the week i've had...

let's get this recap started.

per tradition my office was closed for st. patrick's day and my firm headed to
winking lizard
downtown by 9am for green beer, irish car bombs and corned beef pizza's.

the t::t crew! chris, jason, david, schwabe, joe, bruce, nicole, yours truly, melanie, salami rose and louie all love winking lizard.

next stop, per tradition again, some of us headed to
flannery's pub to taking in the afternoon boys from county hell show - the sun was shining, friends were everywhere and i couldn't have been happier.

CK, me, louie and kristen outside of flannery's

after flannery's we headed to
pickwick and frolic which i've been to for the last four st. pat's in a row to see pat shepard perform and meet up with muffin/jesse and the verdova's.

muffin, me and lverdova sporting our green at pickwick and frolic

by now it was about 5pm, we had all been at it for awhile and dinner was necessary so MOB, who had just gotten off of work swooped up me, CK, and the verdova's up off the side of the road and we all headed to
XYZ the tavern for food and beer.

the verdova's and MOB decided to head home and since we were so close CK and i decided to "go hang out for like an hour" at my house before we headed back out to the harp to meet up with friends.

let's just say we didn't make it back out... whoops!

friday i had the day off and spent it relaxing/working/napping/etc and then a quick dinner at winking lizard, but this time in lakewood, with CK.

saturday afternoon was spent on a shopping/eating date with seanski by heading to the media preview of sweet moses soda fountain & treat shop which is located only a few blocks away from our homes in the detroit shoreway neighborhood.

this place is GORGEOUS, every detail has been accounted for and no short cuts were made while putting this place together. from a root beer float, to the candies, to the huge ice cream sundaes to the peanut butter and bacon sandwiches you can't go wrong with anything you order here.

sweets, treats, and ice cream galore all of which are the amazing brainchild of sweet moses owner jeff moreau

how pretty is this original/restored soda fountain?!?! love it.

i have a feeling that even if i ride my bike to get a treat at sweet moses i'll still end up losing the calorie battle this summer with all the stops i'll be making there.

stop by sweet moses this upcoming saturday for their grand opening celebration!

saturday night was the FABULOUS
PlayhouseSquare and Lexus Dark Ride event where myself and lots of my beautiful friends got dressed up and shook our booties to DEV (who ROCKED) and Jay Sean.

jay sean can "hit the lights" while going "down" anytime in my books

me and kate who was one of the winners of my dark ride event ticket giveaway. i got to hangout with jocelynn (my other winner) too - good times, good times.

allison, shibani, me and alana - cleveland bloggers unite!

sunday CK and i saw
lincoln lawyer which was a really good plain 'ol entertaining movie and then had a delicious dinner at tremont tap house while i found a new favorite beer in liefmans cuvee brut.

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that's a wrap - and to think it's already thursday and i'm about to start the process all over again.

maybe i really don't stop?

happy thursday, kids.


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