tweet up, university of dayton, and the perfect sunday

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

this past weekend was so jam packed i need to go all the way back to last thursday.

thursday evening i confirmed how much i love
deagan's kitchen, and the cleveland indians thanks to an amazing tweet up while also learning that i need to put a password on my cellphone.

if any of you follow me on twitter, @clevelandsaplum, you may have seen this tweet, among others, from my account thursday night that read, "i have to poop. #bombsaway" - i did not write that tweet, my friend miss janet did though.

note to self: don't leave your unprotected cellphone on a table at a tweet up.

twitter breach aside my friend alana did a wonderful job organizing the tweet up, i had such a fun time!

some of my favorite tweeps!

after the tweet up myself, CK, seanski, joeG, taawd, bob-o, and louie headed to XYZ the Tavern for a night cap and some grub because if i had it my way i'd always end my night at XYZ.

friday night.... i came home after work and went to bed.

yeah, guess it wasn't so jam packed because i decided to stay in in preparation for my trip to
university of dayton the next day.

saturday morning i hopped in the car with hartzell and AJP and headed to dayton for a duo 30th birthday celebration for my good friends lverdova and verdova.

lots of friends had gathered in dayton and we took no pause in heading straight to
flannagan's pub for beers, lunch and to watch some flyers men's basketball.

next stop was
the fieldhouse which although i didn't personally frequent the bar in college who could pass up a famous fishbowl, or three.

hatchel, me, hartzell, AJP, muffin and court enjoying a purple fishbowl

hartzell probably ibanking from his bberry decided he needed to finish the purple fishbowl all on his own, hence the lap placement. the girls moved onto the red.

next we moved onto
milano's for a pit stop before taking our talents to the ghetto (student housing) for a rousing game of flip cup but we needed to get beer from sunoco first right?

please note on the left bo is buying some nasty test tube shots and brooke is rockin' the arbor mist and a 40oz of king cobra, naturally.

alumni and current students playing flip cup - for the record my team won 9 games in a row... still got it, yo.

ever heard of this beer? beast "special reserve"? it's actually CHEAPER than beast light. only the finest brews for us.

post house party the old folks headed to BW3's for food and reminiscing, a perfect prequel to my sleeping on the couch in our rented university of dayton alumni house we called home.

going back to UD always brings back such fond memories of my "youth" and i already can't wait to head back to dayton for my, GASP, 10 year reunion in the summer of 2012.

you would think my weekend would be done right?

wrong, i still had sunday funday to participate in.

by early afternoon muffin and i had made it back to cleveland and by 3pm i was ready to go back out.

CK and i started our day of fun at luxe kitchen & lounge for their mardi gras themed "chubby sunday brunch" where we enjoyed goat cheese fondue with fruit, beignets with lots of delicious dipping sauces, live jazz and amazing conversation.

next, CK and I headed to salmon dave's in rocky river. it was the first time either one of us had been to this restaurant but its reputation for fine seafood, their n'awlins themed special menu and live music intrigued us.

we drank sazerac cocktails and savignon blanc, and ate muffaletta bruschetta, lobster bisque, alaskan king crab legs, voodoo salmon + crawfish risotto + fried green tomatoes and bananas foster - all of which were phenomenally prepared and i would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

we seriously put on an eating clinic sunday.

for our last stop we headed back to my 'hood for a grand marnier (for me) night cap at XYZ the Tavern.

the drinks, the food, and the company of CK all made it truly the best sunday ever.

actually now that i think of it, the only time there's a better sunday is when it's a browns winning sunday.

good times, kids, good times.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love Salmon Dave's!

    And I missed the tweet-up, but saw your random tweets and was...intrigued, to say the least :-)

  2. Hahaha!! I'm so sad I missed that tweet!

  3. Thanks for the love!

    Salmon Dave's is a fav of ours...HH in the bar area is awesome!

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