to cover charge or not to cover charge, that is the question

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

like many other festive folks, i celebrated fat tuesday yesterday.

but that's not what this post is about.

it's about cover charges.

last night while sitting at a bar high top with CK enjoying the delicious mardi gras specials at roseangel i couldn't help but stare at the door.

not because i wanted to leave, but because of the amount of people that would walk in, realize that there was a $5 cover charge for the night and walk out.

there had to have been at least 15 people in the short time we were there leave and take their business elsewhere because they didn't want to pay.

now, i get that there was a band in the other room, a good band mind you, and that's why they were charging a cover, but this band obviously wasn't what was bringing people in and or causing them to stay.

i can totally see why a group of 4 who was just hopping around the detroit shoreway neighborhood for cocktails would walk away. that's $20 saved that they can spend on drinks/food instead of paying to get in the door to a place that they were probably only going to be at for an hour anyways.

i'm hoping this was just a onetime thing for roseangle because i really do enjoy the place - last night we had great food, service and cocktails.

but because of the cover CK and i left roseangle to head to the wonderful stone mad pub to meet up with all of our friends...

sans cover charge, naturally.

good times kids, good times.


  1. I always judge a cover based on what I'm getting out of it. Is the bar providing entertainment (band, prizes, giveaways, etc) that I couldn't get from them on any other night? If so, a cover is sometimes warranted. That said, in your situations, sounds like they should've just charged a cover for the people going into the back room for music and let everyone else come and go as they please.

  2. I'm ok with paying a cover only if there's something big that they're offering.

    And we live in a suburb, so that is never, ever the case for the bars we go to.

  3. Unless there is a giant ball dropping and I'm getting a flute of champagne to toast at midnight... I'm not paying a cover!

  4. ugh. covers only work if your clientele plans to never leave for the entire night. i'm not paying a cover to go someplace for one drink!


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